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Jul 12, 2013

From Senator Elizabeth Warren: a new Glass-Steagall Act

This just in for your immediate consideration:

About a year ago, on the campaign trail, I asked PCCC members to join with me in pushing for a new Glass-Steagall bill.

This law stopped investment banks from gambling away people's life savings for decades -- until Wall Street successfully lobbied the regulators to chip away at the rules in the 1980s and Congress to repeal it entirely in 1999.

Over 100,000 people joined the fight. And now, I am proud to introduce the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act -- along with Republican John McCain, Independent Angus King, and Democrat Maria Cantwell -- as my first big banking bill in the U.S. Senate.

Will you join over 100,000 of us in calling for more Wall Street reform, starting with a new Glass-Steagall Act? Sign here!

We learned during the 2008 financial crisis that Wall Street is not just taking risks with their own money -- they are taking risks with the whole economy.

A new Glass-Steagall would separate high-risk investment banks from more traditional banking. It would allow Wall Street to take risks, but not by dipping into the life savings and retirement accounts of regular people.

And by making banks smaller, a new Glass-Steagall could also help put an end to banks that are "too big to fail" -- further avoiding costly taxpayer bailouts.

Please help us pass a new Glass-Steagall Act. Join the fight here.

I've already talked about this petition on MSNBC, and I'll keep my Senate colleagues informed of the growing public support for this reform.

By mobilizing people across the nation, we can get this done.

Thank you,

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Want to support our work? PCCC's Draft Warren campaign was named The Nation's "Most Valuable Campaign of 2011" and Ed Schultz called us "The top progressive group in the country"! And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in $3 here.

Paid for by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contributions to the PCCC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


Have you signed? The petition needs 130,000 signatures and 95% of the goal has been reached last I checked! If Senator Warren's effort can't decouple within big banks what fairly should be parted asunder on behalf of the common good, this may be our last chance. Failure in this effort is 'not acceptable' (as politicians like to say) and there are masses more of us than there are of the oh-so-dainty elite!

Ever since the Bush-Cheney Heist of 2008, when I think of America's big banks and the banksters and mobsters that run and profit obscenely from them, I think of the Sabian Symbol for America's Mars which turned retrograde by progression in Summer 2006 @19 Libra: "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding." However, only some of them are tucked away in ivory towers and luxuriously leathered libraries--the rest are 'hiding in plain sight' on Wall Street, usually. The mainstream media (and others) talk to them all the time and interview them even though the old southern adage "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth" applies to such varmints who behave and are treated as if they deserve some kind of respect from honest folk instead of receiving the prison sentences that crimes like fraud and theft merit in what is allegedly a law abiding society.

Mars the Warrior

A closer examination of the events of Summer 2006 might yield interesting correlations between the condition of our now-inward-turning Mars functions (motivation, energy, action, aggression, assertion) by secondary progression and the lamentably tragic Rise of the Warrior Cop where SWAT teams with no-knock warrants bring brutality and violence to the doors of non-violent American households, and family members including children are placed in great danger during overzealous raids--sometimes perpetrated at wrong addresses--oops! Oh well. How sad that police states just get a few minor details wrong sometimes.

Jul 6, 2013

Saturn Direct Station, Mars-Saturn, and the Conservative War on Women

On Monday July 8, 2013, austere, restrictive, conservative Saturn in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, the occult, sex, and reproduction, stations direct in preparation for moving forward once again. With Republicans in several states already implementing stone-age laws meant to limit health care for women (along with their ridiculous battle to repeal Obamacare) and stymy abortion rights, we find a station of strength for the planet of loss and suppression feeling his oats with more sharia-type legislation to come.

Theocrats in government in the US? Well, yes, and now aligned with neocons, Social Darwinists and obstructionists of the Ayn Rand persuasion, and, considering the perverse schizophrenia of the GOP's alleged obsession with stopping abortions while simultaneously taking food from hungry children and pregnant mothers (Food Stamp cutbacks), we may feel some amount of Saturnian fear about what these power-mad utopians intend for America's future.

Sadly, in a Saturnian word, I'd say they intend to stunt our nation into accepting the 3rd-world status we're well on the way to achieving thanks to the anti-governing forces now infiltrating Washington DC and state and local governments across the land.

