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Oct 22, 2023

The Fixed Grand Cross Eclipse of the 3rd Millennium

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Manifesting in Sun-ruled Leo, sign of the lion, the 1 North Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 is sometimes referred to as the Nostradamus Eclipse because through it, the seer pointed humanity toward future difficulties as we faced the New Millennium. Yes, the eclipse occurred somewhat prior to the actual start of the Millennium (in January 2001, not 2000) but its strength as a Total eclipse should not be denied, plus, much depends upon the version of the seer's quatrains for not all of analyses of his work are alike.

That the 1999 Eclipse contained planets upon the rigid Fixed Grand Cross of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius imparts a prophetic glow due to mention in the Book of Revelation of the associated animals (oxen, lion, eagle) plus, the Angel Point of Aquarius pouring out to the world the water of the spirit. All planets are at or near the mid-degrees of the Fixed signs.

Astrologically, my point is that the 1 North Eclipse of 1999 is cosmically imprinted upon the third Millennium and upon humankind, and that keeping up with planetary transits to the 1 North Horoscope of August 11, 1999 remains a worthwhile endeavor for those curious about the unfolding of time and the existential concerns so many people have these days. Apparently, even Nostradamus was understandably concerned.

At Its Worst: Angels Loosed Winds of War and Strife

Now as you know, the August 1999 1 North Eclipse sports another disturbing label: the "King of Alarm (or Terror) Eclipse" as the herald of a more violent period on Earth as most people would agree, especially once negative events and crime really got underway with the WTC attacks and America's unfortunate mishandling of the situation (aka, "Dubya's Revenge" on Poppy Bush's behalf). That's some 'mishandling' to hurtle the mighty US military in the wrong direction, isn't it? And so many lies were necessary in order to fool the country into supporting his and Dick Cheney's recklessness and plundering goals. As it turned out, their arrogant "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC) was a major dud that caused the deaths of millions of people. The phrase "war crimes" is often tossed around yet nothing is done.

Republican Party Now a De*th Cult?

Then fast forward to nowadays in the not-so-New Millennium, and we're experiencing the increase of terrorism via extremist politicians in league with global and domestic thugs who are actively attempting to make violence an accepted way of life in America. But are you buying it? Purchasing violence for your children you are? Vote Republican in 2024 and you vote for more of the strong-armed paternalism that brought our country the Catholic SCOTUS decisions against women and against voting rights with additional travesties of justice due to belch from The Bench any time now.

Neptune-Pluto: Organized Criminals with Social influence

Two major transits to America's 1776 planets that undergird these risky times are the US Pluto Return (plutocratic manipulation from wealthy so-and-sos, foreign and domestic), and transit Neptune in Pisces opposing US 1776 Neptune in Virgo heralding a period of persecution in various sections of society and occurring across the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces (fact vs fiction, too). One obvious difference: in 1776, plutocrats and their associates created America, now those animated by the destructive spirit are determined to tear it down on behalf of Russia, China, and V_____ City. Obviously, despotic autocrats and willful bullies are highly allergic to democracy!

You may wish to see The Grand Cross in Astrology.

So see what you can make of the bi-wheel; plenty of notes are penned on; for reading, enlarge the image if you must:

Okay, I'll hush my fussin' and simply add the bi-wheel you see, above, which shows a recent, significant example of planetary transits contacting the 1999 1 North Eclipse Horoscope in a negative way: the Lunar Eclipse of the 2022 Midterms @16Taurus+ - conjunct radical disruptor Uranus, planet of chaos, shocks, anarchy, and assaults - and Geminian Trump's guiding planet.

And so the 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse creates a cosmic time link between the 'King of Terror' Eclipse (imprinted upon the New Millennium) and the violence-adjacent, Trump-supporting 'maga' politicians somehow elected at the 2022 Midterms, and who now work to sabotage the US House of Representatives - and with "Senator" Tuberville doing his Trumpish part to weaken the US military.

You know, if I were a Democrat elected to the House, there's no way I'd feel safe sitting near any one of sore loser Trump's loose cannon *maga*s proudly sporting their AR-15 lapel pins. Would you?

Previously, on SO'W: The New Millennium in Year 2024 (displaying the New Millennium Horoscope of January 1, 2001, and its Progressed New Moon which perfects on May 4, 2024 @4AQ36.)

Nov 16, 2021

The New Millennium's Progressed New Moon of 2024

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday November 16, 2021: Entering a new phase of anything by anyone can be daunting and it can take a while for things to get moving in the new direction indicated. No less so on a symbolic level as with Secondary Progressions in Astrology, the day-for-a-year method of progressing a horoscope of planets to see how things are - well, progressing and evolving - and to monitor prevailing influences such as transiting planets and the various changes that may occur.

Cosmic events by transit such as eclipses, conjunctions and oppositions, solstices, New and Full Moons, planetary returns, and other factors affect the progressed chart as well and may be compared with the original chart (that the progressions issue from) and so on. Why, the As Above, So Below possibilities are as endless as the Universe!

So in this post I'm using my usual shorthand for Secondary Progressions: 'SP' and below you see a dual chart image of the New Millennium Horoscope of January 1, 2000 (lower left) with the same chart's SP New Moon of May 4, 2024 (upper right), timing a new phase of activity for humanity (also note that 'PE" stands for Prenatal Solar Eclipse):

Now in both charts, a motivated Mars is significant for he leads a Locomotive shape of planets (ruthless executives determined upon success - from his own sign of big business Scorpio). However, the final dispositor in both charts is radical Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius from where the 'Sky God' behaves progressively, futuristically, and often cooperatively on behalf of the group yet, as a planet of change, reform, and anarchy, can choose to behave rebelliously while magnifying and exaggerating to distract from the issues. And as we've seen, some serious troublemaking can be the result when unpredictable, disruptive Uranus is at work shaking things up.

And of course, Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed energy signs of rigidity and stubbornness which square and obstruct one another with their forceful even brutal Mars-Pluto and old-order-vs-new-order Saturn-Uranus vibes that call for bending or breaking. Perhaps you may agree that this pretty much describes the turbulent conditions that American society has been dealing with collectively; naturally such difficult energies are in play across the globe as well as harsh authoritarianism rises once again against the more placid, humane energies of democracy and the common good.

Yet there are at least two other reasons that year 2024 stands out from the throng, one cosmic, one earthly: the third of three "Great American Eclipse" will perfect on April 8, 2024 @19Aries conjunct Chiron @19Aries (conjunct America's Chiron of 1776 @20Aries: blindspot! or is it a healing?). This eclipse falls within the 8 North Saros Series (DC Horoscope shown) with themes of 'dreams and visions' (B. Brady). The 8 North eclipse path of Totality will race across the US from Southwest to Northeast suggesting yet another 'split' or division of some kind in US society and with further earth changes a distinct possibility.

