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May 22, 2023

Volatile times, Georgia & Federal indictments loom, Putin betrayal & UK Politics - Tarot reading

Here's a fresh reading from Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot concerning multiple topics in the news. Next to last she again reads on the potential for Vladimir Putin to be removed from power with betrayal necessarily involved. Now as you know, Aussie Mary Ann keeps up with US politics and global issues better than most Americans do, even as We the People totter on the brink of a fascist abyss while maga and other Republicans threaten to push.

Atmospherically, there's a highly engineered set of crisis conditions here in the US, not that politics as a practice isn't always rife with stagecraft. An "organized system of hatreds," politics has been called, and preparations for sabotage and sedition have been in motion for years, now accessible on a video screen near you. A clue? The Hm-hm-hm will rise again!

Also for you are 32 entertaining minutes of insights from Down Under as interpreted by a spot-on Mary Ann:


2023: A Summer of Kremlin Intrigue; Empires Do Fall

by Jude Cowell

With continuing potentials for political shifts in Russia, a peek at a SO'W post and horoscope from June 2021 may be instructive concerning Mr. Putin who looks quite a flop for indulging his territorial urges on a global scale. China may be the one to mop up from Russia's recklessly zealous overstep. Did Vlad's military officials lie to him about the country's level of preparedness? Was it all planned that way? Is there a rat in the woodpile? Perhaps an answer is a question: which ancient governmental entity thinks strategically and plans the farthest ahead, fueled primarily by noodles?

Meanwhile, let me know your on-topic insights here, or, as a comment in the Stars Over Washington Reports FB group where this post will be shared - once you check out Horoscopes: Putin Inauguration 2000 w/ Biden-Putin Rendezvous June 2021.

One current factor you'll note in the chart is that transit Jupiter in Taurus since May 16th faces a 10th house line-up of year 2000 planets then in Taurus including Jupiter @17Taurus which spotlights a soon-coming Jupiter Return for the Putin regime. That's mundane Jupiter, the boundary-breaking planet of freedom and expansion in the earthly territorial sign of possession and greed, *Taurus, the preservationist.

In Taurus Jupiter Closes A Cycle for the Putin Regime

An easily reached suspicion is that the Russian regime's Jupiter Return relates directly to Putin's ill-calculated invasion and occupation of Ukraine (since February 2021). Therefore, the world (10th house) will observe how usually beneficial Jupiter, Mr. Moneybags, rewards or greases-the-skids for Mr. Putin and his underlings because with Jupiter's orbit of nearly 12 years' duration, what may be the karmically negative side of things is that a project Putin and his comrades began about 12 years ago must now be either expanded, or must be thrown over, given up on, tossed out into the dark dustbin of history, with the karma of consequences having her natural affect. Or will Putin's irrational out-of-bounds behavior be allowed to continue?

And if this cosmic circumstance represents the Kremlin (Jupiter in his corporate and political roles with a streak of codified orthodox religion donning a robe) - the Kremlin ridding their country of Vlad, the Great Miscalculator, so be it.

After all, Putin's Inauguration Horoscope of 2000 shows that his overlong regime's karmic Saturn also awaits the transit of Jupiter's wand so I expect that someone's burdens in the Putin regime will be lightened if not altogether removed! Later, we'll view the regime's Saturn Return Horoscope and its Jupiter Return Horoscope so stay tuned! jc

*Taurus: Dear reader, take no umbrage! Please note that all astrological comments herein are always on societal and political levels and do not apply to Taurus and/or Jupiter placements in natal horoscopes, nor do they apply to any other natal placements. Consult your horoscope or your personal astrologer for such info. SO'W is for Political Astrology observations only and is categorized as Entertainment - and study on your own is always recommended for drawing your own conclusions! jc

Nov 22, 2020

January 5, 2021 Georgia Runoff for Control of the US Senate

The New Year Brings a Major Political Event in My Home State of Georgia

by Jude Cowell

Georgia State Capitol Building: Gold Dome; Connor.carey at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Early in the New Year, two political contests will determine which party controls the US Senate beginning in 2021 and their outcomes will determine how well the Biden-Harris adminstration can manage its work. Predictably, Senate Majority Leader Mitch "grim reaper" McConnell and certain Republican groups are spending many millions of advertising dollars in Georgia in hopes of retaining control of all Senate proceedings and thereby keeping the gavel of power out of the hands of a Democrat. No longer the party of 'fiscal responsibility' one must wonder at the GOP's broader agenda which seems to be the sabotage of our nation into penury and collapse. Of course you may disagree, dear reader, but there it is.