Check out Saturn Stations and Conservatives Dig In for more info on this and related astrological themes.

You may also wish to consider the Secondary Progressions of the US natal chart which has for some months a difficult condition for American women (Moon) with SP Mars and Saturn 'embracing' SP Moon in late Libra though the SP Moon will soon enter Scorpio.

Of course, the good news about the SP Mars-Moon-Saturn trio of illness and separation is that it describes temporary conditions for American women (and for the public--US Moon also signifies We the People) once the SP Moon moves beyond SP Saturn a degree or two. (SP Moon moves symbolically approximately one degree per month.) This is in keeping with the adage that the one thing Astrology brings to the analysis table is the element of Time--when will things begin and when will they end? And of course, the astrological Moon is an excellent timer.

But how much damage to our rights and our healthcare choices can Republicans do legislatively before late November when our SP Moon leaves the hardened influences of Mars-Saturn? We must speak up where and when we can!

SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon

Here's a partial view of America's SP horoscope set for the date (Nov 28, 2013) that SP Moon finally conjoins and crosses over SP Saturn Rx @3Sco10--as you see, SP Mars @18Lib24 in SP 2nd house of Money, Values, and Earning Ability is Rx (since 2006) and thus the warrior planet's energies are now turned inward--and upon the American people via physical violence and crime, attacks upon previous laws and institutions, police violence against peaceful protesters in order to protect corporations, injured vets returning home, rapes (and the GOP 'redefining' of the word 'rape' and of 'abortion'), increased arming of the citizenry and of the government, and more:

Perhaps you also see our SP Pluto @29Cap16, a critical-crisis 29th degree with Pluto one of the planets relating to health, healing, and surgery (abortion.) This Pluto out-of-bounds seems to indicate that foreign puppet masters continue to have a critical say in the proceedings of our nation, as always (Pluto was OOBs at America's founding and remains so by progression which shows evolutionary progress. 'Our' Federal Reserve Banking System serves the City of London and England's House of Rothschild. And extremely wealthy Pluto is a master of hiding great fortunes in secret places.)

Now my suspicion is that an alert personage such as yourself has already felt this restrictive, hard-nosed picture of Mars-Moon-Saturn without any help from Astrology. And you know that the Mars-Saturn duo tends to destroy vitality with its harmful and destructive energies. These days, the duo's self-willedness and endurance may be seen in North Carolina and Texas legislatures, to name but two, where all manner of tricks are used by Republicans to shove through their regressive anti-women agenda.

And yes, I'm pro-choice yet I don't believe that abortion ought to be used as birth control. Actually, politicians should never have stuck their meddling noses into what is a medical issue involving the consciences of those involved. Yet Mars-Saturn does like to force 'honor' upon others and I suppose they pretend to themselves that this is what they're doing--in spite of the fact that no one can legislate morality. Yet the GOP's and Religious Right's extreme interference in women's health issues is plainly paternalistic and was described on a basic level in early June 2012 during Lady Venus' rare transit across the (paternalistic) Sun.

Plus, the drive toward 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' has been intensifying since the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune @18Cap (POLITICAL POWER) three times in 1993 with just that negative connotation in its Sabian Symbol (Jones.)

But now Republicans and their Democratic enablers have stepped out from the shadows and are brazenly stomping (Saturn) on the rights of American women who are determined to retain the right to make personal decisions concerning their bodies and families. More than one person has wondered aloud how male politicians and their vaunted egos would react if women decided that men's favorite little erectile disfunction pills were not to be allowed in America!

My favorite anti-abortion and anti-rape method? Men put down those pills and zip your pantaloons back up.

Running in the Background: Solar Eclipse Influences

Curious fact about 1993: the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series for the US SP chart you see a snippet of here (13 South) manifested in real time in 1993, and again in Summer 2011 with its 'constitutional crisis; urge to expand hides somethings sinister; expansion brings loss, separation, inhibition, and frustration' vibes brought to the proceedings. (Brady.)

Now if I had to guess about 'something sinister' within the conservative movement these days it would be to question the paradox of what they're doing--they want to starve the Welfare State (for the needy, but not the Corporate Welfare State) while making sure more US babies are born not aborted, so my question is: does Eugenics have anything to do with their weird plans? Do they want more white babies to grow up and vote Republican? Or is it simply a large-scale experiment upon the human race meant to usher in gene selection and other invasive DNA horrors?