Then the earthly reason is the 2024 Presidential Election with Venus in Sagittarius, sign of the outsider or the stranger (if indeed We The People are to have an event recognizable as an election.)

So if you're curious, dear reader, please enlarge the image for my study notes penned upon the charts and I'll close with the two Sun-Moon blends with which humanity began the New Millennium - Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces (Earth-Water: pragmatism) and in May 2024 humanity's blend will enter a new phase with the SP New Moon of Sun and Moon in Aquarius (Air-Air of the cerebral thinker and communicator):

January 1, 2000: Bringing "order out of chaos."

May 4, 2024: "The living, breathing entity we call society."

(--Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys).

Feb 2, 2019

Grucci helps Washington DC usher in a new century - New Years Eve 1999

Today is February 2, 2019, the much-touted, seldom-awaited, annual "Ground Hog Day" when the gruff-looking varmint attempts to prognosticate for the US an early or late Spring 2019. Many Americans are snowed in today, and perhaps some are without power, sorry to say. The fear level has been purposefully ramped up by government sources on the already lame electrical grid issue and on other issues so we've got that not going for us. As if America isn't up to the task of defending her cyber self yet for years we've been told how intricately intrusive is the touch of the Total Awareness system we're virtually surrounded and entwined by as its tentacles gather all personal communications and details of our spied-upon lives. Allegedly. Meanwhile, don't give promis, financial tracking, or back doors another thought.

20 Years Ago and Then Some

Basically, the New Millennium has timed if not sparked an announced 'new world order' as the 1776 version falls by the wayside before our very eyes, a natural Saturn-Uranus imperative about every 45 years - brittle and breakable yet necessary. 'Old' Saturn and 'new' or 'futuristic' Uranus last met three times through 1988 under Reagan in the last three degrees of Sagittarius. We are under this sway until their next conjunction (once) @28Gem01 on June 28, 2032.

Now the question of January 1, 2000 as the beginning of the next era vs January 1, 2001 is not a great obstacle to the basic concept of a new order replacing an old order and there are other signs along the road to its full implementation, some of which have been set up ahead of time - very robotic and all yet a cruel master. A devil, in fact. Yet if handled positively, these energies can bring improvements in society such as the progressive ideas now being expressed in the Democratic House of Congress.

And do you know that society is currently under sway of a Solar Eclipse from the 2 South Saros Series which is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse series of the New Millennium? Ongoing, the eclipse manifested on January 5, 2019 (US) @15Cap25 with its 'joining a new or unusual group' vibe, plus, 'gaining a great deal' (Brady). Prior to the dawning of the New Millennium, a 2 South eclipse occurred on Christmas Day 2000 @4Capricorn.

So if you're reading this, I figure you could be in the mood to view a 58-second Vintage Video by Grucci of New Years Eve 1999 with the Clintons (not shown) presiding at the Washington Monument that's been lit up like a gaudy Christmas Tree - soo-o-o Illuminati! - but with the capstone of the phallic obelisk mysteriously darkened. And for anyone young enough as to have been unaware of (or, not yet born!) The New Millennium Fireworks on that starry night and the rest of the spectacle, now's a good chance to catch up a little in slightly less than one minute!

A Related Post: Washington Monument: Center of Political Power?.

Jan 2, 2019

New Millennium 2 South Eclipse repeats Jan 5, 2019

As we've previously discussed, on January 5, 2019, the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the New Millennium in the 2 South Saros Series repeats @15Cap25 as you see in the bi-wheel charts, below, with Capricorn the sign of government, law, and business. Additional notes are penned around the charts including natal placements of Donald Trump (in lavender-pink), plus, some of the primary transits coming soon to the New Millennium chart (in blue). 2019 Saturn and Pluto tend to bring instability to finances, politics, and the social order and are prominent, and the January 5, 2019 Solar Eclipse Ascendant (28Leo08) set for DC conjuncts the natal Ascendant of Mr. Trump which personalizes the eclipse for him. Plus, 2001 Saturn @24Tau34 Rx sits atop the natal Midheaven (Aspirations; Goals) of Trump along with furious Algol of Medusa fame. Please check the notes on the bottom of the chart for upcoming Jupiter and Saturn transits which begin on January 10, 2019 with Jupiter to Pluto which suggests large-scale projects (border fencing?), and increased power, money, and control for plutocrats if for no one else:

Also noted on the chart (in orange) is the disruptive 'wild card' Solar Eclipse @10Can36 which perfects in the 3 North Saros Series on July 2, 2019, something of an early "birthday gift" for America and falling between US natal Jupiter (5:56) and Sun (13:19) with natal Venus of evaluations and values (3Cancer) nearby. 3 North preceded the Crash of 1929, the attacks of 9/11/01 and, in 1983, links to Reagan's 'trickle down economics' scam from which the American people continue to suffer.

Around the 8th cusp of $hared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Corporatism, and Transformation, quirky Uranus is poised to turn Direct, then careen into Taurus and the 8th house (May 19, 2019) from where it opposes 2001 Mars (in 2nd hou$e), and squares 2001 Neptune (which happened to conjoin US natal South Node in 2001). None of this sounds good, I agree, but we can hope that perhaps the New Millennium Horoscope will prove to be completely useless for looking ahead.

And of course Technology planet Uranus opposing Mars, planet of action and motivation, may describe rebellions, separations, disruptive, rash, or erratic actions to be taken, and unexpected dangers that may occur such as cyber intrusions (hacking, theft) against financial and/or other institutions (ex: continued massive data breaches as we have had with Equifax and Marriott). Squaring networking Neptune, transit Uranus suggests internet disconnections via mysterious entities or enemies, and the possibility of societal unrest especially in relation to civil rights. Reality continues to be under siege along with the promotion of idealistic or faulty notions.

As for current societal conditions, the break up of huge monopolies is long overdue in America for they keep wages down and stifle innovation, among other ills. Can transit Uranus in money sign Taurus catalyze such major changes from the 8th house of the 2001 chart? Well, one thing we know--that with Uranus all results tend to be totally unpredictable and we never know when or if they will strike at all!

Oct 25, 2018

Midpoints of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction December 2020

DC Horoscope: Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction December 21, 2020 @00AQ29 (conjunct US POTUS Sun) 1:20 pm est White House Washington DC:

Midpoint Potentials for societal planets Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) when their energies combine approximately every 20 years - in Politics or Business (Michael Munkasey) = checks and balances; changes in governmental, religious, or social orders; repression based on morality instituted by law or religion; a judicial system at its breaking point; leniency and harshness vie for balance within the overall social and economic systems.

To Jupiter-Saturn Reinhold Ebertin adds: government officials, politicians, law professors, clergymen, civil servants of the administration.

