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Oct 31, 2009

Horoscopes of the Ds' and Rs' Progressions 10.31.09

Here is a dual wheel of both parties' Secondary Progressions set for today, Oct 31, 2009, at noon edt in Washington, DC.

Please click image to enlarge because I may leave out a detail or two in this text and there are several notated which a need for brevity prevents me from mentioning; a few US natal planets are around the outside of the chart.

Important midpoint pictures have been written on the charts as equations and will be discussed below.

Both parties - and I sound as if I think there's much difference in them other than their styles of fulfilling ego needs to be Number One in Charge - have Sec Sun in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker: Dems with Sec Sun 26Sag02 conj Sec MC (the Goal), and Rs with (Cadent) Sec Sun 16Sag54 conjunct Sec Venus 15Sag54, a conj of self-satisfaction which is able to morph into whatever the current situation or present company expects in order to be better appreciated.

A few asteroids have been included here which relate to mysticism and the supernatural because the planets indicate it: one indication is the Ds' Sec Venus/Chiron opposition - magickal satanist Aleister Crowley has this aspect natally.

Rs have Sec Sun nearing Sec Pan, associated with the ancient mystical sign of Capricorn (mer-goat), and the Goat of Mendes which is associated with the layout of Washington, DC and DC's Freemasonic Temple of the Scottish Rite. You may think mysticism doesn't apply to modern day politics - you would be incorrect. Two examples before our eyes: the White House is actually a White Lodge, and just look at the architectural style of the Capitol Building and the crypt under the rotunda!

So let's first discuss the Sec chart of the Numero Uno Democrats (Hour of Jupiter), now placed at the helm by the powers-behind-the-throne which are primarily represented by Saturn/Neptune (secret or invisible government), and by Pluto, a manipulator described by Reinhold Ebertin in his 'The Combination of Stellar Influences' as:

Principle: Force majeure or providence, invisible forces or powers.

(As you know, the 'Eye of Providence' (aka the Eye of Horus) is the capstone on the pyramid of power on US money and elsewhere.)

Sociological Correspondences for Pluto: persons who exercise a magical influence over the masses such as propagandists, actors, public speakers, and politicians.

Psychological Correspondences: the will or wish to exercise power; ruthless frankness; the urge to influence the masses; undertanding the masses; propagandistic objectives; ruthless coercion; inclination to incite; a fanatical zeal to state one's own doctrinal principles; to agitate.

In the Ds' Sec chart we see that Venus, planet of values, relationships, and smaller amounts of money equals two midpoints: Saturn/Neptune and Moon/Mercury so we have these pictures which may or may not apply. See what you think:

Sat/Nep = Venus: feebleness; lack of initiative; longing for attention; lacking popularity; appreciated more by senior people.

Moon/Mercury = Venus: a sense of beauty; art appreciation. (Nice, but not very political. I include it because it expands the Venusian influence and may involve appreciation of the ancient mysteries' symbolism and logos; Moon/Mercury together = perception; thinking influenced by feeling; an active mind; good judgment.)

Ds' Sun/Moon midpoint 18Cap45 in 11th house of Groups, Association, Hopes and Wishes is at the POLITICAL POWER degree (18Cap) of the NWO-flavored Uranus/Neptune conjs of 1993. This may indicate Ds' connections to UK leadership and goals - see the Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' - "The Union Jack..."

With Dems now acting as the ones in charge, Sun at MC makes sense, yet Fixed Star Acumen is there at MC, too: keywords: enduring attacks which weaken. We're certainly seeing that with the health care stand-off and other attacks from opponents upon the party's actions and principles - and the president.

If we round off Sec Mercury's position we also have '18Cap' conj the Sec 11th cusp as Mercury has recently been 'taken' into the more visible 10th house of Public Status and Career. Sec Sun/Moon phase is now at Crescent stage of crisis-handling (45 degr 25.)

ASC 21Pis13, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by Neptune, two planets whose combination indicates speculation and grandiose schemes; 1st house Sec Midas 29Pis51 conj Aries Point. Sec Neptune 1Sco25 conjs the UN's natal Sun which is also the natal Sun of the NWO (birthday Oct 24 in both cases. Is Sec Neptune veiling these links?)

Sec Mercury and Sec Pluto are out-of-bounds from the earthly plane so who knows what they're actually up to in private. They're working on their own from the other planetary energies of the chart and probably working together. (Mercury/Pluto = propaganda; wielding influence; sharp criticism; cunning; crafty subtlety.)

At MC is the mystical, supernatural Neptune/Pluto midpoint so we have:

Nep/Plu = MC: mystical peculiarities; profit through the occult or the spiritual; high and purified soul life.

Nep/Pluto = Sun: impressionability; sensitivity; creative enterprise; possible 'drain on the system' through over-indulgence; rationalization reigns over realism. (I emphasize 'drain on the system' since we know they do it regularly and because it relates to the Solar Eclipse season we're in: July 21, 2009's 'systems fail; new ideas and methods needed to deal with events' - Brady's 'Predictive Astrology.')

Nep/Pluto also relates to resources such as oil, gas, and anything underground, and to the Robber Baron class.

Also at MC are two fortunate, successful money-related midpoints:

Venus/Jupiter = MC: wonderment at feelings os success; gladness.

Ven/Jup = Sun: being popular, well-appreciated, and successful; life advancement; good will.

Mars/Jupiter = MC: love of enterprise; ability to make fortunate arrangements; the excitement of being 'on top'; opportunities for success.

