Mar 29, 2009

Astrology of the G20 Summit April 2, 2009

Not knowing the time that the G20 Summit begins in London on April 2, 2009, I decided to use the sunrise chart to see if anything of use might pop out for our consideration for the day may represent the Summit itself. (Click image to enlarge.)

Sunrise occurs during an Hour of Saturn which is intercepted in 6th house of Work, Service, Servants, and Health.

Here you see the chart with Sun 12Ari37 rising, Mercury 14Ari40 just behind. Mercury's position is important here but more about that in a minute.

Given the street protests against the Summit which are already underway in London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome, let's consider the Sun/ASC's Sabian Symbol for "13Ari" using *Dane Rudhyar's version of the Symbols and quoting:

"An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest"...

Keynote: An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo.

The symbol pictures the result of a particular attempt to resolve the conflict between two concept-feelings of order. Resolution by violence fails because the ego-power at this stage of the process of indivdualization is far too strong.

"The State" thwarts attempts at popular revolution, because these are premature expressions of a consciousness which is not free, but only can react "wildly" to constraint and to a central ruling power. It is thus a symbol of immature refusal to conform, in the name of an over-idealistic desire for harmony and peace.

(This is a stage of) a negative attempt at reconciling the spiritual ideal and the very earthly reality, denying the validity of the latter. It suggests ADOLESCENT FRUSTRATION.#

(Rudyar's quotation marks and caps, my paragraph-splitting for easier reading online.)

The oriental planet (last to rise before the Sun) is Venus - Rx at 3Ari58 in 12th house of behind-the-scenes, the unconscious, large institutions, karmic conditions, and self-undoing. The avaricious lady is going over ground she passed over during the first half of February 2009.

Venus oriental indicates a work situation where items of value are dealt with but with a personal touch; evaluation of one's work is substituted for personal evaluation (which is hard to accept or believe); public figures often are born with Venus oriental where the public persona - the screen image - takes the place of the personal self. (Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, Dr. Noel Tyl.)

Plus, Venus is near the UK's natal MIDAS 2Ari22, the King who's always busy counting his gold.

Lady Venus is the object or focal planet in two T-square patterns in the chart, and you see them notated, upper right...

Moon-Pluto = Venus: intense feelings.

Moon-MC = Venus: significant relationships are possible.

Moon-Pluto indicates public relations but also an enraged (Pluto) public (Moon.) And Venus is near the UK's natal MIDAS 2Ari22, the King who's always busy counting his gold.

On one level, Venus, lady of our Statue of Liberty made of her favorite metal, copper - represents the US so perhaps a 'significant relationship' points to the US-UK partnership of the golden kind.

Then another T-square is formed by the Summit's Mars-Saturn opposition releasing its difficult energy at US natal ASC...

Mars-Saturn = n ASC: struggling for every step of advancement; obstacles or difficulties caused by other people; the necessity to economize; separation (see US Nodal Half-Return mentioned below); possible health threat; bereavement.

Chart-ruler Mars, busy orchestrating and participating in protests, is in 12th house 14Pis10, a position conjunct Fixed Star Achernar, keywords: crisis (especially relating to water such as flooding, or possibly, water hoses) and
risk of rapid endings (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

Mars is also ruler of the 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, etc, bwo Scorpio, sign of big business and the underworld. Secret or shadow banking systems would also be under the sway of Scorpio and we see that America's natal ASC '13Sag' is in the 8th house as the Summit's calendar begins.

One thing we always look at is the applying aspects of a chart's ruler, and in this case Mars has two to describe how the G20 Summit will proceed...

1. Mars opposite Saturn 16Vir32 Rx in 6th house (2A22);

Mars opposing Saturn indicates resentment of those in authority, projects being abandoned in frustration, and delay turning into cancellation.

Will protesters (Mars) cause cancellation of authoritarian Saturn's plans for retaining the status quo? Demonstrations against the WTO in Seattle, Washington (1999) caused cancellation! Still, I'm sure the world's 'movers and shakers' have learned a thing or two in the last 10 years, aren't you?