To Jupiter-Saturn Noel Tyl adds: Law and order, ambition given the go-ahead signal; patience pays off, feeling righter than right; dogmatic; control tempers zeal; opportunities are carefully evaluated; success takes on long-term security; one has "made it happen"; strategy.

Midpoint Picture: Jupiter-Saturn = (POTUS) Sun: (my bold and italics)

Boasting a lot; dreaming of a potential for actuality; feeling you can positively influence social change; an increase in self-pride and ability to demonstrate positive leadership before others (Munkasey); inconstancy; moodiness (via liver disturbances); happy in solitude; change of residence; gaining experience (Ebertin); taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan; or, if nothing has been prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things (Tyl).

Any, all, or none of these midpoint potentials may apply or express no matter who sits in the Oval Office playing the role of President of the United States in 2020 and beyond, and any of the midpoints can be activated by transits, progressions, lunations (New and Full Moons) and solar and lunar eclipses.

That the Great Conjunction of heavyweights Jupiter and Saturn occurs at Winter Solstice 2020 makes it more influential and of global significance. Especially since they are considered the 'flywheel of the Universe" (yin-yang) which keeps our Solar System's planets orbiting within their courses.

We should also note that the explosive, violent Mars-Uranus midpoint rises and conjoins the Ascendant of the above chart which suggests potentials for upsetting events, arrests, or injuries (Ebertin); and/or deriving enjoyment from agitating or upsetting others (Munkasey).

Of course, the last and current cycle of Jupiter-Saturn in effect until December 21, 2020 is the conjunction of May 28, 2000 @22Tau43, one of the heralds of the New Millennium. '23Taurus' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems"..."negative expression: a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles" (Jones). Curiously enough, the 2000 conjunction occurred at the natal MC (Goals; Aspirations) of the greedy Donald Trump who seems to have betrayed his country for filthy lucre.

Now here's an excerpt from a previous post which involves a time link via the 19-year solar eclipse cycle between year 2000 and year 2019:

"The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series ('PE') of the New Millennium is the 2 South Saros Series which manifested on December 25, 2000 @4Cap15. The 2 South Series involves themes of 'becoming involved with unusual groups and feeling that one will gain a great deal through such involvement' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

2 South next manifests on Jan 5, 2019 @15Capricorn25 (in the US) and as you know, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is the sign of government, law, business, and other Saturnian realms."

Here I'll add that the 2 South eclipse of January 5, 2019 manifests upon the Saturnian South Node of the New Millennium Horoscope, a point of separation and possible neurosis when tactics or defenses of the past no longer suffice but are irrationally used anyway. Coupled with the eclipse @15Capricorn, this may suggest long-established groups of the past and separation from rather than the joining of them.

And if we wish to focus on the heavyweight trio of planets in the 10th house of Public Status and Career in the above chart, we can briefly consider potentials of three midpoint pictures between them which will form into year 2021 if not before:

Jupiter-Saturn = Pluto: intense business activity; a total reversal to previously made plans; extreme changes (Munkasey); violent changes; immense effort; separation; restriction (Ebertin, who adds, "in certain cases Pluto = Jupiter-Saturn leads to an enforced change through imprisonment, in which case the political situation has to be considered"); major change of situation; tremendous perseverance; dramatic thrust of self; control of the situation (Tyl).

Jupiter-Pluto = Saturn: delayed plans for advancement; lessens the focus on destruction; hindrances in quests for both fame and privacy (Munkasey); difficulties; separation (Ebertin); strategy becomes necessary; adjusting the big picture to meet with convention (Tyl).

Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: favorable outcomes in the use of large expenditures of resources or energies; people who have leadership and power to dispense; opinions about how to reclaim the use of waste products for other activities (Munkasey); religious and social fanaticism; excessive modesty; self-sacrifice for others (Ebertin); trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left (Tyl).

And yes, that's the 1993 degree of the Utopian Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s (18Capricorn) with its "smug or strong-armed paternalism' implications at The Goal Point (MC) of the Jupiter-Saturn chart. For as activist Max Igan correctly informs us in his recent broadcast How The Matrix Controls You, the Smart Grid Is the New World Order.

For more details see: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey; The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin; and Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl.

Jul 10, 2017

The New Millennium Eclipse repeats January 6, 2019

July 10, 2017: A Stars Over Washington Reprint and the New Millennium Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

Over the G20 weekend, I began to wonder who would want Donald Trump acting as leader of the 'free' world anyway? This pondering leaves me feeling out of sorts today concerning the political realm so the following is a mere reprint with a few minor edits of something I posted here years ago. A grumpy note from yours truly is added to the end if you can manage to read that far!

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the New Millennium is the 2 South Saros Series which manifested on December 25, 2000 @4Cap15. The 2 South Series involves themes of becoming involved with unusual groups and feeling that one will gain a great deal through such involvement (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

2 South next manifests on Jan 6, 2019 @15Capricorn25 and as you know, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is the sign of government, law, business, and other Saturnian realms.

In her book Your Prenatal Eclipse Rose Lineman describes a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn as advising a serious approach that stresses conservative, conscientious expression. In order to achieve karmic progress, we must overcome self-indulgence and master the self-discipline of the sign and its ruler, Saturn.

Ms. Lineman also states that an Eclipse in Capricorn should be regarded as an opportunity to gain substantial karmic advances but the price is hard work and dedication at the expense of personal pleasure and worldly prestige. People born under a Prenatal Eclipse in Capricorn tend to join business and professional organizations and show interest in political affairs.

Now you may find of interest the Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces blend of the New Millennium especially since this chart is 'good for' a hundred years!

Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces is an Earth-Water blend of two Yin elements and is one of the most nourishing and supportive combinations of all, mixing a capacity for sympathy toward others with practical considerations.

This blend possesses an innate wisdom to know what's important and what is not; practical and emotional needs are well-balanced in this blend. Both material and emotional security needs are wanted and are possible to achieve as long as one doesn't become a stick-in-the-mud and swamped by duty.

Yet a limited viewpoint is a caution and may interfere with goals, so we must watch for that.

This is a tough-tender humanitarian combo of energies--a scientist and poet, a practical dreamer. Personal courage results from self-reflection and moral precepts and there's a gift for quietly bringing order out of chaos, something we can all cheer for--with the exception of those who create chaos in order to commit and enforce morally repugnant social engineering against society for their own degraded purposes.

On the shadow side, there is a tendency to fear the unknown and carry the burdens of others even to the breaking point; negative thinking may often cause a loss of confidence.

