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Apr 12, 2012

Astro-Notes on DNC 2012: Aldebaran Rising

DNC 2012: Aldebaran, Midas, Pan, and US natal Uranus Rising

by Jude Cowell

Some people think that Charlotte NC with its Bank of America headquarters and its "Wall Street of the South" vibe is a tone deaf choice for the location of the Democratic National Convention 2012 given Charlotte's overflowing homeless shelters and lack of unionization on behalf of workers' rights. So you may as well know that this blogger is one of those who think that very thing--especially with President Obama's acceptance speech set for September 6, 2012--to be delivered at the Bank of America Stadium!

Even so, a smattering of cosmic info is in order so that we may consider DNC 2012 from a higher plane than Politics usually deserves if only to keep our Political Astrology flag flying here at Stars Over Washington. Therefore, the following is my attempt to do just that though later updates may be necessary prior to and during the event itself which takes place September 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2012 in Charlotte.

If you're curious about RNC 2012, click An Astro-Peek at RNC 2012 and for the themes of the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series in which both political conventions fall, you may wish to try this.

Sept 3, 2012 Charlotte NC 12:00 am edt: Aldebaran Rising

Along with US natal Uranus (revolution; freedom), gold-hoarder Midas rises with trickster Pan and the horoscope shows sometimes-trickster Mercury 4Vir01, planet of votes and speeches, in 4th house (Foundation of the Matter) with the Sun (leader) @ 11Vir04 conjunct Fixed Star Zosma (victim or savior.) Presumably, President Obama, who garnered enough delegates (2778+) on April 3 to be the 2012 Democratic nominee, wants to be considered a 'savior' of the nation which echoes the heroic Apollo-Sun god theme of DNC 2008 in Denver, CO as you see in this video--remember the stage set with Greek columns? Only a laurel wreath and toga were missing from his royal Sun-in-Leo frame:

Curiously, at DNC 2008, asteroid Apollo was then @ 9Vir20 conjunct Saturn 11Vir03 which DNC 2012's Sun conjoins. This gives the Obama presidency a Sun/Saturn theme and points to America's natal (July 4, 1776) problematic Sun/Saturn square which I believe highlights the checks (square) and balances (US natal Saturn in Libra, sign of balance) which the US Congress (Saturn = lawmakers, managers) are meant to provide for the shiny yet self-protective, shrewd, and business-oriented US presidency (Sun in Cancer.)

Sun/Saturn squares tend to bolster inner maturity and leans a person toward authority taken seriously and the patient achievement of goals by taking one step at a time.

Aldebaran rising indicates 'success through integrity' for political participants of DNC 2012 though the presence of Midas and Pan rising may temper the indication somewhat considering the fraudulent system We the People are mired in--and the recent JOBS Act has rolled back some of the financial regulations in place from years ago! Perhaps the Democrats will explain how that can be good for the US economy and for the constantly scammed and financially struggling American people.

Speaking of which, the Moon (We the People) begins the enterprise in 11th H of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes and at 11Ari45, has moved beyond excitable, sparkly Uranus 7Ari33 Rx, also in (its own) 11th H. Besides Midas and Pan rising we see a 1st house, protective Jupiter 14Gem48 in the sign of chattiness so we may expect many speeches, some of them l-o-n-g. But they should be quite entertaining though some or all of them may be somewhat duplicitous (Gemini)--well, it is Politics after all, right? Scientific topics may be forthcoming as well.

How Will DNC 2012 Proceed?

To answer this question let's look at the three applying aspects of chart-ruler Mercury which are as follows:

1. sextile Mars (2A48) @ 6Sco49 in 6th H of Military Service, Work, and Health: we'll hear well-informed speeches on these and other topics from people who want our approval--their delivery will sparkle dramatically and draw every one's attention for this is a great aspect for warm and friendly public relations though gruffness may put some listeners off; supporting the underdog is a major theme along with getting others to cooperate on such concerns (already tried, yes, but more of it may be forthcoming especially since the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse conjunct Alcyone--something to cry about--will have made its themes and events known before September. Of course, the next presidency may be what we'll all cry about!)

