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Aug 3, 2010

Agenda 21, Climate Change, & David de Rothschild (video)

Plus, the word I left out of the title of this post: plastics.

Remember the (de) Rothschild Family has helped fund and stir up most if not all of the wars and revolutions the world has seen for centuries (whatever costs weren't charged to the American taxpayer.) And that's not counting the plastics coup or periodically engineered financial collapses that benefit those in the know and beggar the rest.

Now Agenda 21, the UN global initiative? If you're unfamiliar with it since the New Millennium, you shouldn't be - just look around you!

Let us remember Seattle November 20, 1999 when people from many nations joined the protesters against Stealth Government creating a global constitution (WHO, IMF, and the World Bank.) Their Seattle cabal was successfully disrupted by 3 days of protests but the power elite have learned how to secrete their planning shenanigans better since then.

Within recent memory are the protests at the G20 in Toronto in June, 2010 which showed the Canadian police acting in even more of a strong-armed way as Seattle police toward protesters (who are always seeded with false flag operatives who smash windows, etc, to confuse public opinion and divide the protesters' solidarity.)

Now a thunderboomer has arrived, shutting down for now because I possess a healthy respect for lightening.

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justmeint said...

The plot thickens:
Watch out folks ----- closing down sale coming to a butcher near you! The UN is plugging away unmercifully to get us all signed onto a global contract of reducing CO2. Crazy really when you consider we are a carbon based life form! Now we learn we are all to become global vegetarians...