This blend's Images for Integration: "A child builds a sandcastle of reinforced concrete...A wine collector uncorks a rare vintage to celebrate a success...'Bilbo' in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings...Bathers in a Landscape by Paul Cezanne...Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.) #

July 10, 2017: Well, those are the sorts of energies and expressions we longed for prior to the beginning of the New Millennium and until September 11, 2001. Needless to say, in 2017 many of us now have starker views of those who interrupt humankind's progress, and divert and squelch our longings for peace and positivity. So, as I used to post here earlier in the life of Stars Over Washington--the people who fancy themselves 'world leaders', in a word, suck. We all could have had a decent, safer world in this New Millennium but instead civilization is saddled with jokers, knaves, fools, and crooks running around ruining things for everybody while striving to protect their cushy little nests.

As if the dark lord they serve will care one little iota for them in the end!

Pluto Draws Near @JudeCowellArt pencil on paper 2017+

Jun 20, 2017

Ask Saturn: Rising Authoritarianism Can Be Defeated!

Have you noticed that soul-crushing, anti-democracy authoritarianism is on the rise across the globe? Donald Trump in the White House is America's primary symptom of its Saturnian paternalism as we find in the current picture of transit Pluto @18Capricorn hitting the Uranus-Neptune conjunction degree (1993) which times a certain midpoint picture--Uranus-Neptune = Pluto: 'the big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise' (Tyl)--and this, triggering the word picture for 18 Capricorn: POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism' (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones).

Of course, authoritarianism has been rising in America since before Trump entered the White House and one astrological timer I noticed years ago was the December 30, 1999 Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron, one of the astrological pairs of plutocracy, oppression, racism, and various other -isms such as Authoritarianism, Communism, Socialism, Bolshevikism, Capitalism--all terms invented by man to promote one oppressive scheme or another---and to divide the populace against itself.

Thing is, the 1999 Pluto-Chiron conjunction occurred @12Sagittarius which is the Ascendant degree in America's 'Sibly' horoscopes (July 4, 1776 5:00 pm LMT or a few minutes later--I use 5:09 pm which places 00Libra at MC and Aries Point at IC). This oppressive conjunction of primal violence helped to usher in the New Millennium. (View the chart when the Trump-Clinton debate of October 19, 2016 was timed by a new two-year cycle of brutal Mars and Pluto melding their powers at the South Node of the New Millennium).

And yet there is good news! For there are ways of countering, even stopping (Saturn) authoritarianism in its hoof-shaped tracks as someone at The Guardian advises us:

Authoritarianism is making a comeback. Here's the time-tested way to defeat it. "Tyrants' tactics require the consent of large numbers of people. The first lesson, then, is not to obey in advance."

Another sign post of authoritarianism (and the tyranny of plutocracy) infecting America in 2017 is our national Saturn exalted in Libra (14:48 in 1776), sign of the Scales of Justice, which by progression, turned retrograde in Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio (where our SP Saturn remains) in 1996 during the second presidential term of Bill Clinton whose tenure included impeachment and thus the undermining of the Executive Branch through the eager auspices of the Republican Party.

So now, in 2017, will the Democratic Party return the 'favor' and oppose the extreme authoritarianism of austerity-promoting Republicans and their mascot Donald Trump? Probably not with the nerve and verve needed (although they did stand up last night concerning the secret Trumpcare bill). But it requires We The People to defeat it by participating in this democracy (such as it is) using the peaceful tactics mentioned in the article linked above!

Now, in case you haven't seen it before, below is the horoscope of the Pluto-Chiron Conjunction of December 30, 1999 (@11Sag22--two esoteric numbers x two!) with my study notes penned on (please enlarge). You'll want to consider that Pluto-Chiron = Moon-Neptune and several other planetary factors including the Mother of All Eclipses of August 11, 1999 @18Leo in the 1 North Saros Series in this chart's 8th house of Corporatism, Big Money, and the Occult--and 1 North repeats upon this chart's 9th cusp on August 21, 2017 @29Leo, a critical degree--The Great American Eclipse--and I assert that there continues to be some weird plutocratic timing going on and we can expect global government (aka, a new world order) to be termed 'necessary' to solve the world's problems (which international bankers and their handmaidens, the political elite, created):

The duration of the Pluto-Chiron cycle is approximately 60 years in length and relates to "mass currents of consciousness--the collective unconscious, the racial, cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels of reality. The beginning of the cycle...signals the up welling of an initially unconscious impetus seeking expression as a historically necessary transmutation." (Chiron, Richard Nolle). (My italics.)

Also note that, among other things, 'Moon-Neptune' = mass un-consciousness, or, the Collective Unconscious. And thus, globalists have many of us thinking on a subliminal level that authoritarian global government is inevitable. It is not.

Also in August a Lunar Eclipse @15AQ.

Aug 11, 2016

2017's Great American Eclipse and DC's favorite sign Virgo -- Virgo as Isis

Astro-Notes Concerning Eclipses, America, and Switzerland

by Jude Cowell

This is a heads-up for those who may be interested in ancient star lore of Virgo the Virgin, Spica (celestial symbol of the Washington Monument), Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel and its Masonic Legacy, Knights Templar (who are said to have created Switzerland expressly for their banking purposes), and other esoteric topics: there is an astoundingly informative article by astrologer Ed Kohout that you may wish to check out.

But no one has to go all the way to Scotland to be in 'Rosslyn' since there's a Rosslyn, Virginia just across the Potomac from DC. Is it ironic that the 'Deepthroat' meetings that informed journalists Woodward and Bernstein about the Watergate break-in were held in a parking garage column '32', a Masonic number?

As for Campaign 2016, have you noticed how the Republican burglary of Democratic headquarters which resulted in the Watergate scandal resembles the current hacking (theft) of DNC emails? By which I imply: have Republicans enabled hackers in order to interfere with Hillary's chances for a second White House occupancy? Just wondering since America's political class is stuffed full of crooks on both sides determined to win at any cost. No dirty trick is too low for these varmints!

Related posts: Founding of the Federal City 1791 (includes DC's natal horoscope) and US Eclipse August 1776: Thor's Hammer, Isis' Key, and a Bucket (includes Leo Eclipse horoscope with themes that best describe the founding of America rather than the previous eclipse @00Pis33 which manifested prior to July 4, 1776). Also see Astro-Notes: Solar Eclipses 2015--2017.

Plus, a Coming Cosmic Event is The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @29Leo (conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Mars rising and Ascendant--with royal star Regulus -- will his "Make America Great Again" be the tragic eclipse of our nation?)

The August 2017 eclipse falls into the 1 North Saros Series and is the first repetition of the August 11, 1999 King of Alarm Eclipse (horoscope shown) associated with the Nostradamus prophecies. Substitute the word 'Terror' for 'Alarm' and we have the major theme of the New Millennium as finagled by crooked politicians and their banker enablers intent on global domination.

Remember the Bush-Cheney color alerts meant to ramp up our fear in their "war on terror"? The thuggish alerts were so ridiculed ('puce' and 'magenta' were favorites of mine) that Washington discontinued them along with 'sheets of plastic and duct tape' for our doors and windows. How the ruling class must have laughed over that silly advice which, as usual, made monkeys out of decent people and kept the ill-gained reins of control in the claws of the ruling elite.