2. trine Pluto (3A00) 7Cap01 Rx in 8th H of Big Business (plutocrats and bankers on-board and those who are not so on-board the Obama Train this time): intellectual assets will be on display, causes-and-effects of our financial dilemma are sure to be discussed realistically (which the neocon Bushies can't do--how could they?), ethical standards, youth programs, and market speculation topics are on the menu, and organizational talents will be apparent; a weak spot may be environmental issues and what to do about the damage already incurred.

3. opposite Chiron 7Pis09 Rx in 10th H of Public Status and Career (and still in process of completing President Obama's five-fer Chiron Return--his is a mentor-guru kind of 1st H Chiron--may I call you Joe?): alchemy! as minds function at optimum, occultists or an initiate is indicated (Clow) and since it's President Obama's time of Chiron Return and he's the nominee once again, I expect he's The One the powers-behind-the-throne (Bilderbergers, etc) have selected to play US president once again.

The Obama Selection 2012 may be described in part by a midpoint picture in the Sept 3, 2012 horoscope for the sacred warrior archetype of Mars/Chiron = Pluto (of the wealthy plutocratic ruling elite), and we have ourselves an astrological peep-eye, you Knights, you!

Plus, there's one midpoint picture with the Sun (leader) at apex...

Venus/Saturn = Sun: having simple tastes but enjoying extravagant displays; honors received later in life.

Of interest to this picture is what Michael Munkasey writes of Venus/Saturn in his brilliant book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, under Politics and Business and including the Hegelian Dialect's Thesis-Antithesis (leading to Synthesis) implications:

Thesis: restrictions on wealth or income (millionaires paying their fair share in taxes? jc); law enforcement that avoids difficult or cumbersome issues; new social or creative values enforce change on an endeavor; building the value of an enterprise.

Antithesis: restrictions on how society functions (we know--stop it! jc); a law enforcement bureau that derives pleasure from restricting the movement of people.

Also noted in the Sept 3 horoscope is a T-Square configuration which creates two midpoint pictures since the North Node (public contact) @ 29Sco14 in 6th H conjoins Inaugural Moon 2009 and reminds us that our financial and social crisis conditions (after 8 years of Bush-Cheney) continue to hinder America's forward development...any, all, or none may apply:

Mercury/Neptune = 2012 NN: discussing joint plans and ideas; encounters with prescient people or mentalists.

Mercury/Neptune = 2009 Moon: intuitive thoughts bring confusion and questions; a sympathetic understanding of others; receptivity to subconscious stirrings or images (propaganda); a deceived or deceptive woman. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Okay, President Obama's acceptance speech must be detailed later along with other factors so let's close this particular DNC 2012 post with the Image for Integration that relates to the convention's opening and its Sun Virgo/Moon Aries blend, an Earth-Fire combo of energies with a 'bulldozer' flavor describing the do-er who can enthuse others with his strongly held convictions though he may be verbose and scathingly critical at times:

"A jolly rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses and kindly good humour."

(Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

To be cont'd with the changing signs of the Moon and the evening event of September 6 particularly noted...

Mar 18, 2012

2012's 5 Super Moons begin April 6

2012's Super Moons, their Sabian Symbols, & more

by Jude Cowell

Here is a list of the five Super Moons occurring in 2012 with three cosmic events added for a somewhat fuller celestial picture of this pivotal year:

1. April 6: Full Moon @ 17Lib23

2. May 6: Full Moon @ 16Sco01

>>May 20: Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem21

3. June 4: Lunar Eclipse @ 14Sag14

>>June 24: Uranus/Pluto square perfects (one of seven in years 2012 to 2015--civil unrest and generational clashes continue across the globe)

4. *Nov 13: Solar Eclipse @ 21Sco57

>>Nov 28: Lunar Eclipse @ 6Gem47

5. Dec 13: New Moon @ 21Sag45

As you know, 2012 lunations will emphasize the Aries/Libra (1/7), Taurus/Scorpio (2/8), and Gemini/Sagittarius (3/9) polarities and houses with all their usual concerns and issues.