Meanwhile, there's a website with all you need to know about the Georgia Runoff Election of January 5, 2021 between Kelly Loeffler (R) vs Raphael Warnock (D) to complete the term of Senator Johnny Isaakson (which ends in 2023), and incumbent Senator David Perdue (R) vs Jon Ossoff (D). Naturally the information is aimed at Georgia voters and includes a list of significant dates, 2020 into 2021:

November 18: mailing of absentee ballots began

December 7: deadline to register to vote

December 14-31: early in-person voting

January 5: Election Runoff for two US Senate seats.

Now since I relocated to Raleigh NC in early 2019, I can't say for certain that statewide polling locations in Georgia are open on January 5, 2021 during the same hours as those of my former county of residence (7:00 am to 7:00 pm) but I imagine this to be the case. If you're a Georgia voter, check with your county to be sure. After all, in ye olde 13th Colony, there's no telling what underhanded tricks may be used to suppress or negate your vote.

Astrologically, there's a 'sense of social justice' to the day's cosmic energies with Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and Moon in Venus-ruled Libra for the 24 hours of January 5, 2021. Voting planet Mercury is also in Capricorn (at 7:00 am: 25:04, to 25:53 by 7:00 pm) and is under great pressure, even constraint and suppression, because impressionable Mercury (although not so easily swayed when in Capricorn!) is traveling as the filling in a cosmic sandwich between karmic planets Saturn (2AQ08) and Pluto (25Cap20), actors with control, manipulation, and power tucked under their belts.

(In previous posts, I've referred to Mercury as the 'tofu planet' since it tends to absorb the flavors of the planet/s it touches or contacts (plus, that of the ruler of the sign it's in). Political campaigns are all about persuading voters and leaning on them in one way or another is not so rare an occurrence as it ought to be in America. No less so in Georgia.)

Of course here, Pluto in Capricorn is closer by degree to the voting planet so there's a Mercury-Pluto conjunction to consider while keeping a decidedly Saturnian influence. Mercury-Saturn suggests that voters will have researched the candidates and the situation but are focused primarily how outcomes will affect local concerns via state politics. Note that the Mercury-Saturn planetary pair may also relate to dishonest, untrustworthy people, and to serious or sobering discussions and negotiations.

Then naturally with Mercury-Pluto expressing powerfully we may expect potentials for excessive zeal, influential speeches and/or writings, propaganda, demagoguery, plagiarism, fraudulent representations in communications, public recognition, use of suggestion or persuasion, deep research (ex: opposition research into opponents), crafty subtlety, overestimation of self, shrewd planning, irritation, impatience, and/or just plain secrets, hidden or revealed.

Yet I have faith that many Georgia voters will realize that on January 5th they are faced with conditions of 'stark realism' and the karmic need to face America's problems directly rather than stalling proposed solutions for them on a powerful senator's desk. It remains to be seen whether Georgians will vote with the future of our entire country in mind, plus, with an urge to rescue from Republican zealots the social safety net programs such as Social Security and Medicare that so many citizens' lives depend upon. As always, I'm cheering for the common good.

So in closing, here is one of the 'Images for Integration' of the Georgia Runoff 2021's Earth-Air Sun Capricorn-Moon Libra blend of conscious and unconscious energies:

"A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.)

And perhaps you'll agree that justice done would be a very pleasant change after four scofflaw years of you-know-who.

Dec 5, 2018

Is Republican Party Policy Leaving People With No Choice?

