Mar 19, 2009

Obama Stimulus Bill ok'd AIG bonuses

Thanks to Jax, a reader at Jude's Threshold, I have a link for you to a Fox News video and article concerning the fact that Obama'a Stimulus Bill explicitly grants AIG bonuses as inserted by Sen. Chris Dodd.

Be sure to scroll down for the mocked-up active pic of the primary recipients of AIG campaign donations riding in what favors a dune buggy, sodas in'd be hilarious if the circumstances weren't so undermining for America.

You know the Inauguration 2009 chart wasn't so marvelous with its Mercury Rx under the Sun's rays, that Venus in Aries is Rx, money is being requested to be returned (Rx = re-this and re-that) and Venus, one of the money planets, was in confusing Pisces on Inauguration Day...near quirky, willful Uranus.

The Venus-Uranus pair often indicates being erratic, extravagant, or wasteful with money.

And with May 27 being the first of 2009's three conjunctions of Jupiter (large amounts of money) with inflationary, veiling Neptune, planet of excess liquidity, the entire year will be about speculations and large promises not so easily kept.

Once again, here's the midpoint picture of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which lands all three times on US natal Moon (we-the-people in our national chart):

Jup-Nep = Moon: going with the wind; dreaminess; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness.

And so far, 2009 is panning out exactly as the above midpoint pic describes, don't you think?

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