Below are the Sabian Symbols for each lunation's rounded-up degrees with Keywords and their negative (unconscious/shadow side) expressions since we're talking Politics, that **"organized system of hatreds":

1. '18Lib' = "Two Men Placed Under Arrest"...CONSEQUENCE...

neg: total inappropriateness of impulse and act; conjoins US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx--a Full Moon brings a culmination of some kind--US troops (SP Mars) pull back (Rx) from Afghan villages as Pres. Karzai requests? Yet perhaps his request is for public consumption only! More police actions on US soil are on America's Mars Rx menu as well, sorry to say.

2. '17Sco' = "A Woman the Father of Her Own Child"...NUCLEATION...

neg: a characteristically anarchist self-sufficiency;

SE: '1Gem' = "A Glass-Bottomed Boat in Still Water"...CURIOSITY...

neg: a lack of effective participation in reality because of continual indecisiveness;

3. LE: '15Sag' = "The Ground Hog Looking for Its Shadow"...REASSURANCE...

neg: lack of self-stability and ingrained timidity;

4. SE: '22Sco' = "Hunters Starting Out for Ducks"...ENTERPRISE...

neg: a callous exploitation of all life;

5. '22Sag' = "A Chinese Laundry"...SECLUSION...

neg: unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority.

(Note: for the positive expressions of these degrees and for further explanation of them, please refer to The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones, or to other versions of the symbols as you wish.)

Now speaking of topics relating to Earth's silvery satellite, here's a suggested post on Saturn and the Moon's South Node with South Node being a Saturnian point in any horoscope.

Plus, you'll never haplessly wander astray from Luna's intuitional path by visiting your Auntie Moon...definitely a recommended destination on the Web.

And here are a few astro-notes concerning Spring Equinox 2012 (aka, Aries Ingress with Sun @ 00Ari00:00) which arrives this very week although warm temperatures have preceeded it--in Georgia, we expect more 80+-degree days coming up!

For a few Campaign 2012 astro-notes you may wish to check out Candidates' Sun-Moon personality blends though a brokered convention for the GOP seems likely since the 2012 offerings from the Party of Special Interests are quite shabby which makes me wonder if they're aiming for the White House in 2016 instead--you know, like 'the Elder and the Unread' duo the GOP 'ran' against Bilderberg favorite, Barack Obama, in 2008.

Yes, the name of Jeb Bush comes annoyingly to mind...annoying, after 8 disastrous years of Bush-Cheney neoconnism which include the Attacks of 9/11, the Constituion-busting 'Patriot' Act and boondoggling 'Homeland Security' money pit, Bush's Hurricane Katrina sorriness, two pre-emptive wars still being fought on credit card, the unfunded presciption drug mandate, No Child Left Behind which has weakened our schools and the future prospects of our children, and Financial Collapse 2008 which must be the largest financial heist in history and has led to the Bush Depression.

Plus, I suspect you can easily add other items to Bush's list, can't you?


*The Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 looks dificult enough with its progandistic, obsessive Mercury/Pluto content (and conjoining Fixed Star Alcyone's 'something to cry about' which also has a wet weather connotation, or even 'disrupted Internet and/or Power Grid' implications) but the November 28 SE may be even more fraught with difficulties--plus, it's the Pre-Natal Eclipse of the much-touted Winter Solstice 2012 (horoscope displayed is set for DC and shows Jupiter Rx under stress.)

The November Eclipse degree itself is at apex (focal point) of a YOD (crisis; Finger of God pattern in the horoscope indicating paradoxical and/or dire situations which demand attention and correct action.

How often do you suppose correct action is taken by Washington politicians in spite of what it may mean for re-election goals and power-grabbing purposes? Seldom if ever? Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

Another factor is that the Nov 2012 SE hits US natal Uranus (8Gem55), planet of sudden events, disruptions, and anarchy (especially with Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, says R. Ebertin); plus, the midpoint pictures formed by the YOD pattern on Nov 28, 2012, with Moon at apex and Sun within the sextiling planets, gives these potentials according to R. Ebertin--as always, any, all, or none may apply:

Mars/Saturn = Moon (the people): illness; weakness of will; moodiness or depression; with Sun (leadership): an inability to meet all demands or to master all situations (so often of DC's own making--jc); illness or death.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; melancholy; tragedy; with Sun: sparing no pains in one's work (will the powers-that-be again sway public sentiment bwo false flag ops as with 9/11 and the Saturn/Pluto opposition? Mars and Pluto are conjoined in the eclipse horoscope indicating force, zealotry, and war weaponry--jc); renunciation; privation; physical toil and overexertion.