Now here's a related video, War on the Weak: Eugenics in America:

*My hearty thanks to Laurie Corzett of Emerging Visions for Google Plussing a heads-up on the informative article linked above!

Mar 9, 2013

March 2013 US Progressions: SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon

March-April 2013: US Progressions Show Strain of SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon (We the People)

by Jude Cowell

Sometimes when listening to Washington DC politicians squawk, deceive, propagandize, and scam it's helpful to look at certain progressions issuing from America's natal horoscope (using July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA today) for an updated snapshot of what we as a nation of leaders and citizens have evolved into, or the point of progress we have reached.

Below you see an image of the USA's secondary progressions (physical plane) for March 11, 2013 at 3:51 pm, the moment of a New Moon @21Pis24, which falls into the 7th house of Legal Partnerships and Open Enemies in the SP chart. A few details follow (click image to enlarge for more details), but mainly I wanted to show you a difficult midpoint picture involving America's SP Moon (the public) which is in the mood for balance in unequal conditions and situations, but instead we're getting political theater, illusions, deceptions--and from Mars-Saturn's energies of 'destroyed vitality; destruction; harm' influences, we're being subjected to quarrels and conflicts (Mars) blended with austerity and restriction (Saturn):

SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon: feelings about losing something (our jobs, our futures, our country? jc); moodiness or depression; lack of courage--or, developing courage and strength; a need to restrain impulsive activities; anger over restrictions (anti-women's-rights legislation and odd proposals by misogynist Republicans who don't relate in a normal fashion to the ladies? jc); energy levels that fluctuate. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

The combined energies of the Mars-Saturn duo also relate to potentials for military power, use of strife and struggle, persistent wars, frustration for or by criminal elements, demands to halt armaments (ex: North Korea which says its missiles can now attack Americans--the people = Moon--jc), continued military actions under political or other restrictions, an obligation to use force when restraint is called for, ambitiously taking the property of others, and/or an older enterprise which becomes angered.

In April, the SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon picture will perfect (25Lib48) and be at its strongest concerning 2/8 and 3/9 house matters, if it expresses at all.

That last sounds like the ongoing influence of the Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square with its generational challenges as old guard (Pluto) blocks and is blocked by Uranian rebels and whippersnappers of a 'radical reform' nature. And I'm certain that you recognize players like old-guard Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham being none too pleased (so they say) with the likes of Senator Ted Cruz whose physical and rhetorical resemblances to insinuating Senator Eugene McCarthy are uncannily reminiscent of the McCarthy era's *paranoia when mere mentions could sink a politician's career.

Well, dear reader, I hope you're actually on this blog because here is the SP chart of America for March 11, 2013:

Hour of Mars Rx (@18Lib25 in 2nd hou$e), and chart-ruler Mercury @20AQ42 is also Rx so right away we know there are delays and frustrations afoot; Neptune and NN are in karmic degrees ('fated' = reaping what was sown)...26Cancer/26Virgo, so they are sextile one another along with the 26-degree MC/IC security/domestic scene axis; the Neptune-NN midpoint opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius...Neptune-NN = Moon: enhanced intuition; lack of community spirit.

Neptune trines MC denoting that illusions, deception, fraud, and possibly inspiration or intuition are used to further career and our nation's public status.

You see SP Uranus @7Gem01 in the public 10th house which, along with US natal Uranus, has been so recently visited by transit Jupiter indicating that political, social, academic, and/or financial gains can be or have been made by those who have the opportunities afforded to them.

However, SP trickster Pan Rx and SP wealthy gold-hoarder Midas oppose one another (although in 'real time' they've been traveling in tandem for the last few years--in Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus and tr Jupiter)--and Pan Rx conjoins US SP Neptune in the 2nd house of the National Treasury. Plus, for more economic destabilization, we have the inflationary, scheming Jupiter-Neptune pair ruling the 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt/Credit, and Corporations by way of its murky Piscean cusp.

