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Aug 23, 2011

SEC Shredded Documents; Earthquake Hits DC! 8.23.11

Just a heads-up today about Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone article on the SEC (the American people's intrepid 'enforcer' against crime and fraud on Wall Street--puh!), shredding documents from their 'investigations' into Wall Street fraud and crime such as the Bernie Madoff case and others.

Also Mr. Taibbi is interviewed by Amy Goodman on today's broadcast of Democracy Now! concerning this matter, if you care for a listen.

An example from the Taibbi-Goodman interview? Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman-Sachs (its stock price drooping) has now retained high-powered legal representation, the same group that defended Enron! Why, you'd think they were in-cahoots pals or something.

Well, 'they' often say, Money Talks. And obviously, Money doesn't mind Lying.

The SEC was created from section 4 of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 which was enacted on June 6, 1934. Click for details which include the names of current SEC members, a crew placed on the board in 2008, and with chairperson Mary Schapiro serving since January 27, 2009. It was time for the old Financial Collapse 2008 crowd to clear out after their collusion in The Big Fraud was done.

Two SEC Signature Planets of June 6, 1934

Looking at the transits for June 6, 1934 what pops out on a monetary level is a Venus/Uranus conjunction in early Taurus, a money sign with a negative side of greed and intolerance.

System buster Uranus is @ 00Tau00, in fact, the so-called 'Hitler degree' of violence (Adolf's natal Sun degree; looking back at that time we can see that he tended to act aggressively whenever his natal Sun (ego; hero's journey) was triggered (and other times, too, of course) so because we're talking about 1934, this is a transit of Uranus to Hitler's natal Sun, a time of sudden changes of direction toward a new identity (his rise to power and dictatorship.) There is also an inability to accept restriction or rejection with Uranus to n Sun, and he certainly resembles that remark.

So what of the Venus/Uranus imprint of 1934 upon the SEC's DNA, circa 2011?

Events of the 1930s era and their results attest to the following potentials for Venus/Uranus if one cares to remember or search them out, and certainly the hard aspect between the revolutionary pair, Uranus and Pluto, then as now, was very active (then as now.)

Under Politics and Business, here is a paraphrase of what Michael Munkasey says about the Venus/Uranus combination of planetary energies in his excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets:

Thesis: a treasury showing unexpected rises and falls in its valuation; a strange appreciation for financial assets or planning; rulers who use unusual means to develop available plant or tree resources.

Antithesis: a ruling body unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial resources; distinctive settings are suddenly exploited for development; unpredictable vanity shown by leaders or executives.


Washington DC Quake Alert!

At 1:52 pm edt, during today's Thom Hartmann broadcast now on my TV, an earthquake shook the building. The White House and other buildings in the District are being evacuated, and Charlottesville, VA is cited as the quake's epicenter. Thom, whose program is based in Washington DC (and has remained on-air) in an old brick building, further states that he felt the building shake yesterday (8.22.11.)
Today, Thom's microphone and the set's background could be seen moving.

Charlottesville in near Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Hmm.

Jun 27, 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Breach: Neptune to US n Moon?

Waters of Neptune and Power of Pluto 6.27.11

by Jude Cowell

Can it be that our recent transit of Neptune to US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) is still operative? With tr Neptune dipping a mystical toe in the waters of Pisces (but Rx and preparing to lumber back into Aquarius for a while), it seems that dissolving Neptune is reflecting the massive water damage to properties from the Mississippi River and now the Missouri River. And of course, Earth's Moon rules the tides.

Should we fret? ABC News reports officials saying that the public 'is not in danger' even though the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has been breached. Click to see a horrific looking photo of the flooded plant which has been shut down since April.

And you may have heard that wildfire is threatening the Los Alamos Nuclear Plant within One Mile, which is also being reported by Amy Goodman of the excellent Democracy Now! so it seems that watery Neptune is riling both Uranus (electricity shut off in nuclear plants, back up generators in service, plus storm systems) and Pluto, whose link to nuclear power is well-known bwo Pluto's discovery in 1930.

