Dec 29, 2009

Dec 31 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse sparks articles!

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has written an elucidating analysis of the Blue Moon Eclipse of Dec 31, 2009 with which we end the year and begin the next decade of the New Millennium.

Plus, Julie's article contains a link to a different astrological perspective on 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse with its lovely sounding name!

If you missed it, my own Blue Moon Eclipse post with chart image may be found here.

The Lunar Eclipse of Dec 31 perfects in Washington DC @ 2:12:34 pm est and the first US natal planet to rise in the eclipse chart is Uranus in Gemini which will bring along the unexpected. No predictions from me about this rising for as they say about freedom and independence loving Uranus, whatever you isn't that.

And if you click to enlarge the eclipse chart you'll see that Dec 31 2009's Uranus/Neptune midpoint @ 8Pis50 (Uran/Nep is a signature of the New World Order from their Great Conj/s of 1993) has 'caught up' with America's natal Ceres (security issues) and our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, a duo of plutocracy, oppression, corporatism, fascism, racism, primal violence, class warfare, etc.

(Dick Cheney's Secondary Progressed Pluto and Chiron - they are conjunct in Leo in his natal chart - were precisely upon his Progr'd Midheaven, The Goal Point...on 9/11/01.)

This 'new world order' agenda is culminating before our eyes, m'peops...see sidebar to your right of Quotes - the first one from Henry Kissinger concerning President Obama's current opportunity to further the power elite's (sucky) New World Order.

And you may wish to take all "Age of Aquarius" stuff with a grain of salt because they're using it against us! If the power elite triumphs over us, their view of our global future has nothing at all to do with the beautiful, peaceful Aquarian principles that New Age types and World Servers have been dreaming of...

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