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Jan 8, 2011

112th Congress = "Swords" vs "Torches"?

In his weekly radio address today President Obama has called for Republicans to stop their symbolic battles, battles which seem to this blogger to be meant in part as a salve to the Tea Partisans watching GOPers closely for backtracking on their promises to do things differently than Congress' previous sorriness.

And the millions of dollars that GOP 'symbolism' has cost the US taxpayer during only half a week of this session belies the Republican Party's whines over the national debt. Guess they think our bucks are worth their gamble and they (and Dems) certainly have much past experience with such cynical calculations.

Now if you, dear reader, are familiar with the Sabian Symbols for each degree of the zodiac (360 degrees), you know of one that's quite esoteric in its imagery and which may apply here, namely 'A Symbolical Battle Between the "Swords" and the "Torches".' (Rudhyar.)

Let's examine the meaning of this symbol to see if anything shakes out concerning the current Capitol Hill Political Theater the GOP has been making (what they hope is) political hay with.

Rudhyar's 'Keynote: Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal "Great War".' (A World War I reference. jc)

Now I won't quote all that Dane Rudhyar wrote about the degree - the Bodhi Tree and spiritual light vs ego-will (though ego-will and global-ruling ideology are the basis of GOP desperation to win back the White House) - however, his last words concerning '17Tau' may make some sense to us within the political realm of Washington and the 112th Congress' first week of symbolic mummery:

(This symbol) "suggests that salvation is attained through the emergent individual's readiness to face all issues as if there were only two opposed sides. So teaches the Bhagavad-Gita. This is the dharma of this stage of human evolution: a stage of POLARIZATION OF VALUES. (An Astrological Mandala.)

In his The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones gives '17Tau' the Keyword: 'RESOLUTION...

positive expression: high organizational skill and an ability to bring the magic of understanding to any specific difficulty;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a loss of self-competence through the conflicting compulsion of necessity and desire'.

(Blog note: though I seldom think to mention it, I am the very varmint who adds "unconscious/shadow side" to Jones' 'negative' expression of the symbols because it seems more descriptive. jc)

Perhaps Adriano Carelli has something to say about '17Tau' in his The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

"The vision St. Thomas of Aquino had while trying to fathom the mystery of God's unity and trinity; a child trying to drain the ocean with a pitcher."

Carelli's explanation of this symbol includes: "I do not need your advice, I can make mistakes myself!" And, in speaking of a native with this degree prominent, he states, "He is in for unceasing, often wasted labors which will not make him move a step forward. There is a guilty light-mindedness; the native will believe that he can solve single-handed and in his own way certain problems which impose on natural laws, as those of economics, dynamics and the like."

Hmmm. If we replace 'a child' with 'new congress member' and trying to drain the 'ocean' with the word, 'swamp' (which Washington DC is built upon), we may be on to something: new congress members wasting labor and believing they can single-handedly and in their own way drain the swamp of Washington, a campaign promise so old it's gray around the muzzle. And all they really have at their disposal is a pitcher!

For more details on the current state of our Congress, I looked at outer planet transits to the US Congress natal horoscope (Nov 17, 1800) and found that confusing, deceptive, delusional, fraudulent (though often inspired) Neptune is slightly more active than Uranus or Pluto at this time.

Neptune square (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles) natal Sun 25Sco: self-image is infused with disorientation, confusion, and a sense of unreality; it's hard to know how to satisfy one's ego demands or where to direct one's will power; positions of leadership, integrity, honesty, principles, and standards are difficult to sustain or attain; if determined and capable, one realizes that what seems to be reality actually is not (it's only Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink!)

Neptune opposite natal Saturn 24Leo: one's mature judgment, strength of authority, and hard work are threatened by illegal actions (like 2 Rs not taking their congressional oath because of attending their own fundraiser next door?), bankruptcy, fraud, deception, and unknown or disillusioned people (!); severe challenges test the ability or willingness to overcome obstacles, or to squelch inner fears; past traditions and structures become misguided, ambiguous, or subverted; previous responsibilities may disappear or dissolve with nothing good apt to take their place.

Neptune conjunct n Pluto 2Pis: power dissolves; treachery or poison can remove the current system of power and control; circumstances may allow the rise of those with religious, psychic, or spiritualist powers (who are not witches, one presumes.)

The only major aspect of Uranus now to Congress' natal chart is its coming opposition to its natal position: Congress will have a midlife crisis all through 2011 (March, November, and December)! This Uranus/Uranus opposition last occurred about 84 years ago: in April 1927, October 1927, and February 1928. The inflationary economics of the late 1920s seem all too familiar, don't they?

Uranus opposite n Uranus 00Lib47 (conjunct US n MC in the Sibly chart): generations clash; oldsters feel outdated by a wave of newcomers (awww!) and there's an unwillingness to give up the unique qualities of one's generation (age group); little meeting of the minds takes place.

(Plus, transiting Jupiter to Aries Point has and will oppose n Uranus, a time of cat-herding when everyone tends to wander off in their own directions so that organizing and scheduling group activities is made difficult; Jupiter increases the effects of Congress' Uranus opposition and its crisis implications.)

Pluto inconjunct n Jupiter 4Leo: significant adjustments are necessary to justify one's knowledge and ideals; feeling overwhelmed about social responsibilities; opportunism; a need to yield to real tasks and be constructive; others may victimize in order to serve their own interests; motives may be murky and there's a requirement to understand one's surroundings more fully.

Pluto square n Uranus: political and intellectual changes occur that benefit a new generation, and questioning their historical implications is appropriate.

Such is the condition of the 112th Congress as seen through an astrological interpreted by this particular blogging gnat of an American. Your on-topic comments and opinions are cordially invited.


Anonymous said...
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Jude Cowell said...
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Anonymous said...

It smells like a distraction, and Problem/Reaction/Solution. She was likely Wellstoned.

BTW, the gunman is a veteran of Afghanistan, for whatever that's worth (patsy?)

Anonymous said...

"RIP"? She's still alive, responding to commands. Although if it was a shot to the head, she may be too incapacitated to serve in office.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, it was a relief as soon as i shut down earlier today to hear that Rep Giffords came through surgery and i hope she recovers.

So many Anonymouses!

Yes, the shooting could be a distraction but an odd one since she's the only congress member w a spouse active in the military (says Wikipedia)...who knows the true motive? As usual w politics, we may not know the truth for ages if then, and this time it really could be as simple as an unhinged person w a grudge of unknown origin. Jude