Dec 5, 2018: Now here's a very good question posed and discussed by progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann:


And let's remember a significant cosmic event arriving soon for the Republican Party for on December 29, 2018 comes the fifth conjunction in a series of five Neptune Return/s for the Party--with Donald Trump's natal Neptune @6Libra at Midheaven in their December 29th Neptune Return horoscope (shown)! Yet we don't need Astrology to tell us that tragically for our nation, scandals, rumors, conspiracy theories, leaks, veils, subterfuge, 'fake news', false propaganda, fraud, corruption, bribery, schemes such as Medicare "Advantage", underhandedness, sabotage, paranoia, fear, fanaticism, delusions, falsehoods, deceit and lies are major parts of the GOP's disappointing Neptunian-Piscean agenda which nowadays includes compromised politicians and those who actually act on behalf of foreign governments--exactly as the Founding Fathers feared!

Jul 29, 2018

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones | reallygraceful - video

Now here is an interesting video by reallygraceful concerning the mysterious Georgia Guidestones near Elberton, Georgia. Yes, Georgia is my native state yet have never ventured north to check out the monument, the so-called 'American Stonehenge." However, in 2016 I did write a post on them in which their unveiling ceremony's horoscope is shown if you'd like a view at the Guidestones' planets on the morning of March 22, 1980.

Nov 18, 2015

Sanders Nails It Again: “We Have To Be Strong, But Not Stupid" - video

Aren't they adorable? Those governors who think they can override federal law about accepting Syrian refugees into their states. My home state of Georgia is saddled with Governor Nathan Deal (Republican who in 2010 ran from Capitol Hill just before the congressional ethics committee nailed him--all the way back to Georgia):

#FeelTheBern #Georgia #SmallMinded #Governors #SyrianRefugees #BombingSyria #WOT #EastvsWest

Jun 27, 2015

Georgia's Hidden Treasures: Fort Mountain segment - video

Here's a brief glimpse of my home state and 13th Colony, Georgia:

Looks like an ancient star observatory to me! Perhaps we should call Scott Wolter.

#FortMountain #archaeology #astronomy #stars #Georgia #Colony13

May 30, 2011

Gov Nathan Deal's Pluto/Chiron Mistake 5.30.11

On Friday May 13, 2011, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into legislation Georgia House Bill 87 to limit and police the state's illegal immigrant population.

Now it's two weeks later, almost harvest time in sunny south Georgia, and our
farms have a severe worker shortage.

(Click the first link to read HB87's provisions including this gem: 'the State Department of Agriculture will be directed to study the possibility of creating Georgia's own guest-worker program'. Whew! That was close. For a minute there I feared something reasonable would actually be done in a timely fashion!)

HB87 goes into effect on July 1, 2011 - the exact date of the karmic Solar Eclipse in security-minded Cancer, sign of nurturing and food supplies - and the law is causing just what its opponents in the agricultural industry said it would: farmers are reporting that approximately 70% of Georgia's vegetable crops will go unharvested this season due to an extreme lack of workers. Many of these crops cannot be harvested by machine - only People Power can do the job.

When Deal (who resigned from the US Congress under a gathering ethics cloud in February 2010) signed the bill, he played the typical GOP card of taking legislative action "in the absence of federal action," a thinly veiled attempt to undermine a Democratic president while upholding states' rights, a tactic which has an added 'bonus' of purposefully weakening our union of States.

And while the federal vs state battle is embedded within America's DNA, it is doubtful that GOP-neocon water-carrier Deal can lay it to rest with HB87. But he can stir it up to help dissolve boundaries, weaken state economies, and demoralize our citizenry, thus furthering a Utopian dream of a New World Order agenda of global domination.

So Who's Gonna Do the Picking?

Whether Mr. Deal and his Republican colleagues are willing to help pick tons of the soon-wasting-on-the-vine food crops in a state and nation now experiencing the immorality of millions of American adults and children going to bed hungry each night - well, such an offer has not to my knowledge been forthcoming. And I doubt it will be since politicians don't actually work, they, while lining pockets so often their own.

Now as a native Georgian, I could give Mr. Deal a call to discuss this matter rather than grousing at you, dear reader, but somehow I don't expect he would answer though I do believe he has returned by now from his weekend jaunt to Europe (just after he signed HB87 - a lucrative trade deal his reward?) for the stated purpose of taking an "economic development trip" which, one expects, was funded at taxpayer expense.

At the bill's May 13th signing, Deal touted that the draconian legislation with its E-Verify provision "avoids many of the pitfalls" of the similar law enacted in Arizona which has since been struck down by a federal judge.