The First 2017 Solar Eclipse Hits Switzerland's Natal Pisces Moon

A Swiss Note: the "lucky break" 19 South February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse hits the 8 Pisces Moon in the natal 'Constitution' horoscope of Switzerland (Campion) set for September 12, 1848 11:12 LT Bern (Moon conjoins natal IC 7Pis54). This horoscope also shows that Switzerland is in process of a Uranus Return to natal degree of 21Ari26 Rx--conjunct the bankers' Pluto (27Ari34 Rx--both planets in natal 5th house and so the Uranus-Pluto conjunction is activated. Transit Uranus to natal Pluto denotes a time of abrupt changes to familiar patterns and social traditions, and a potential for disturbing situations and hidden fears which are difficult to confront for the people (Moon).

Also note that astrodatabank gives this RR:AA data for Switzerland: February 8, 1845 9:26 am GMT Bern with 3Taurus26 rising. Actually, when it comes to Knights Templar bankers setting up the place, I prefer Switzerland's natal chart of August 1, 1291 11:25:24 GMT Altdorf (Campion) with 4Sco50 rising and lots of Leo planets at Midheaven (ex: Sun-Jupiter = MC: great good fortune--Tyl).

Eclipse theme info based on Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Above collage: 'His American Majesty' by yours truly. Can you recognize the face of the crook in the center?

Jun 28, 2016

Neoliberalism an Economic & Political Cancer! - video (plus, Eclipses)

It's June 28, 2016--almost time for both the DNC and RNC in July and the vote in November--and, as Thom mentions in the following clip, most Americans don't know much about neoliberalism or realize that it's a political ideology that has nothing to do with being liberal--but can be identified in the US as trickle-down 'Reaganomics':


Actually, in early Leo there once manifested a Reaganomics Eclipse which, sorry to say, will occur again in the 1 North Saros Series on August 21, 2017 @29Leo--which conjoins the late Leo natal Mars and Ascendant of one Donald Trump, 2016 presidential candidate (personalizing it for him--and for us, if he's president). And yes, 1 North is the Nostradamus-predicted 'Mother of All Eclipses' which contained the Biblical Fixed Grand Cross of the Oxen Point (mid-Taurus), the Lion Point (mid-Leo), the Eagle Point (mid-Scorpio), and the Angel Point (mid-Aquarius). The eclipse manifested on August 11, 1999 @18Leo, and as a clarion call for the New Millennium, it marked the time when Heaven's angels let go the winds of war and strife.

Now I am not a devoted follower of the prophecies of Nostradamus, intriguing though they may be (and secret astrologer as he was), but if memory serves, he allegedly predicted the break up of Europe so perhaps his prediction was correct if we consider the June 23, 2016 Brexit vote and its aftermath which seems negative so far, and will apparently extend into the next two years and more. To my simplistic way of thinking, a break up of the European Union confirms a personal opinion that the power elite's Global Government agenda is a lousy idea in the first place. However, do disagree as and if you wish!

Related posts: EU Horoscope with Brexit Vote Planets; Horoscope: August 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America; List of Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2015--2022. And here are a few astrological notes on the brash and prideful Leonine Mars of Donald Trump (links to his natal chart).

Jan 20, 2016

Who’s Behind The SCOTUS Attacks On Unions? - Ring of Fire Radio

Again SCOTUS is in the political news--Farron Cousins reports as the war against America's Middle Class (dressed as an attack on unions) continues:

A related post from May 1, 2014: SCOTUS, the 6th Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square, and a New Millennium which includes certain Sabian Symbols, an article link concerning the retirement of a Supreme Court Justice, America's Great Seal, the potential presidency of New Millennium seeder, Hillary Clinton, and the ongoing determination of the power elite to suddenly transform the status quo.

Jul 18, 2015

Astro-Notes on VP Joe Biden with cameos by Cecil Rhodes, President Obama, and Rachel Maddow

Astro-Notes on Vice President Joe Biden: November 20, 1942 8:30 am EWT Scranton, Pennsylvania, Cecil Rhodes, and a Few More Things...

by Jude Cowell

"From memory" says the data source for the natal horoscope of VP Joe Biden and if we take his data as factual we find that VP Biden's natal Sun @27Sco34 conjoins the natal Midheaven (MC = Goals; Aspirations; Public Status) of President Barack Obama. How nifty for the pair of them, heads bent together in the White House, Biden a Council on Foreign Relations man, a group that began originally as The Round Table founded by British empiricist and "Diamond King" of South Africa, Cecil Rhodes.

Rabbit Holes of Power: Makes No Difference Who Plays the Role of US President

An overview of the entire Global Government scheme is available for the hardy to read so if that is you, please see Chapter 22, Cecil Rhodes and his Knights of the Round Table where the submerged role in the US government and the Obama White House of VP Joe Biden may be revealed to you in all its splendid subterfuge and ultimate Utopian distopianism (though some Democrats are said to prefer subtle persuasion and propaganda while Republicans go more for the brutal conquest-enforcement model of Global Governance; either way, chaos and subsequent rebuilding are on the purposefully engineered Plutonian political and financial agenda.) As you know, VP Biden is also a member of the Bilderberg Group of World Planners, not one of the more popular secret-cabal packs of so-and-sos and self-imagined 'overlords' using the Hegelian Dialect ruse upon the public where they create the chaos (Thesis), then 'save' us from it (Anti-Thesis) while merrily shredding the US Constitution as they go.

Now on this difficult topic there is another page I recommend if you dare titled, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Round Table Group. You probably know a bunch about the Rhodes Trust and Rhodes Scholarships that were established under Rhodes' will (1902) and administered by his pal, international banker Nathan Rothschild of the House of Rothschild, master manipulators of the Plutonian kind. Naturally, this firmly ties into the Great Scheme viathe British Empire and its central banking system with the US banking system ('the Fed') along with top scholars who get to study at the University at Oxford.

Why, even my political 'splainer-in-chief of complex topics, the very intelligent (Rockerfellerite) MSNBC news host Rachel Maddow is a former Rhodes Scholar. Tap the BuzzFeed link, then scroll down a bit if you wish to see a photo (#13, no less) of her tossing the sign of the goat, Satan's sign, at you. Wish she hadn't let herself be photographed doing that.

