Oct 1, 2009

America's 'Fall of Rome' in the news again

US debt will lead to a "Fall of Rome" scenario, as reported in Bloomberg News.

This concept is also covered ably in Chalmers Johnson's revelatory book, The Sorrows of Empire, which I've mentioned here before.

Mr. Chalmers states that "the final sorrow of empire (is) financial ruin" - and I say that this is what our 'leaders' have done for us in the last decades - through fraud, Ponzi schemes, greed for wealth and world domination, and the 'military industrial complex' that is now squeezing President Obama for more troops, more billions, and endless war.

And we-the-people's intuitions, desires, and needs fall unheeded by US imperialism's wayside.

So thanks, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. America wasn't knocked down from without but from within. Our founders would call that treason.


Update 10.1.09: don't miss The McChrystal Problem which covers the current Pentagonal strong-arming of the president as well as related background info that still haunts. As I was saying...


Funkstar said...

There are lots of similaries here. Over-reaching the limits of the Empire putting a strain on resources. The symolism too - the "Eagle of Rome".

Jude Cowell said...

Ah yes, the Eagle of Rome. :(