Opponents of HB87 are hopeful of gaining federal help with drafting a legal challenge to this impractical immigration bill. Meanwhile, tons of cucumbers and other crops are about to rot on the vine of Republican overreach, with our state tourism, landscaping, and restaurant industries joining the agricultural industry in opposing this shortsighted, quite daft, legislation.

Why, it's almost as if Georgia Republicans want our food supply to be undermined! But how crazy is that?

Yet the bill's signing garnered a supportive statement from the Sheriff of Cobb County (near Atlanta, our state capital which is a major hive of Republicanism in my home state) and he may have let the GOP cat out of the draconian bag: "HB87 is a good legislation and will provide law enforcement in Georgia with another tool to perform their jobs in an effective and efficient manner."

Well, now I feel better! Protect me from those unwelcome agricultural workers, please!

Except that food prices will go up even more than they already have, grocery store veggie bins will soon be emptier than they would have been this season, the concerned industries will miss opportunities and income and lay off employees, more poverty will be created in the state, children may go to bed hungrier than the night before, Georgia's economy will be negatively affected if not hobbled, and groups such as US Human Rights will cancel their convention in Atlanta this year (they did.)

But at least the police state can legally get up in people's faces on any whim and successfully prevent them from harvesting our salad greens, thus feeding their own families with their meager wages.

So in a manner of speaking, it's Nathan Deal to the rescue, Georgia! And since he campaigned for governor in 2010 on just such an Arizona-style immigration policy, we may also wish to thank those taxpayers who voted for him in order to protect their "bottom lines"...our food supply be dam*ed.

Yes, after Deal's May 13th bill signing, President Obama was quoted calling HB87 "a mistake." Unfortunately for the common good, the president may have been referring to the old political argument over federal vs state supremacy rather than more practical and immediate considerations such as rotting harvests, empty bellies, and economic sabotage waged by a morally bankrupt political party that will do anything - anything - to "see Obama fail" even though the American people go down with him. The implication is that a Republican White House Forever More will magically and ideologically make things all better. Puh!

Oppression the Law of the Land

As some of the signs held by protesters of HB87 and elsewhere have read, "Immigrant Rights are Human Rights". And that slogan perfectly describes much of what plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron duo are up to in Georgia, Arizona, Utah, and the rest of the country in 2011 and beyond: disenfranchisement, oppression, corporatism, statism, facism, racism - Republican style, but with Dem enabling.

After all, on July 4, 1776, America's Pluto/Chiron midpoint in Mutable, unstable Pisces conjoined our national Ceres, an archetypal asteroid of food, grain, and milk supplies (plus, seafood - Pisces); plus, food security and supply issues.

Now it's 235 years later, Independence Day 2011 approaches a mere 3 days after a Solar Eclipse that conjoins US natal Jupiter and Sun, and certain factions in this country are passing laws to force America's Pluto/Chiron-Ceres issues to the top of our collective menu.

So I must declare that we're stuck with a bum deal in Georgia, my fellow Americans. The guvna' didn't finagle this deal on my behalf, hear? And yes, you know what I mean: in Georgia, we got us a really bum deal.

Mar 14, 2011

Meltdown in Japan & New Nuclear Power Plants Coming to Georgia (USA)

You know how you return home from a weekend trip and there are zillions of things to catch up with? Well, that's my situation this morning as I read the latest info I can find on the horrendous earthquakes and ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan, a nation of good people for whom I pray in this, their time of great trial.

Then my terra-mail is opened and I am starkly reminded of Japan's nuclear disaster bwo the recent addition to our Georgia Power electric bills: $3.79 per month for their rammed-through legislation allowing a Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery in order to build not one but two nuclear plants in my home state. This is a pay-it-forward tax since the money has been forcibly added to Georgians' power bills as of January 2011 for future construction.

(Anti-nuke protests are now going on over the globe!)

And of course, it doesn't matter if the public (whose taxpayers' will be saddled with massive costs if there's a catastrophe) wants the worrisome nuke plants or not, or if we consider them safe to live near. Georgia's well known water supply shortages seem not to matter either - millions of gallons of cool water for future meltdowns notwithstanding. Smart planning? I think not. Especially since Georgia tends toward debilitating droughts in recent years which are difficult enough to deal with without potential radiation poisoning to worry about.

