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Mar 19, 2009

Bush-Paulson Bailout Bill a scam

Yes yes yes! A mega-heist has been perpetrated, as I keep complaining, and here Paul Craig Roberts asks if the Bush-Paulson Bailout Bill was a scam...yes!

NPR is reporting as I type that the deficit is 'far worse' than was expected...$2 trillion, as we'll hear tomorrow when the report is released. Can't wait.

So as Mr. Roberts mentions in the article linked above, there is no money for social programs (only for war.) They're getting ready to turn the screws on the ill, the elderly, orphans, and on anyone else thinking the US government has the integrity to honor its agreements with we-the-people.

Nice crowd. The renting of our social fabric is going well - for the power elite, thanks.

When are the heisters of Capitol Hill and their lawyers and ritzy friends going to return what they've embezzled for decades? Puh!

Of course, stirring up our emotions and indignation and sending us out onto the streets is part of the plan so being the meanie that I am, I refuse to give them the satisfaction!


Btw: did you ever read FDR's test of our progress from 1937?

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