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Jul 14, 2015

July 14, 2015 Pluto opposes Mars and SIRIUS for its historic New Horizons Flyby

Today's Pluto Flyby to Give a Closer Look at the Outermost Planet

July 14, 2015: During the dark of the Moon, the shady days leading up to the July 15th *New Moon @23Cancer--which conjoins US natal Mercury Rx--at 7:49 am ET today, NASA's New Horizons reached Pluto for its closest flyby and some sharper images sporting higher resolution than ever before seen will result of Astrology's planet of power, subterfuge, and death--Pluto. Speaking of death, Pluto discoverer (1930), Clyde Tombaugh, requested that his ashes be inside any spacecraft bound for Pluto...and so they are.

Astrologically, 'sharp analysis' is a potential within the midpoint picture now formed with Pluto opposing the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Cancer. At 13Can18, Mars is also out of bounds (of the earthly plane = outstanding activities) and conjoins SIRIUS, a star intimately linked to the founding of America. Mars and SIRIUS now conjunct US natal Sun (leadership; the president) by a mere one-minute orb.

In addition, from Earth's perspective, Pluto arose today with fixed star Toliman, aka Bungala (Alpha Centauri); key theme: learning and education that expand the worldview of others (paraphrasing B. Brady). Curiously, Mars arose today with a star that is also in the Centauri constellation: Agena (Beta Centauri); key theme: to have a mission. Both themes of these stars seem applicable to NASA's New Horizons project which culminated near Pluto today.

Considering that there is a 'clamoring for power' vibe to Mars-Pluto contacts, I hope such adventurous thrusts into the Solar System won't relate to or promote further breakthroughs (Jupiter still within orb of its 'scientific breakthrough' trine to technological Uranus) in the realm of Space Warfare intended to enable transnational globalists' long term mission of full implementation of total global control. You can tell I have trouble trusting the organization invented by nazi war criminals, the German scientists exported to the US after the war, can't you?

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*Note that the military exercises known as 'Jade Helm 15' are timed by the July 15, 2015 New Moon conjunct US natal Mercury Rx which also activates our nation's surveillance-oriented Mercury-Pluto opposition which is visually represented in once instance by the all-seeing eye at top of the pyramid of power on US currency, America's Great Seal, and elsewhere. See the video What Is Jade Helm 15?, a previous post which includes the horoscope of the Solar Eclipse that will herald the ending in mid-September of the controversial Pentagon program of militarism.

Oct 1, 2009

America's 'Fall of Rome' in the news again

US debt will lead to a "Fall of Rome" scenario, as reported in Bloomberg News. This concept is also covered ably in Chalmers Johnson's revelatory book, The Sorrows of Empire, which I've mentioned here before. Mr. Chalmers states that "the final sorrow of empire (is) financial ruin" - and I say that this is what our 'leaders' have done for us in the last decades - through fraud, Ponzi schemes, greed for wealth and world domination, and the 'military industrial complex' that is now squeezing President Obama for more troops, more billions, and endless war. And we-the-people's intuitions, desires, and needs fall unheeded by US imperialism's wayside. So thanks, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. America wasn't knocked down from without but from within. Our founders would call that treason.