2. Mars trine Moon 7Can45 in 4th house (conj IC) (6A25.)

Mars trine Moon may indicate a less troubled environment with actions well-guided by intuition, and may also show plenty of energy and help available for pursuing one's aims.

Rebellious, progressive, and revolutionary Uranus 23Pis45 is in 12th house as well along with Neptune 25AQ38 (conj - or almost so - US natal Moon, we-the-people. It depends on which US natal chart you prefer); wounded healer Chiron 24AQ33 is there, too, spiritualizing some people's ideals (Neptune.)

Five planets and Chiron in 12th house! So there's a lot going on behind the scenes as one would expect for this well-secured and weighty event.

One more note about the 12th house: the transiting midpoint between Mars and Neptune is triggering the UK's natal Pluto for this Summit. The midpoint concerns power and control issues and I don't want you to miss its implications - and because the UK's natal Sun in Capricorn is at MC, and natal Moon in Cancer is in the 4th house with the Summit being held in London:

Mars-Neptune = n Pluto: selfish pursuit of one's objectives; brutality; dissolution; possibly death.

And the UK's natal Sun 10Cap11 forms a picture with the Summit's Pluto 3Cap18 and its MC, a picture which is particularly enlightening given the circumstances...

n Sun-Pluto = MC: power games with important consequences; striving for power and control; leadership qualities; physical or violent interference with emotional consequences; consciousness of purpose; vocational crises and change to adopt new perspectives.

(UK's natal placements are highlighted in reddish orange, lower left of the chart. Natal ASC 7Lib10; MC 9Can20, taken from UK's national chart of Jan 1, 1801; 00:00 am LMT, London; Full Moon phase.)

Moneybags Jupiter 19AQ20 is conj 11th cusp of Groups, Associations, Friends, Hopes & Wishes...Jupiter in 11th house but still very much affecting the 12th house. Transiting Jupiter applies to conjunction with Chiron (5A13) and conj with Neptune (6A18) with the first of three Jup-Nep conjs coming May 27.

2009 is a Jupiter-Neptune (speculations; spendthrifts; grand plans; expanded spirituality) year, and fraud is on every one's minds if not their list of things to do.

North Node 6AQ55 in 11th house tells a story since this economic Summit marks America's Nodal Half-Return. We may expect strong associations and relationships to emerge stronger (assuming the US has any left!) while others fall by the wayside of disagreement.

This is also the time when the US must lean toward Aquarian ideals of equality and stop depending on her accustomed Leonine pride and her an assumed 'divine right' to always be top dog.

So perhaps the US dollar will see its downfall at 2009's
G20 Summit although propaganda (Moon-Pluto) will be used to kick down the road whatever can the power elite want kicked - powerful, secretive Pluto at Midheaven, the Aspiration Point of the chart, and Moon (the public) at Foundation Point, aka The Drain. Well, I'm certainly feeling drained, aren't you?

So! Plutocrats will still be stomping on and lording it over the common man and woman as the G20 meet in secret conference, and oaths of secrecy may be sworn. Public relations will be used to gloss over the negative.

And what of Mercury 14Ari50?

Ah, yes, Mercury is now opposing US natal Saturn in Libra, a period of time when US views, ideas, opinions, and positions are diametrically opposed by others.

In fact, American attendees at the G20, including Pres. Obama, may depend on other attendees not saying what we want to hear - bad news may be announced, and any organization or structures we have carefully built are squashed, perhaps flat as flitters.

This transit indicates dissent against US authority (which also applies to the protesters on the streets) so being as philosophical as possible is the only way to deal.

And if there is a fortunate factor in the entire situation, it's that we now have a president with a philosophical turn of mind, and one who can put more than two understandable words together to express it.

*An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.
Midpoint pictures: Tyl and Ebertin.

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