Jun 29, 2009

Is right wing extremism in the US on the rise?

No, it doesn't require glue sniffing or kool-aid swigging to imagine the GOP's slowly forming strategy when McCain was so obviously past his prime in the 2008 presidential run and Republicans saw Barack Obama attracting millions of people with his orating abilities and winning personality.

Plus, the international banking houses signed on to the Obama brand to make matters less... Republican in Washington as the Democrats took a helm-manning turn so that the illusion of a two-party system in the US could be upheld in everyone's imaginations.

Is part of the GOP's hornet's nest strategy a revving up of right-wing extremist groups by playing on their gut reaction to having an African-American president in the previously all-white White House?

My mind wanders back to Nov 4, 2008 when Saturn's status quo based on tradition and Uranus' progressive attitudes and futuristic reforms were locked in a precise stand-off, known in Astrology as an opposition, as the antithetical planets fought one another across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the victim-savior archetypes.

Now most folks first assumed that change-lovin' Uranus won the election, but this reluctant astrologer suspected that Saturn was still very much in the game. And we've heard many times since Inauguration Day 2009 that Mr. Obama is more traditional than many people expected him to be...well, yuh! Critics of his economic plans say he's performing a superficial face-lift rather than instituting the deep reforms needed by a corrupt investment and banking system, the whole of which is rotten to the core.

Well, his Saturn in its own sign of staid Capricorn tells that tale niftily, I think, yet having expansive, optimistic, idealistic Jupiter nearby and within the first degree of Aquarius makes Obama quite a blend with an out-of-sign conjunction of the societal planets (Jupiter and Saturn) - he prefers to promote the best of past and future, if only obstacles would get out of his way.

Let's hope for his family's sake and for the health of our nation that his obstacles remain on the debating of policy and legislative sides without expressing upon a physical level. The July 21/22 Solar Eclipse is a doozy though, so we'll see how things proceed as 'systems and old methods fail; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed,' cautions Brady's Predictive Astrology. (The 11 South Eclipse at a crisis 29th degree (of Cancer) occurs on the 21st at 10:34 pm edt in Washington, DC.)

And no, President Obama is not the savior many Americans imagined him to be. Certainly no one person can clean up the Bush-Cheney mess in a few months or years, even assuming that Mr. Obama genuinely wishes to. (As you may know, I see the US presidential baton-passing as significant of a continuing one-world-government agenda that we-the-people are ordinarily not privy to. If you're a top o'the heap US president - you're one of them or you couldn't have made it to the top of the political mountain!)

But another interference from chaos-creating power elites in the course of our history would be debilitating and sad for us all at a time when we most need clarity and upright actions, not undermining tactics and psychosis.

Perhaps you may agree that what America does not need are emotionally manipulated, half-crazed hotheads whose anarchisms are instigated by those whose hold on political power has become too tenuous for their self-serving comfort.

You know, in America's 'Franklin' natal chart (see post below for a chart image), the Moon (the populace; the public; we-the-people) is at the 25th degree+ of Aquarius rather than the usual 'Sibly' chart's 26/27 AQ. You may be interested in the Sabian Symbol for '25AQ' in light of my understandably annoying remarks above on America's 'right wing' extremists controversy (symbol from Marc Edmund Jones)...

'25AQ': "A Butterfly with the Right Wing More Perfectly Formed"...UNIQUENESS...this degree's symbol speaks of man's capacity to overcome any handicap imposed on him....and of his underlying stamina or psychological integrity.

positive expression: a genius for turning deficiency into a real asset;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unhappy and rebellious conceit.

Yes, well it would be conceit at the basis of prejudices of all kinds, wouldn't it? And September 2009 brings the world yet another brittle stand-off between the opposing forces of Saturn and Uranus as they bitterly battle on.


My post on America's Solar Return 2009 is published just below if you want to take a peek at America's 233rd birthday planets. jc

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