Of course, dead people aren't thirsty people, are they?

So what if our nation's antiquated power grid failed during one of Georgia's extremely hot summers? Electricity and water are needed to cool down reactors! And I'm not even considering here the threat of hacking by terrorists.

Water Water No Where

Guess we Georgians could spurn water and just drink Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (not me!) all the time "going forward" - but oops! Brewing Coke takes lots of water, too. Gotta work on that pesky getting-thirsty habit, it seems, for if it comes down to drinking water or having nuclear energy, Georgia Power's thumb on the scale has decided 'what's best' for this native Georgian. It all makes me wonder just who could possibly have thought that hot, dry Georgia was a good location for two new nuclear plants.

Uranus, Earthquakes, and Sudden Disasters: Uranus to Aries Point

For years, astrologers have been expecting big events (as well as one can 'expect' with quirky Uranus, planet of The Unexpected) as The Awakener has again crossed the Aries Point of World Manifestation in 2010 and 2011. And I'm sure we've all been hoping that Uranus to AP wouldn't come to this. Hard lessons from Japan's current nightmare and the folly of placing nuclear reactors on or near fault lines reminds me that I've never considered nuclear plants to be "safe" neighbors.

So if I thought that writing a Dear John letter to the powerful power company would help this deplorable situation, I'd write and send it along - and ask pointedly for my money back for this devilish project. Something along the lines of: nuclear power is only "safe" and "clean" until the first accident occurs, you numbskulls.

Or perhaps I should delete 'you numbskulls' for a better outcome...?

Oh well. Never mind that the state of Georgia experiences infrequent earthquakes, too (name a location that doesn't, right?) At least we're the state with the mysterious Georgia Guidestones which tout (severe) population control, among other things, and apparently was commissioned in 1979 by a stranger with the pseudonym "R.C. Christian", a Rosicrucian reference, as some (such as myself) believe.

It seems that the 'purpose' of the Guidestones (unveiled publicly on March 22, 1986, Elberton, GA) relates to our Founding Deist Thomas Paine and the religious theories he expounded in his pamphlet The Age of Reason. I say this because a carving on the Guidestones states,

"Let These Be Guidestones to An Age of Reason." Voila! The Utopians are coming for us!

Well, after hearing this weekend of the earthquakes and subsequent nuclear meltdowns in Japan, both reason and common sense tell me that building more nuclear plants when you're incapable of dealing with the refuse of the ones you have - and building them on or near fault lines - is self-destructive madness and as such, is not reasonable in the least.


For similar topics, you may wish to check out an intriguing reciprocal transit in 2006 which occurred within the natal horoscope of Thomas Paine. As you know, 2006 was the year that US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. Paine's reciprocal transit is: Sun to Chiron and Chiron to Sun - simultaneously! Read chart details, or skip the text and view a dual chart image here, if you wish, for his Sun/Chiron synchronicity in May 2006 is quite amazing to see!

Another previous post which unfortunately relates to today's topic of nuclear plants is the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 (chart details are included.)

And here is a post containing the Horoscope of Chernobyl with a few notes on the Atom Split chart and its Secondary Progressions.

You may remember that in August 2010, 500 wildfires were approaching the Chernobyl site yet I heard nothing of the outcome of that additional health threat. (Yes, all nuclear catastrophes - and bombings - sound precisely like the Scriptures' abomination of desolation prophecy to me. The Atomic Split irreparably broke a natural law, and sad to say, America was in the forefront of unleashing such horror upon the Japan.)

Well, if you're fatigued with state propaganda on such important topics, check out Democracy Now!'s coverage of the ongoing nuclear catastrophe to gain a clearer idea of what's really going on in Japan.

Sep 6, 2010

Newt Gingrich then and now: (im) peaches and tea

Newt Gingrich last won political office so long ago the chads have whiskers.

And though he's up to something GOP-ish with the big corporation Koch Brothers funded Tea Party movement, this article comparing him in his political heyday (think 'impeach Clinton') to his current machinations leaves me sputteringly speechless. Almost.