Mars/Jup = Sun: organizational talent; leadership; success. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Authoritative Saturn 25Ari25 Rx is in 1st house which is better for ruling than the Rs' Sec Saturn in 12th house @ 12Gem01 Rx - both are emphasized by their Rx condition which indicates some weakness, or perhaps a Father Complex; Rs' Saturn is setting - conj Desc in the US natal chart (Sibly), another indication of the GOP's 2nd position in Washington. And as you see, the Rs' Sec Sun opposed Sec Saturn in the last 4 or 5 years which played into the 2nd term of Bush being more problematic for them than his 1st term due to Saturn's restrictive, tamping down qualities - and heralded their subsequent losses at the ballot box as their 'shine' (Sun) dimmed (Saturn.)

But back to the Ds:

The Dems' Sec Jupiter is happy in Scorpio (and in 8th h) where Jupiter fulfills his biggest large-scale enterprises. A Scorpionic Jupiter has occult interests, too, and 8th house is the house of The Occult. In Scorpio, Jupiter likes to acquire secret info about the affairs of others - well, who doesn't in Washington, right? I've said before here that if it weren't for blackmail as a tactic, the federal government would have to shut down.

Another thing about a Scorpionic Jupiter is a tendency to be uncompromising about principles and religious or philosophical beliefs which makes for powerful, bitter enemies. (Ronald Reagan has a Scorpionic Jupiter in his natal chart.)

The Harveys give the sometimes impractical, out-of-touch, crusading Sun Sag/Moon AQ blend's 'Image for Integration' as: 'On a tour of primitive lands, a university professor goes through a tribal initiation and becomes a blood brother of the chief.' More mysticism a-hoof?

Now what about the Rs' Sec Progressions?

ASC 1Can53 with tr Pluto at Desc; Hour of an out-of-bounds (OOBs) Mars; chart-ruler Moon 8Leo36, approaching the R Party's natal Mercury; the Moon seeks support, approval, recognition and applause in Leo; Sun/Venus conj in Cadent 6th house where they're not as strong as the GOP could want; mystical Pan near the Sun as noted above.

At MC (The Goal) sits nebulous, mystical, yet often deception, self-deluded Neptune, the hiding-in-plain-sight combo, and I suspect the majority of Americans who prefer the R Party think they're seeing spirituality and religion with this Neptune at the most visible point of the chart rather than the goat-footed mysticism it implies; 'deceptions or illusions about religion' are possible.

Ebertin gives Neptune/MC as: putting on an act; the supernatural; insecurity; uncertainty (how to shove themselves 'back on top'?); a devotion to far-reaching objectives that are hard to bring to realization; peculiar ideas; investigating the unconscious or the supernatural.

Sociological Correspondences of Neptune/MC: people with utopian ideas; crooks and swindlers; 'men of big talk, no action'; weaklings.

(Wonder if our rank and file conservatives see the oppressive midpoint of class warfare, racism, corporatism, fascism, gender bias, and other such heavy-handed delights: Pluto/Chiron = MC...?) 'Crooks an swindlers' indeed; are these 'far-reaching objectives' of the NWO agenda?

Plus, 'uptopian ideas' is highlighted above because I believe this relates to the founding of America spurred by the esoteric ideas of Sir Francis Bacon with Atlantis as the 'new world' - meant to be the old world's cash-cow and vehicle for world domination. And though it seems we got a little uppity along the way, Utopians are still pulling strings from behind the curtain, imo. This is undergirded by transiting Saturn/Uranus' current opposition as: 'old vs new.'

Now Ebertin gives the combo of Saturn/Pluto energies as: hard labor; cruelty. And we know it relates to violence and possibly to mass murder (such as during their opposition on 9/11/01 across the US natal ASC/DESC axis of the 'Sibly' chart.)

The Nodal axis of Destiny (including 'destiny of the masses') in the Rs' Sec chart has Saturn/Pluto conj NN...

Sat/Plu = NN: misery of the masses; common suffering shared with others.

This mdpt picture in the GOP's Sec chart does nothing to dispel my constant memory that it was 8 years of GOP rule under Bush-Cheney that broke and raided the US treasury and has led directly to the 2008 financial crisis (engineered on purpose as I believe it was), and to the suffering which war and loss entail. The 9/11 attacks are part of the 'bankrupt' timeline as its ripples fan out today.

So thanks, neocons of the Republican Party, she types with scorn a-dripping over the keyboard.

However! Ebertin also gives Saturn/Pluto as 'adepts; magicians' which brings again mystical correspondences into the deal along with the occult talents of whoever is guiding these varmints and heisters in their strategies. He also gives the controlling Sat/Plu combo as 'silent activity' and 'martyrdom.'

Yes, sometimes the Rs are up, sometimes it's the Ds, but the real cuprits remain in control.

Sociological Correspondences of Sat/Pluto: deeply searching scientists; reactionaries; violent people.

Ah yes, reactionaries. Saturn/Pluto people tend toward purely egoistic aims and use force to get what they want. My belief is that this relates to the attacks of 9/11 and the neocons' and zionists' desire for 'a new Pearl Harbor' meant to take the US into endless war while bankrupting the American people. And as you know, the plan is working famously for them - many of us are ruined while they're wealthier than ever and can easily relocate from America to the next happenin' place, even if it's a space station above our heads.

And since we're speaking of mysticism: in Capricorn, sign of politics, business, and law, we see magician alchemist Hermes conjunct Chiron, his teacher! Why, Aleister Crowley must be sitting up in his grave at the thought.

So let's close with the 'Images for Integration' for the grandiose, opinionated and bossy Sec Sun Sag/Moon Leo combo of the Republican Party:

'At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal folklore and ancient geography.'

Did you notice that the Images of both parties involve the word 'university' - and that both relate to mysticism bwo blood initiation and shamanism?


Natal Charts used to calculate the Progressions:

Democratic Party May 13, 1792 12:00 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; Republican Party July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT, Jackson, MI.

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