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Jul 10, 2010

Fretting over the July 11 Solar Eclipse? Then read this!

Expert astrologer Lynn Hayes has published 10 Reasons Not to Worry about the July 11, 2010 Eclipse which comes in timely fashion, just as a few readers of this blog are fretting (after reading this blog.)

Mea culpa, no doubt, for obviously I have yet to make it clear that comparing an eclipse chart to one's own natal chart is a horse of a different color from the articles I publish here concerning the unsavory political realm using the lens of Astrology to peek under the hood of Politics. The squirmin' vermin underneath need as much light shed upon them as possible, right?

Therefore, you should know that my eclipse posts are always written on a symbolic level (whether a Solar Eclipse is Total or not, sans eclipse path considerations, etc) with special attention paid to an eclipse's degree, sign, aspects, and the house polarity as they affect national charts which are most often set for Washington, DC.

(Hence the title, Stars Over Washington! And not, Stars Over Your Aunt Myrtle.)

That a SO'W analysis would affect you on a personal level by way of your birth chart is seldom applicable (other than your considerations of how Politics interferes in your life - and Politics doesn't wait for eclipses to monkey around with us, as we all know.)

So if you're feeling at all anxious over the July 11 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, or even if you're not, do calmly check out Lynn's post for it is highly recommended!


On NPR now is an announcement that the Obama administration is improving the medical situation for our soldiers with traumatic brain injuries with new rules going into effect next week. So kudos to President Obama, it's about time!


Lynn Hayes said...

Thanks for the link Jude!

Jude Cowell said...

You're most welcome, Lynn, you know i greatly admire your work and have been quite remiss at keeping up with your many great articles! Jude