As I like to remind people whenever necessary: Mr. Gingrich is not from Georgia. I am from Georgia. He is not. And yes, there be many home-grown jackasses from Georgia and I may very well be one of them.

But Gingrich is from elsewhere.

So if you must, here's Newt back in 2009 accusing President Obama of 'coddling terrorists' while visions of Joseph McCarthy danced in his head.

You know, if it weren't so tragic for the entire world, I'd say, Crazy Washington! You impeached the duly elected president the American people liked while ignoring our calls to impeach the usurper, the One Who Should Have Been Impeached along with his side-winding sidekick who speaks out of the side of his mouth.

Jul 3, 2009

Independence Day 2009 in Washington DC

Here's another in the series of Tom Foreman's Letters to the President, a timely one with a Fourth of July flavor. It concerns independence in the District of Columbia and the Republican v Democrat paradox that makes independence elusive to obtain if not impossible.

Of course, from way down here, it seems all about grasping and retaining power no matter the cost as this mindset on Capitol Hill makes a mockery of the 'independence' and 'freedom' we're supposedly enjoying in this nation. A larger agenda is being followed at the expense of the country's best interests, imho.

I've mentioned here before about a certain junior rep from Georgia who was told early on by party bosses that if he wanted to keep his job, he'd vote how they told him to vote. He did and he did.

But by doing so, he didn't stand up for the people who sent him to DC when he voted the opposite of what he knew the majority of us wanted. So much for representative government. And the trend continues.

It's no small thing that this kind of cynical control over other people's consciences makes Washington's political parties into mobs of thugs who prefer might over right, and as you may know, I have little respect for the majority of them.

So Happy Independence Day indeed. If you can get some.

Oct 12, 2008

Bushes' 'new world order' hits snag

Or does it?

Bushes' 'New World Order' Is Yielding to 'Post-American' Era by James G. Neuger makes a case for Chinese and Russian supremacy over the seriously undermined U.S. of A. and Neuger makes excellent points, yet I'm not so quick to buy all of it hook, line, and sinker.

In my 'new world order' reading there is a certain list telling which entities will be the eventual leaders in hierarchical order and if it's to be believed, America is not and never was, slated to be top of the heap in the one-world-government endeavor. (Click link, then click through to an article, Planet Earth As Weapon and Target.)

Well, as I've groused on this blog and elsewhere, it's easy to say things like: Bush is a failure, and Iraq is a quagmire, etc...unless you agree that things, as Cheney and Rummy always said, are going well, thanks. For neocon purposes, perhaps they are! And they weren't just saying it, they were admitting it.

The lousy occurrences under Bush43's presidential terms, in all their gross splendor, have certainly contributed to the looting of America's resources and have decimated an entire generation of our youngest and brightest. It's difficult to ignore that population control is on the agenda in many regions of the world. You are expendable as am I.

Successfully Invading Scene One

So for any of this to be the case, you must accept that Bush-Cheney have been telling the truth all along, and that most of their so-called ineptitude is actually well-scripted orders being successfully followed and executed.

'Taking the heat' is easy to bear as long as no one will be removing you from the White House or arresting you, no matter what you do or how callously you do it...or in such cases as Hurricane Katrina "rescue," how you don't do it knowing that you'll pay little if any price for your sorriness toward your fellow man.

That raiding archaeological relics of inestimable value was part of the invasion-of-the-Holy-Land scheme seems obvious to me for secret scrolls and manuscripts are craved by such "elite" powermongers who will be rewarded for their services to a larger cause.

What they were really looking for I don't pretend to know. Perhaps YOU have an idea? Control of Iraq's oil is a duh, but there was more, including breaking up a black market in oil.

Yet even if you buy none of this conspiracy crapola you must admit that the same results have acrued - the US has squandered her role of supremacy, our nation's wealth has been redistributed away from we-the-people, and the party is all but over.

The ship has listed badly under the Bush-Clinton dynasties and safe haven is no longer in sight...our options are limited, m'peops, and we will not be passing on to future generations anything like the America we once knew and loved.