So if you're unfamiliar with the centuries-old 'Great Plan' for a New Millennium 'new world order' to replace the then-new order begun with the founding of America in 1776, why not try a previous post Astro-Notes and Famous Quotes on the New World Order and see if it fits what you see going on around you in 2015? Okay, the post may be a dud but you won't know if you don't try it and please Re-tweet any of my articles for I've spent quite a few years at this freebie blogging thing and an occasional Re-tweet would be mighty nice of you! @judecowell

Arghh! Once More the MSM Touts the Will Biden Run for President? Memo

Now let's step off the 'new world order' ledge long enough to take a detached peek at the Water-Earth Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus personality blend of Joe Biden and see if its potentials ring true based on the public persona that VP Biden has projected during these many years of political activity. If not, his Moon @00Tau59 may denote an earlier birth time with an "I AM the people" natal Moon in late Aries, ruled by activist Mars and denoting a workaholic crusader with a mission temperament when paired with the secretive, mystery-loving, hidden control, big business sign of Scorpio with its forceful Mars-Pluto vibes.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus describes one who is drawn to the joys of life and to death matters and has an interest in the corruption of innocence, and as a US senator, he is known for sponsoring the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) with broad support in Congress. This blend contains the typical practical-and-supportive vibes of a Water-Earth combination though it may have a chauvinistic streak. Talents include a natural understanding of financial and economic realities, along with full dedication to loved ones.

Although stubbornness and a total blindness to the motivations of others may be noted, this blend's pragmatic wisdom is extremely valuable and may be noticed in its supportive role of a Vice President who may be something of a power-behind-the-throne actor in a similar mold as Dick Cheney to George W. was purported by pundits to be.

With Biden's Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus blend, we find intense idealism which resonates with his CFR and Bilderberg leanings, plus, I heard him say to Bill Maher a few years ago that he's a Zionist though the clip seems to have disappeared (see video, below.) An ability to be a reliable touchstone for his friends is evident and it seems clear that President Obama leans on the rock that is VP Biden, a man who is, I believe, one of Mr. Obama's mentors as required by the president's natal 1st house Chiron in mystical Pisces. (Remember that the president experienced his 3-fer Chiron Return while in the White House.) Mr. Obama's natal Chiron opposes his 7th house Pluto (6 Virgo) denoting his ability to express such Pluto-Chiron themes of oppression and exploitation within the mass consciousness as he plays the White House mouthpiece, we might say, which is a primary role of the US presidency.

So! I just noticed while typing how easy it is to get off the topic of Joe Biden and onto other political actors! Well, maybe it's time to consider the Scorpio-Taurus Images for Integration provided so helpfully by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign which is a visual method for sussing out the integration of one's Solar conscious mind with the Lunar unconscious which results in a whole and fully functioning personality:

"A successful businessman probes the mysteries of life...A celebrated surgeon amasses a fortune...Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld."

Of course I know that you, dear reader, can freely associate these images with what you know of the life of VP Joe Biden--one such being that he underwent two brain surgeries in 1988 and wasn't given very good odds of being 'normal'. And this isn't counting his son Beau's recent and tragic death from a brain tumor at age 46.

Now on a Global Politics level, let's close today's astro-notes with a clip of Joe Biden avowing himself to be a Zionist which makes him part of the political movement called Zionism (which is not the same as Judaism):

Natal data for Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; BC/BR online.

Aug 13, 2014

Oppressive Uranus-Pluto updates itself as US Mars Rx tear-gases the American People

Aware of the US Police State? Mid-1960s and the New Millennium

by Jude Cowell

Issues of Love v Fear abound as the sixth exact Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square nears on December 15, 2014 (plus, the 7th and last conjunction occurs on March 17, 2015), a square which cyclically issues from the Uranus-Pluto conjunction/s of the mid-1960s (@17Virgo, a critical degree) with all the social upheavals the world experienced, we find ourselves in a hot mess across the globe. With protests, unprovoked shootings of teens in the US, sadistic tear gas and pepper spray use, military tanks showing up in neighborhoods for no good reason, 'shoot-first' police officers in camouflage gear or soldier's armor, drone strikes, and more, we find America's warring Mars now retrograde by progression (since Summer 2006) making its inverted, crabbed, frustrated energies known on a wide scale on many levels of society as the violence of astrological Mars seeks expression on the physical plane both here and abroad.

Plus, Mars in Libra, as our national progressed Mars is, presents an often difficult picture of frustration all by itself!

Now as you know, the same astrological condition of Mars occurred in Germany's progressions decades ago and a similar period of 80 years now faces the American people (2006 + 80 = year 2086 = relief?) That our military can be successful abroad (whatever "successful" means within the realms of war and draconian policing) is doubtful or spotty and if History Repeats in similar fashion, we have real-world lessons to endure in America during the New Millennium which echo Germany under psychopath Hitler, the arsonist (Mars!)

Ex: Berlin's Reichstag Building (Germany's Parliament) burning down to make way for Adolf is roughly equivalent to the WTC destruction of 9/11/01 to make way for the US Patriot Act, creation of the massive Department of Homeland Security, financial heists culminating in 2008, the increase and deepening of the Surveillance State, and other controls we find upon us in 2014 and beyond.

Yet all government 'laws' are simply words written on paper--or on a computer screen and will go pouf! as soon as enough of We the People consciously stop believing in the inventions of "the powers that think they be" as Max Igan describes the plutocrats and oligarchs now making their move toward totalitarian control of the entire planet.

But Not so fast, Pilgrim!, we may rightfully say. You create chaos in order to ramp up 'consent of the governed' concerning your manufactured crises. Wonder if any of the know-it-all 'power elite' class, isolated from society as they are, know or care how transparent their motives--another Mars concept--actually are to the rest of us?

Aug 8, 2014

August 2014: New Millennium Horoscope Triggered by Pluto

Pluto Now Active in New Millennium Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

With US military action increasing in Iraq against ISIS (formerly al-Qaeda) there are multiple horoscopes in which to look for planetary activity relating to Iraq and Iraq War planets. One such is the New Millennium (NM) horoscope where transit Pluto in Capricorn (11/12Cap) now retrogrades between New Millennium Sun and Mercury in 4th house, the Foundation of the Matter (4th house, when the NM chart is set for Washington DC as a symbol for America and on another level, for the global collective.

We may glean a few hints about the character of this time period by considering the *Sun-Mercury duo as it affects Politics and Business and the synthesis created when transformative manipulator Pluto creeps along and catalyzes the duo into a trio of planetary energies, thus forming a midpoint picture. Let's consider potential expressions for this now-active trio:

Millennium Sun-Mercury = tr Pluto: satellites transmit important information world-wide; important information concealed; theft, neglect, or loss of pertinent communication devices or of information (Munkasey); making far-reaching plans; an orator with suggestive power (Ebertin); a dramatic push to new perspectives (Tyl.)

That last potential seems to be occurring as I type with the US being 'drawn back' into Iraq, as many pundits are describing it. Got weapons manufacturing shares in your stock portfolio? Well, I suspect that many American politicians, past and present, have just that.