And SP Jupiter @15Can25 Rx continues to lodge upon the Pentagon's natal Ascendant making 'sequester cuts' to America's military budget difficult to have faith in (for me) though its Rx condition relates to US natal Jupiter's Rx Station of 1905--pre-WWI--when our nation's Jupiterian functions became inverted and crabbed by war, war-profiteering, high-interest loans for waging war that benefit international bankers, and an ideology that expands in spite of what befalls those haplessly encountered within its path.

IC = End of the Matter; The Drain: Ruled by Mars, Sub-Ruled by Pluto

The critical/crisis-degreed Pluto (29Cap) in 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking is worrisome, of course, for Underworld Pluto of The Syndicate remains as he's always been in US charts: out-of-bounds and working on his own in isolation (ex: an ivory tower, a distant vantage point.) And with US SP South Node of the Moon nearby @26Cap20, war and violence continue to be what our 'leaders' fall back on as they march our nation toward its destiny while riding the currents of public moods and opinions as befitting a Neptune-NN sextile yet managing to avoid such shifting cultural trends within their own lives, as they generally desire.

This avoidance is accomplished by subtle evasion rather than by direct confrontation and/or honesty. Try to get a direct answer to a fair question from a well-practiced politician!

Now there are many other chart factors active in America's current Secondary Progressions especially when transits and Solar Arcs are considered but I shall trust you to check things out if you wish and leave a comment with this post, if you may!


US planets now Rx by Progression: Mercury (AQ), Mars (Libra), Jupiter (Cancer), Saturn (Scorpio), and Neptune (Virgo); unaspected: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Chiron; oppressive plutocracy's Pluto-Chiron = Sun (the leader; the president.)

*Paranoia is easily felt and exploited whenever nebulous, gaseous Neptune floats through its own sign of confused and confusing Pisces.

Jul 9, 2012

US July 2012 Progressions Spotlight LIBOR Scandal

July 2012 US Progressions Not a Pretty Picture w LIBOR Implications

by Jude Cowell

In 2006, America's natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. As it 'slowed down' to change from Direct motion to Rx it was what astrologers call, stationary. If ever a non-astrologer (as I assume th author to be!) described America's Secondary Progressed Mars Rx condition and some of its many effects, this would be it.

Here you see a horoscope of America's Secondary Progressions with Mars Rx in SP 2nd house opposite SP Venus in 8th H (2/8 axis of Money, Values, the US Treasury, Corporations, Big Business--you know the affected realms. See the Matt Taibbi interview with Eliot Spitzer, below, concerning the LIBOR scandal; our rage over it will grow as US SP Moon conjoins SP Mars in about two months!) And you know that Mars rules the military, police, and law enforcement--yet the DoJ is AWOL when it comes to corrupt Wall Street and other big bankers and traders yet law enforcement is deployed on the scene more and more when it comes to US citizens' dissent. American citizens being 'policed' with drones is also an outcome of US SP Mars Rx especially with Mars-ruled Aries on US Ic (Domestic Scene; Homeland.)

Please click the chart to enlarge and read a few basic chart factors such as Hour: Moon (changes, fluctuations, and publicity as in Campaign 2012 where image is everything and there's very little substance), and a midpoint picture affecting SP Sun (leader; leadership) which has come into orb with US SP Pluto-Chiron midpoint 8Pis17, the oppressive, corporatist plutocracy duo of vulture capitalists everywhere.

ASC 00Vir38 with Royal Star Regulus rising (success if revenge is avoided--uh oh) shows America morphing from SP Leo rising to the more serious Virgo rising which changes our progressed national chart-ruler from the Leonine Sun (which is never Rx by transit or progression) to Mercury which is, as you see, Rx in the 6th H of Military and Police Service (a growing work sector if you don't mind training to beat down your fellow Americans or occupy other countries), Work, and Health. On the level of Health, Mercury Rx here shows the Affordable Health Care Act under re-view by SCOTUS.

Now this is the same SP Mercury in Aquarius that was apex in a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point) with Neptune sextile North Node which gave us false expectations, and secret arrangements made in order to deceive; Mercury in general describes young people, reporters, bloggers, authors, agreements, trade deals and traders, commerce, speeches, thieves, secrets, and other Mercurial things.

Another disturbing indicator of financial, religious, and political concern is the quindecile (QD; 165 degr) between the duo of Big Banking, Jupiter and Pluto, with Pluto at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. Our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is near US SP South Node, a separative Saturnian point which denotes war, brutality, and hard hard work for Pluto/SN has a Saturn-Pluto tone.