Sad to say, if Barack Obama has any possibility of restoring our nation back to her former glory - or some semblance of it - the world syndicate of powermongers will see to it that he is not successful in any meaningful way. His chance of staying in office will be to cooperate with them, tentacles and all.

If McCain nabs the Oval Office, his indebtedness will be plain to see, plus, he'll topple easily if/when necessary...which will leave Palin "in charge" and she will be an indebted pawn and a half, won't she?

Yes, these people play for keeps. And America will fulfill her prescribed role when she takes her place down the list of leading nations in the new world order regime.

Now, if I haven't put you off completely, please read the above-linked article and notice Neuger's mention of the lighting of the 'eternal flame' at the Beijing Olympics as Russia invaded Georgia - and the date, August 8, 2008...halfway between the Solar Eclipse of August 1 and August 16's Lunar Eclipse.

You know, the 'eternal flame' is an Illuminati symbol of their victory over an enemy.

Seriously. It is.

Sep 1, 2008

Missing nukes feared in Georgia

The region in the Caucasus where Russia, Georgia, and South Ossetia are currently entangled are hiding deeper fears than most people care to consider in the light of day.

Read the world news from The Telegraph.

This is a good demonstration of how 'civilized' countries should keep their differences with one another under better control so that rogues don't take advantage of chaotic situations for their own purposes.

Aug 18, 2008

The West: wrong about Georgia?

Why The West Has Got It So Wrong Over Georgia


It's a sobering thought that, if George W. Bush had had his way and Georgia had been a member of Nato, we would now be at war with Russia.

Read more at ICH.


Or would Russia have thought twice?

Aug 12, 2008

Dick Clouded Cuckoo Cheney says

Another neocon war set-up?

From his office in clouded cuckoo land: Cheney: "Russian Aggression Must Not Go Unanswered"

"The vice president expressed the United States' solidarity with the Georgian people and their democratically elected government in the face of this threat to Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Cheney's office said in a statement.

ICH has the article.


Propaganda And Presstitute Alert: McCain Accuses Russia of Bidding to Wipe Out Georgia


Republican White House hopeful John McCain said Monday Russia appears bent on extinguishing Georgia's independence as he demanded a united Western front to protect the former Soviet republic.

"In the face of Russian aggression, the very existence of independent Georgia and the survival of its democratically elected government are at stake," the Arizona senator said.

ICH has the sorry tale. #


There they go again.

You've noticed those who shout loudest the "sovereignty" argument seem to be those who disregard it quickest when it suits their purposes. Guess the fact that the Bush administration must have given Georgia the go-ahead to attack South Ossetia is supposed to be overlooked while Cheney's war drums beat louder.

It's certainly not that I'm a Putin fan, I just think terror-promoters and warmongers (aka "world leaders") are happily gazing into each others' NWO eyes - and a set-up is underway. If there is dissent among them, it's more of an ego-gratification game - 'my ego's bigger than yours' - and collateral damage (aka world populations) be da*ned.

This is about Putin's bid for control of oil, gas pipelines, and grain.

~see: Georgia vs South Ossetia: 100-year-old conflict for Ceres and grain info.~

And McCain? I said this would be used to 'boost' his pathetic prez bid. I wish all those who'd vote for him because he'd respond in a warring way lickedy-split would remember that first they come for others - then they come for you.

And Cheney knows where you live.

Aug 11, 2008

Georgia vs South Ossetia: old is new

Today there's been a post published with some background on the Georgia-South Ossetia region and their re-ignited 100-year conflict along with some regional details I discovered in The Century Cyclopdia, circa 1898, which you may find of interest.

Guess re-igniting flames of contention is easy when things smolder for so long - and you have cynical politicians around who don't mind using you to promote their own agendas for state control.

Aug 10, 2008

August 1 Solar Eclipse: video

Considering the Beijing Olympic Games, with heinous murder to their credit within the first 24 hours, and the aggressions going on between Russia and Georgia (which may involve the US and NATO and be the start of WWIII, some fret), the recent Solar Eclipse of August 1 deserves a second or third viewing - its effects may be with us way longer than we wish them to be.

Now you may see a brief *Saturn ad first, but that will soon pass. Actually I drive a Saturn and it's a great car as cars go!