New Millennium Fourth House Matters

The IC (Immum Coeli), the lowest point in any horoscope symbolizing Midnight and often considered the cusp of the 4th house, is also known as The Drain and I think we may expect draining of various sorts to occur here and abroad for some time. (Watch for the word 'drain' in the news in coming weeks or months.) So instead of an Ending (another IC-related concept) of all US combat in Iraq we have now a continuation of military intervention "for humanitarian reasons", one of the US government's favorite propaganda slogans. Can any war be "humanitarian"? This may or may not be the case and as always, I prefer to wait for the consequences of Washington's actions rather than trusting promises (and time-worn slogans) touted by politicians and their enablers, bosses, and media supporters!

Now this seems to me like yet another bull-in-a-china-shop mistake of large proportions if you don't mind my saying so. If it winds up quickly that will be one thing but will there be more to come...on and on and on. Cheney had America invade Iraq with one consequence--it broke up what was a black market oil scam. Now control (one of Pluto's words) of Iraq's oil is being taken over by ISIS beheaders, all or in part at this juncture.

Astrological Pluto also stands for assassins (which can describe both ISIS soldiers and the USA, CIA, etc), death, destruction, abomination, and other depraved, morbid things. 'Great wealth hidden in secret places' is another calling card of Pluto of the Invisible Cape, and of course, spies and powerful puppet masters also appear on Pluto's resume.

Then there's the *Sun-Mercury duo which relates to such things as media coverage, a leader's ability to communicate, stating the intention of an enterprise clearly--or a lack of clarity and thus being unconvincing, ineffective press briefings, needs don't mesh with business concerns, many language barriers, defective thinking or reasoning (Washington is 'eat up' with that and makes innocent people suffer from it), and more. See Michael Munkasey's book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Well, I'll hush for now and say that if you've recently been hiding under a large rock (and who could blame you?) you may wish to check out Why the US Is Bombing ISIS in Iraq. After all, we can't depend on the false reality distractions they provide us here in 'The Matrix' every minute of the day and night, now can we?

May 1, 2014

SCOTUS, the 6th Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square, and a New Millennium

Progressive Uranus in Explosive Aries! 

This morning as I glanced at the horoscope of the next exact square (#6 of 7) between Uranus and Pluto (December 15, 2014 @12+ degrees of Aries/Capricorn), my eye was caught by a Think Progress headline: There's a Hidden Time Bomb in the Senate Rules That Will Go Off If a Supreme Court Justice Retires. How might the symbol for '13 Aries' link to the headline and its topic, above?

Because rounding up the degree of disruptive Uranus to 13 Aries gives a certain Sabian Symbol which may apply to the situation: "A Safely Concealed Bomb Fails to Explode" (Solar Fire software), or, as Dane Rudhyar puts it: "An Unexploded Bomb Reveals an Unsuccessful Social Protest." Keynote: An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo.

And of course, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square is the current phase of their Great Conjunction/s of the mid-1960s when 'social protest' was all the rage in US streets as it exploded across the globe on behalf of human rights; plus, the 'old order v new order' vibes of Uranus-Pluto have insinuated themselves into every institution these days. Can you feel it?

Now for more info on 13 Aries, Marc Edmund Jones adds: "An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion." Keyword: IMPETUOUSNESS...positive expression: a dramatic rejection of any accomplishment falling at all short of a very deep or hallowed purpose; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of self through vanity or petulance. Hmm. Sounds rather like some obstructive, politically motivated judge-appointee nomination hearings to me. And Capitol Hill denizens and shills do like their drama, don't they? Some have made it known that they prefer to govern by not governing.

Sadly for the rest of us, 99% of our politicians are in breach of the public trust and their "very deep or hallowed purpose" seems to be totalitarian control of a 'new order' Global Government based on 'higher' (secret) oaths they've taken which have little if anything to do with their oaths of office and absolutely nothing to do with carrying out 'the people's business.' Yes, We The People must seem only a quaint notion to varmints, brigands, pirates, thieves, psychopaths, and tyrants who imagine themselves kings of the world because they're brazen enough to plunder, pillage, and break societal taboos!

Here's something speculative from April 2013: Ginsburg Eyed as Possible Retirement from Supreme Court. Well, she's an admirable 80-something so it will be interesting to see what happens within the ranks of SCOTUS benchers in or by December 2014.

Another View of the 6th and 7th Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square

On March 17, 2015, the last of the exact Cardinal Squares (Ari/Cap) occurs between Uranus and Pluto and considering the "progress" made in their 'new order' (Uranus) plans so long ago initiated, it is tempting to consider the Sabian Symbol for 2 Libra. Why? Because the period of time between exact square #6 and #7 (December 15, 2014 -- March 17, 2015) may be crucial to government plans whatever character they may ultimately turn out to have. And in America's often used  'Sibly' natal horoscope, the Midheaven (Mc) which represents The Goal/Aspirations Point of the American Experiment is very near by degree--'1 Libra'. One has only to move the chart from 5:10 pm LMT (Philadelphia, PA) on July 4, 1776 to a couple of minutes later to not only set the Mc for '2 Libra'--but '3 Libra' happens to be the midpoint of our nation's Saturn (15Lib) and Neptune (23Virgo).

Together there are many possible expressions for the Saturn-Neptune combination such as: secret or hidden (Neptune) government (Saturn), social programs, socialism, communism, capitalism and other -isms, suffering, martyrdom, illness, loss--you know the list. Well, the 6th square of  Uranus-Pluto morphs into the 7th square so let's check out the symbol for '2 Libra':

Rudhyar: "The Transmutation of the Fruits of Past Experiences Into the Seed-Realizations of the Forever Creative Spirit." 'Keynote: A repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative centralization of consciousness.'

In the occult, this may relate to Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine and mankind's evolution, yet it may apply more fully to the occult meanings of the numbers 6 and 7. Rudhyar continues: "Number 6 (Solomon's Seal) represents the synthesis of descending spirit and descending matter. It represents the fullness of all past efforts; within the six-fold fruition the seed may be found, the seventh.Outer activity is fulfilled (the Six Days of Creation in the first chapter of Genesis); and the Supreme Actor can be seen in His changelessness and therefore his transcending all-inclusiveness."

"All that was manifested in the plant is gathered in the hidden seed, which in due time becomes the foundation of a new cycle of existence. The fruit decays. For a brief moment the released seed may be seen; this is the 'seventh' period that becomes the creative power fathering a new cycle."

Rudhyar goes on but I shall close for now after reminding myself of the ceremony at the Washington Monument (our national phallic symbol meant for 'seeding' all those feminine goddesses sprinkled abundantly around the District of Columbia--how odd that George, the Father of Our Country, apparently fathered no children of his own!) on New Year's Eve December 31, 1999 when Bill and Hillary seeded the nation and the world into the New Millennium. UPDATE Jan 20, 2016: which to me means that consciously or unconsciously, Hillary (now a 2016 presidential candidate) and Bill Clinton 'seeded' every event and condition that has occurred in this, the New Millennium. A lady 'feminine goddess' president "fathering" our nation? Turn over the Great Seal of America to its covert side and there you'll find America's future.

