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Jan 9, 2010

AIG's 'backdoor bailout' sparks New Poll: is Tim Geithner corrupt?

Low polling participation never gives much of a picture of how the public is feeling or thinking on an issue so if you have a moment, please dart your cyber-way to one of my other blogs and answer a poll I set up today: Is Timothy Geithner corrupt?

Possible answers are: yes, no, not sure - probably, and _______ for your own creative and heartfelt reply.

You'll find a few articles linked there which concern related financial subjects such as: Mr. Geithner's role in AIG's lucrative "backdoor bailout," and AIG's regulatory filing which was sneakily made public on Dec 24, 2009 when no one was around to notice much.

And of course, the diversion of the "Christmas Day bomber"/"underwear bomber" occurred the very next day alleviating any mainstream media outlets from having to mention what Geithner did and said to keep the 100 cents-on-a-dollar taxpayer 'gift' to AIG from becoming public knowledge, a shady deal that even Congress had to admit was a "backdoor bailout."

You know, I keep thinking about the July 21, 2006 Retrograde Station of America's Progressed Mars at '19 Libra'..."A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" and how aptly its Sabian Symbol describes the actors (Mars) on the American political and financial stages today.

US Sec Mars Rx Station

(July 21, 2006 @ 2:35 am est, Philadelphia, PA is what Solar Fire gives when the Secondary Progressions are calculated using America's 'Sibly' natal chart, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, etc. A transit chart set for this date/hour/place gives as ASC '28Gem' which has a Sabian Symbol, BANKRUPTCY.

And since our national Mars is 'anti-progressing' (in Rx direction) the next degree Mars attains won't be '20Lib' but '18Lib'..."Two Men Placed Under Arrest"...odd when you consider the massive number of crooks and thieves that have over run Washington and Wall Street, and several places in between.

So I got nosy as to what links would display if I searched for "July 21, 2006" and one site lists several military actions for that day - as you know, astrological Mars signifies military forces, soldiers, police and police actions, males between appr 25 - 35 yrs of age, and instigators, 'insurgents' and street fighters of all descriptions. Israel's military action against Lebanaon was ongoing and being protested in many countries on that day. And Condi Rice announced the first details of an "international effort" to "tackle" (Mars) Middle East violence, to which I must say, Puh!

It remains my personal opinion that the US and its 'allies' (partners in crime) taking our heavy boots off their holy sand entirely would aid the 'peace' cause much more than political charades ever have. President Obama pretended to agree with that sort of view previously when his nose was pressed against the White House window.

But once in office, they all 'change' for the worse, don't they? Why, it's almost as if there's some mysterious and overriding agenda on tap as the presidential baton is passed on Inauguration Day, ya think?

And yet I must mention the fact that expert financial astrologer Bill Meridian (and other astrologers agree, I'm sure, but I don't know which ones) wrote in the Feb 2000 issue of Dell Horoscope that,

"History shows that leaders who take power in the week before an eclipse seldom complete their terms in office. Nelson Mandela was sworn into office just hours before an eclipse....A crime wave has been the result" (not the promised prosperity for South Africa.)

Jan 20, 2009: Barack Obama is sworn in at noon, Capitol Building, DC, with Mercury (oaths) Rx; Justice John Roberts fudges the oath-taking; a second swearing in occurs later, for good measure, just in case...a re-oath in honor of the Rx.

Six days later, on Jan 26, 2009, a Solar Eclipse @ 6AQ30 manifested in opposition to new President Obama's natal Sun/Mercury in Leo (2 - 13 Leo) and not so distant from his natal Jupiter Rx @ '1 AQ' so there may be something to the Russian astrologer's prediction that Mr. Obama won't be completing his term in the Oval Office due to assassination in 2011. (Hopefully he's wrong. I wouldn't wish assassination on any president or on this nation - again.)

Then there's Paulie Walnuts whose article on Mr. Obama during the 2008 campaign emphasized financial troubles for the US along with Mr. Obama's natal chart connections to the August 1 Solar and August 16 Lunar Eclipses of 2008.

Even this reluctant astrologer related the 2008 eclipses to possible market paranoia, and though I'm definitely no financial astrologer, this was uncomfortably close to the mark as Financial Collapse 2008 showed.

And the culmination of capitalism's breakdown occurred 'right on time' - as timed by the two eclipses of August 2008.

Next Solar Eclipse: Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01...conjunct the natal Saturn of President Barack Obama...will this be authority eclipsed?


aksel said...

I just looked at the NASA eclipse web site and found that there was no eclipse in 1961 which would portend JFKs death.

Sylvia Brown also made a similar prediction as Globa's. Pray and hope that they are wrong.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, aksel, i didn't know that Sylvia Browne concurred on the issue. The only book i have of hers is 'Secret Societies' and since i'm no 'past-lifer' or believer in ghosts, i don't keep up with her writings or predictions.

You refer to JFK's 1961 Inauguration and a lack of violent indicators in its Eclipse Series - yes. i believe JFK's Inaugural Eclipse Series is 17New North: 'impulsive energy to events; socializing becomes hectic; motivations concern financial projects (here may be a clue to his death: he is said to have made noises about banking system reforms as did Pres Lincoln); passionate excitability.'

Yet the PE of JFK's assassination is the 1 North Series which occurred on July 20, 1963 @ '27Can' opposing US natal Pluto and setting off our n Mercury/Pluto opposition (and remembering that much was made at the time of JFK's being our youngest - Mercury - president.)

1N is the 'Nostradamus' Eclipse of Aug 11, 1999, aka, 'The Mother of All Eclipses', aka the 'King of Terror' (or of 'Alarm' which has financial repercussions) and which ushered in the New Millennium...

'Unexpected events involving friends or groups place tremendous pressure on personal relationships; hasty decisions are ill-advised since info is distorted and possibly false.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Between 1963 and 1999, 1N manifested on July 31, 1981 (Reagan) @ '8Leo' which conjuncts the R Party's natal Mercury.

Thanks a bunch for commenting and i hope Blogger's Recent Comments feed will be operational again soon. Annoying, really.