*I just checked the video and got a Brita ad but can't say I've used Brita in years...guess it's an ad smorgasbord...take your chances!

Bush's term: credit crisis and loss for America

Credit Crisis Triggers Unprecedented Response

Worst debt turmoil since Depression sparks government action

By David Cho and Neil Irwin

Since the credit crisis erupted a year ago, the Bush administration has presided over one of the broadest expansions of the government into private lending in US history, risking public money to prop up financial firms both large and small.

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Currently George Bush's natal Mars 9Vir18 is being squelched by transiting Saturn...well, for most of us this transit would be a squelching by old man Saturn, planet of grim reality, of our action and energy. That Bush's cushy life will feel the effects of Saturn's authority and his tendency to bring things to account is debateable.

Ordinarily this would be a transit of head colds, loss, and other restrictions yet Bush is livin' large in Beijing and schmoozin' with Vladdie and the boys - while elsewhere on the planet aggression causes loss to others.

If anything, perhaps the outbreak of aggression (authority) between Georgia and Russia may be considered somehow part of the Saturn-to-Mars transit of Bush whose Mars has certainly made itself apparent on the world stage and who now plays a part due to US backing of Georgia.

Firm determination to succeed no matter what is right up Dubya's alley and may be enough to use this transit to accomplish goals, along with more focus (uh oh - the raptor's gaze) and better organization is needed now as well.

Saturn to n Mars may indicate difficulties within male relationships which may be broken off at this time. Seriousness permeates the air around Bush, but that's nothing new for a man accustomed to sending people to their deaths and following along with NWO plans to dominate the world.

And with Bush's elite connections, who always pull his bacon out of the fire when he messes up, perhaps a tooth ache (quite common with Saturn's visit to Mars) may be too much to expect for a man who loves to authoritate all over the place.

This is a good example of Astrology's ability to describe life on many levels - and that Bush obviously has other transits and chart factors softening the effects of what would be a difficult transit of loss and restriction for anyone else.

Come to think of it, this transit of our learless feader seems to manifest more as restrictions on cash and credit-strapped Americans than for him and is a fairly good example of the Bush/US natal Suns being conjunct...where he goes, we as a nation go. For eight long years.

Hopefully the situation with Russia and Georgia will not tempt Bush and the hawks into another war now that "Georgia's territorial integrity" is said to be on the table.

But for this crowd, it all returns to Politics, doesn't it? So if they can, the unfortunate conflagration abroad will be used by neocons to bolster the flacid, lackluster candidacy of John McBush.

Let's wait and see if it does.

Jun 9, 2008

2 scenes from somewhere in America...

Photos snapped in rural Georgia, mid-90s...when bad credit was no problem, as the sign says. But can that ever be true?

Do you feel enticed to buy a car? More cars are on the way, it says. More choices for You, dear consumer.

In the lower image you see the end result of buying vehicles at the expense of our environment. And I don't think running out of gas is the only thing that got him into this pickle, do you?.

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Oct 27, 2007

Stars Above! Deerlick Astronomy Village

You may not.

But if you do, here's today's post from Jude's Threshold concerning a new observatory site called Deerlick Astronomy Village, a stargazer's paradise located under the darkened skies of rural eastern Georgia, USA.

Added to the post is a little early Georgia-Virginia history with a slight genealogical flavor from yours truly, reluctant astrologer and native Georgian these many years.

Oct 25, 2007

do we bask in the moonshine of war?

On their march to the sea, Sherman's Army burned many towns in Georgia, towns already suffering horribly from the loss of war. So I guess Sherman's opinion on the subject carries weight even from the mists of time, for war doesn't change, just our misconceptions and the lies that take us into it:

"I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. Some of these young men think that war is all glory but let me say war is all hell."

--William Tecumseh Sherman

Some old men in the White House who never served pretend to think highly of war, too. Profits, you know.

Well, here's a website about the town of Madison, Ga where some of my ancestors lived out their lives. Named in honor of President James Madison, the town was spared destruction because a pro-Union Senator lived there, Joshua Hill (and some say an old girlfriend of Sherman lived nearby.)

From experience I can tell you that visiting Madison, Georgia is like taking a stroll back into a charming and gentler time. That's what a lack of war can do.