Jupiter is Rx by progression since 1905 when many of our troubles began in earnest as global thugs saw the end of their plan coming nearer to fruition. The banking Panic of 1907 was used to justify the creation of the Federal Reserve System (1910 - 1913) and so a time link is described by the Astrology of it all including the indisputable fact that US SP Jupiter Rx @15Can27 conjoins the natal ASC of...guess which entity?

America's five-pointed Death Star, The Pentagon, our bottomless money pit.

Jupiter QD Pluto paints a picture of an obsessive need for power, control, and success with belief systems, opinions, and religion cynically used as forces for manipulation; ruthlessly gaining advantage is emphasized and major societal shifts are upcoming which must include a transformation of mass consciousness and reordering of perspectives. (Reeves.)

Yes, I am very sorry to report to you both that America's SP horoscope, which shows our nation's evolutionary condition (shown here for July 9, 2012)--as our Founding Astrologers must have seen as they looked into the future--is not in a positive state at the moment and threatens to morph our nation--is in process of morphing our nation--into a financially and spiritually bankrupted police state where total surveillance reigns, and privacy and private property are things of the past. But you don't need an astrologer to tell you this, do you?

LIBOR: like Libra's Mars Rx in a Money House

Below is a discussion on the global bid-rigging that's been practiced for at least ten years by 16 big banks (or more) and issues from the bowels of The City of London (which implicates what Eustace Mullins called The London Connection, the House of Rothschild, the Bank of England, and the British government.) The now spotlighted LIBOR corruption, which affects interest rates on loans and credit cards all over the globe, is simply the latest and probably the greatest of the World Banking Syndicate's crash-the-global-economy projects:

Another view of LIBOR is provided by Robert Reich. Another astrological view of LIBOR may be seen in US progressions with Neptune/MC = NN: sharing bad intentions with others; working with those who share your vision for the future; peculiarities (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

Maybe the rotten-to-the-core revelations of LIBOR will be what Pluto creeping through Capricorn, toppling leaders and destructuring systems, is all about...or, maybe it's just what Mr. Underworld was waiting for as his ruinous methods are now uncovered. Can we expect The System to root out its own worms?

Jan 9, 2010

AIG's 'backdoor bailout' sparks New Poll: is Tim Geithner corrupt?

Low polling participation never gives much of a picture of how the public is feeling or thinking on an issue so if you have a moment, please dart your cyber-way to one of my other blogs and answer a poll I set up today: Is Timothy Geithner corrupt?

Possible answers are: yes, no, not sure - probably, and _______ for your own creative and heartfelt reply.

You'll find a few articles linked there which concern related financial subjects such as: Mr. Geithner's role in AIG's lucrative "backdoor bailout," and AIG's regulatory filing which was sneakily made public on Dec 24, 2009 when no one was around to notice much.

And of course, the diversion of the "Christmas Day bomber"/"underwear bomber" occurred the very next day alleviating any mainstream media outlets from having to mention what Geithner did and said to keep the 100 cents-on-a-dollar taxpayer 'gift' to AIG from becoming public knowledge, a shady deal that even Congress had to admit was a "backdoor bailout."

You know, I keep thinking about the July 21, 2006 Retrograde Station of America's Progressed Mars at '19 Libra'..."A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" and how aptly its Sabian Symbol describes the actors (Mars) on the American political and financial stages today.

US Sec Mars Rx Station

(July 21, 2006 @ 2:35 am est, Philadelphia, PA is what Solar Fire gives when the Secondary Progressions are calculated using America's 'Sibly' natal chart, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, etc. A transit chart set for this date/hour/place gives as ASC '28Gem' which has a Sabian Symbol, BANKRUPTCY.

And since our national Mars is 'anti-progressing' (in Rx direction) the next degree Mars attains won't be '20Lib' but '18Lib'..."Two Men Placed Under Arrest"...odd when you consider the massive number of crooks and thieves that have over run Washington and Wall Street, and several places in between.