(If you're interested in Enron news, click to read or hear what Amy Goodman just reported about it.)

Or perhaps I should say that our three outer, transpersonal, generational planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are showing their power to affect on the deepest levels The Collective in which we all must live, breached berms notwithstanding.

So where was Mars, the fire starter and instigator, in all of this when the Fort Calhoun Plant was breached by the Missouri River, a situation with the potential for being 'another Fukushima'? Testy Mars is in early Gemini (nearing US natal Uranus - danger) and about to trigger the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @11Gem02.

As you know, we're inside an eclipse window just now with a brand new Saros Series about to start with the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @9Can12 which falls precisely between US natal Sun and Jupiter.

When we look for resonance with this synchronicity to America's natal chart, we find that at the moment, a transiting midpoint picture brings these same planets together as the US approaches her 235th birthday: tr Sun/Jupiter = tr Mars: zeal and courage - two things the people of the Midwest and those who fight against the effects of such disasters need to possess in Jupiterian abundance.

Underneath that energy is another of sinister proportions with two midpoint pictures now formed and pointing to the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition (though it's not as exact in orb as it's been, Saturn and Uranus are subject to transits and progressions.) Any, all, or none may apply and are from Ebertin:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: restrictions; physical impediments; ruthless overcoming of obstacles and difficulties; separation by a Higher Power; imprisonment.

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (valiant nuclear plant workers? jc); sudden adjustment to new circumstances; danger to life.

Difficult pictures, are they not?

Plus, for some months now, the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint has been hitting US natal South Node off and on (6AQ.) As you know, Pluto/Chiron is one of the primary signatures for oppression, disenfranchisement, racism and other -isms including corporatism...and primal violence. Both bodies relate closely to nuclear power, separately and together, and with SN representing past behavior, Neptune's massive amounts of water now activate nuclear mistakes from America's past.

Yes, the homelessness of Neptune to US natal Moon is continuing on a different level of expression than the foreclosure fiasco which is also ongoing.

Hmmm...wonder what the Nuclear Energy Institute is up to this morning? Makin' policy, I imagine. They seem to be up to date on the Fukushima Meltdown but are not so up-to-speed when it comes to what's going on with the current threats to nuclear plants in the US, as near as I can tell from their website.


Thanks to a reader who asked me to look at the Astrology of the Fort Calhoun Nebraska situation in a comment left after yesterday's post on US Solar Return 2011. No time right now to provide links to eclipse posts and other related topics (though they may show up after this entry is published bwo LinkedWithin thumbnails - look below) because I must motor and deal w lightening damage to some tech equipment here (Uranus!) and other storm-related issues.

More reading on such topics is available to you at the blog of Alexander Higgins, if you wish to check it out. jc

Mar 13, 2010

Lehman Brothers in the news March 2010

Update March 15, 2010: here's another article by Mike Whitney with more outrageous details about Lehman Brothers and financial collapse 2008 - or 2007, if you prefer.

And NPR is now airing an interview with Michael Lewis, author of the new book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, and from what he's saying, Goldman-Sachs comes out smelling even stinkier than I had previously thought.

Well, pee-yewww on them all. But what honesty can anyone expect from a NYSE that was founded during a financially illusionary Jupiter/Neptune conjunction?

And by the way: today's announcement of the long-awaited financial 'reform' bill by Senator Chris Dodd today reveals that the bill intends to grant the Fed more power, not less! Well, it isn't as if I expected much improvement out of the Senator from the credit card state.

Did you?

Original post begins here:

With Lehman Brothers in the news again I searched SO'W for a previous article from September 2008 concerning the Lehman Brothers crisis - of 1984, that watershed year of infamy.

From what I've heard recently on NPR, the crisis of 1984 taught the firm nothing worth passing down to the modern CEOs of a company that knew what it was practicing was fraudulent but they did it anyway.

At some point, the Brothers must have contracted a bad case of Enronitis and passed that down instead, one supposes.

You'll also find in the above-linked article a certain list of Who Really Rules the World...good to know in case you need a bailout or a credit line extension, right?