Venus/Pluto = Moon: overly intense emotions; strong creative powers; (in Mundane Astrology, contacts between evaluating Venus and wealthy Pluto can have revenge and/or bankruptcy connotations--jc); with Sun: great creativity; peculiar relationships.

Venus/Mars = Moon: strong emotional impulses; with Sun: an urge to establish unions (including sexual ones with this passionate duo--jc.)

A current don't-miss from economist Paul Krugman: The Power of Plutocratic Pettiness.

**From Henry Brook Adams' quote which astutely defines the practice of Politics--and We the People are the dupes and pawns they organize against in order to gain wealth and retain power, and to make it all possible, they keep the people divided and conquered. "R v D"? Puh!

All midpoint pictures from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

The term 'SuperMoon' is happily credited to master astrologer Richard Nolle of AstroPro.

Jun 21, 2011

Huntsman announces 6.21.11 w Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces

June 21, 2011: Summer begins and former ambassador to China and governor of Utah Jon Huntsman will announce his candidacy for the presidency of the United States at the scene of Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

Click for more info including videos.

Mr. Huntsman has begun speaking (10:06 am, there he is on my TV), with the Sun lingering on the 29th degree of Gemini (an eager and/or critical announcement?) and Moon in Pisces; Mercury, planet of announcements, is at '11 Cancer' today, Sabian Symbol: "A Clown Making Grimaces." (Jones.) He said the 'I'm a candidate' words at 10:07 am edt (for Astrology buffs who wish to set up the horoscope and follow his candidacy.)

Sun Gem-Moon Pis is an Air-Water combo (misty, ethereal) which indicates sentimentality, versatility, and adaptability. It's a talkative blend of a chameleon who can be submissive but cunning, vacillating, and poetic with much literary ability.

The blend's weaknesses include a lack of boundaries, a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none approach, and a tendency to withdraw when feeling misunderstood.

"Images for Integration: A weather vane on a church spire sparkles in the sunshine as the wind twirls it around, turning it into a mysterious sky gem...Peter Pan marries Tinkerbell and they live happily ever after in Never Never Land." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Uh-oh! Well, 'Never Never Land' may turn out to be a description of where Mr. Huntsman lives while dreaming of gaining the US presidency! ('Clap your hands if you believe'?) Yet he did manage the state of Utah rather well while governor, he asserts. His will be a 'high road' campaign, says he.

The Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces combo is shared natally by a journalist of the past, Arnold Bennett, so let's close with a quote he is known for which may put a cherry on top of today's ice cream sundae of presidential-bid announcements:

"Journalists say a thing that they know isn't true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

And so do politicians.

Jul 3, 2009

Independence Day 2009 in Washington DC

Here's another in the series of Tom Foreman's Letters to the President, a timely one with a Fourth of July flavor. It concerns independence in the District of Columbia and the Republican v Democrat paradox that makes independence elusive to obtain if not impossible.

Of course, from way down here, it seems all about grasping and retaining power no matter the cost as this mindset on Capitol Hill makes a mockery of the 'independence' and 'freedom' we're supposedly enjoying in this nation. A larger agenda is being followed at the expense of the country's best interests, imho.

I've mentioned here before about a certain junior rep from Georgia who was told early on by party bosses that if he wanted to keep his job, he'd vote how they told him to vote. He did and he did.

But by doing so, he didn't stand up for the people who sent him to DC when he voted the opposite of what he knew the majority of us wanted. So much for representative government. And the trend continues.

It's no small thing that this kind of cynical control over other people's consciences makes Washington's political parties into mobs of thugs who prefer might over right, and as you may know, I have little respect for the majority of them.

So Happy Independence Day indeed. If you can get some.