So I got nosy as to what links would display if I searched for "July 21, 2006" and one site lists several military actions for that day - as you know, astrological Mars signifies military forces, soldiers, police and police actions, males between appr 25 - 35 yrs of age, and instigators, 'insurgents' and street fighters of all descriptions. Israel's military action against Lebanaon was ongoing and being protested in many countries on that day. And Condi Rice announced the first details of an "international effort" to "tackle" (Mars) Middle East violence, to which I must say, Puh!

It remains my personal opinion that the US and its 'allies' (partners in crime) taking our heavy boots off their holy sand entirely would aid the 'peace' cause much more than political charades ever have. President Obama pretended to agree with that sort of view previously when his nose was pressed against the White House window.

But once in office, they all 'change' for the worse, don't they? Why, it's almost as if there's some mysterious and overriding agenda on tap as the presidential baton is passed on Inauguration Day, ya think?

And yet I must mention the fact that expert financial astrologer Bill Meridian (and other astrologers agree, I'm sure, but I don't know which ones) wrote in the Feb 2000 issue of Dell Horoscope that,

"History shows that leaders who take power in the week before an eclipse seldom complete their terms in office. Nelson Mandela was sworn into office just hours before an eclipse....A crime wave has been the result" (not the promised prosperity for South Africa.)

Jan 20, 2009: Barack Obama is sworn in at noon, Capitol Building, DC, with Mercury (oaths) Rx; Justice John Roberts fudges the oath-taking; a second swearing in occurs later, for good measure, just in case...a re-oath in honor of the Rx.

Six days later, on Jan 26, 2009, a Solar Eclipse @ 6AQ30 manifested in opposition to new President Obama's natal Sun/Mercury in Leo (2 - 13 Leo) and not so distant from his natal Jupiter Rx @ '1 AQ' so there may be something to the Russian astrologer's prediction that Mr. Obama won't be completing his term in the Oval Office due to assassination in 2011. (Hopefully he's wrong. I wouldn't wish assassination on any president or on this nation - again.)

Then there's Paulie Walnuts whose article on Mr. Obama during the 2008 campaign emphasized financial troubles for the US along with Mr. Obama's natal chart connections to the August 1 Solar and August 16 Lunar Eclipses of 2008.

Even this reluctant astrologer related the 2008 eclipses to possible market paranoia, and though I'm definitely no financial astrologer, this was uncomfortably close to the mark as Financial Collapse 2008 showed.

And the culmination of capitalism's breakdown occurred 'right on time' - as timed by the two eclipses of August 2008.

Next Solar Eclipse: Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01...conjunct the natal Saturn of President Barack Obama...will this be authority eclipsed?

Jul 23, 2008

McCain's Neverending war: video link

In his own words, folks!

Is it possible that POW McCain has never left war?

Now Barack Obama will almost certainly disappoint the American people on redeploying from Iraq soon enough to suit (like 5 years ago), withdrawing, etc, but I'll have to take my chances on that because look at the alternative with McCain...American children as cannon fodder for many years to come- that's what Maverick McCain is promising in spite of his recent equivocations.

And we know that the USA has some hard days ahead and has reached the limits of her power in the world (Progressed Full Moon in Virgo, December 2008; Mars now Rx by Progression...Mars = the military; police force - which will be used at home.)

But as the I Ching so wisely advises those who are willing to learn: there's no shame in regrouping forces to plan anew!

Jun 10, 2007

A gang of robbers in hiding

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running and robbing the country. That's our problem."

Howard Zinn, from his collection of historical and political essays Failure to Quit.

And this from SO'W's Are You Really Surprised? Dept.:

Critics Say U.S. Focus On Al-Qaida in Iraq Is Overblown.

And from the U.S. secondary progressed chart:

"A gang of robbers in hiding" is the Sabian Symbol for "19Libra", the position of the US sec progressed Mars ("19Lib" is rounded up--I often round down because it's Rx and thus headed "backward" or to the lower degree of "18Lib")--in either case I lay it at the Pentagon's door:

Emphasis is on every person's disturbing capacity for antisocial or even self-perverted practices, or for self-involvement in potentials which may have imaginative but hardly intelligent sustainment in his consciousness.

(There is) a need for initiative, and for a more challenging perspective.

Keyword: DIVERGENCE...

pos: alertness to every threat against a true individuality;

neg/shadow side: abnormal mistrust of everything worthwhile.

Al-Qaeda will "follow us home" Bush and Cheney say? The true robbers are already here.