~:~An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; Solar Fire Gold software--v9 now available for download:

Aug 24, 2013

Aug 27, 2013: Jupiter to US natal Sun (conjunct Sirius)

Here you see a horoscope for the transit of Jupiter to America's natal Sun (the president; leader) @13Can19:21 conjunct Fixed Star *Sirius (14Can26) in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, Values, and Earning Ability (when the horoscope is set for Washington DC).

This conjunction perfects on Tuesday August 27, 2013 at 11:53 pm edt during a Venus Hour with both Venus and Jupiter known as 'money planets' and the Sun @5Vir01 in 4th house and about to conjoin President Obama's natal Pluto, a time when one is compelled to 'get to the bottom of things' and aggressive people who have this transit become pushier and more intense. Self-control and the uses and abuses of power are at issue and there are feelings of resentment toward those who ultimately control things and/or manipulate outcomes or events.

US natal Uranus rises bringing unexpected or shocking events, and/or, coping ability, and chart-ruler Mercury @8Vir14 applies only to a trine with 8th house Pluto @9Cap07 Rx showing debts or favors repaid, lost items found, and shrewd business deals in process; property assessments are likely to be favorable and info and/or intell gathering is successful though Pluto's Rx condition may cause some delays or glitches in 4th house (Real Estate; Security Issues) and/or 8th house matters (Debt, Credit, Insurance, Corporate Concerns, Shared Resources, Death Matters, Transformation, the Occult...the usual 8th h suspects.)

Click image to enlarge and read a few notes such as YOD patterns of crises and special tasks--the Saturn-Pluto sextile and a sextile between Pluto and North Node point toward the chart's Ascendant (and US natal Uranus) so there's sadness and a potential for mourning to manifest; with US natal Uranus--as in the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope--we have my least favorite midpoint picture again: brutal efforts to start a new order, and/or, an attack, regardless of potential losses. (Tyl.)

Plus, the 3rd house activist Mars has just entered Sun-ruled Leo, sign of romance and the natural ruler, where the 'god of war' and testosterone will be happier than when in touchy Moon-ruled Cancer. Yet it's a fiery transit through Leo...

As you see, there's a dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross between Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, and Uranus which spotlights the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square of unrest, riots, and revolution. Midpoint pictures are formed by the four planets and include potentials for getting back on track, overturning tables (of the money-lenders? that would be brilliant!), intense efforts made to establish new perspectives, ruthlessness, power struggles that cause losses in relationships, quick responses, a 'crush the opposition' mindset, adventurousness, and excitability (Tyl; Ebertin.)

So What Does Transit Jupiter to US Natal Sun Indicate?

Meanwhile, as noted in my recent 12-year USA Jupiter Return 2013 Report (which may be ordered for electronic delivery from this blog's sidebar!), transit Jupiter conjoining natal Sun is a time of culmination when something begun 12 years ago must either end or move to the next level or stage. Such matters are forced by circumstances so important decisions must be made. A greater attainment of knowledge is in the works as well along with an expanded need for ego recognition.

For 'attainment of knowledge' we naturally we think first of the NSA domestic spying activities which didn't actually begin 12 years ago but were greatly increased and enhanced then by the passage and signing of the USA Patriot Act and, thanks to Edward Snowden's leaks, are now known to be much broader in scope than we were told. And there's the propagandistic 'war on terror' which was and is used to emotionally manipulate the American people along with false flag ops that have been used in the past (and present) to finagle and trick us into war.

Plus, Jupiter is known as the broadcaster so wouldn't it be amazing if the news media finally stopped touting the fraudulent government script about the 'war on terror' and got real about the roles of banksters in our Fed-owned economy and the crimes of the other scam artists and embezzlers of Washington DC--you know, the psychopathic 'politicians' who breach the public trust 24/7 in order to enrich themselves and their pals and hang on to their cushy positions of power?

And maybe the President and Eric Holder of the US Department of Justice will receive a beneficial boost from Jupiter around August 27th given the recent rhetoric which promises (one of Jupiter's functions) more activity on the Voting Rights Act enforcement issue.

Year 2001 + 12 years = 2013

We must also consider the turn of the *New Millennium when the 'seeding' of the 'new world order' (aka, a 'new age') was performed by the Clintons at the illuminated, phallic Washington Monument for the 1999-into-2000 New Year celebration. Perhaps you remember that there was at the time quite a bit of hair-splitting about whether the 21st Century began on January 1, 2000, or on January 1, 2001.

So is another global government phase about to be implemented? Let's continue this topic in a few weeks when we discuss the November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

*Sirius, the Dog Star: the mundane becomes sacred (SolarFire software); the fire of immortality (Brady); in Egyptian star lore: Sirius Isis, The Scorcher, or, The Shining One which may relate the star to Illuminism and its 'Great Plan' of global governance and implicates the triad of Cairo, London, and Washington DC.

**Click the link to view my version of a New Millennium horoscope as transit Pluto in Capricorn now conjoins NM Sun, a time when circumstances can force a 'new start'--especially if you're a member of the success-at-any-cost cabal of global players who manipulate circumstances as and when it suits.

Jul 30, 2013

August 2013: Saturn and Pluto in the New Millennium

August 2013: Saturn and Pluto Trigger New Millennium Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

In June 2013, I published the New Millennium Horoscope so that the chart would be available to you and me for future reference--for transits, progressions, etc. Click to view the chart and my original post with brief astro-notes.

Looking at tonight's transits (7.31.13) and with August at our door and the potential for further financial stalemates in Washington DC on the 2013 menu as Republicans continue their campaign to collapse the US government and make a 'new economic order' seem the only remedy (with the enabling of Democrats), I report to you two items:

1. That transit Saturn (austerity, restriction, delay, stoppage, loss) has for some time been conjoining New Millennium Mars (5Sco03) which is posited in the NM 2nd house of America's National Treasury.

This constricting, inhibiting transit denotes a time when taking shortcuts, circumventing rules and regulations, or not following the prescribed course are ill-advised tactics, and much determination is required for future success even if things seem to be progressing very slowly at the moment.

Actually, the stop-go frustration of Saturn-Mars indicates that more focus and organization are needed for this period involves temporary delays (Saturn) of action (Mars). Yet old man Saturn moving through the rest of the 2nd house will eventually oppose NM Saturn (24Tau34 Rx) in 8th house of Corporations, Debt, Credit, etc, when regrets about the past are encountered and must be considered so that what failed won't be retried; Saturn will also oppose NM Jupiter (2Gem10 Rx) when it will be time for the Haves to give back some of what they've gained in the past. And they'll whine and whinge most loudly, no doubt, even over their dishonest gains (Gemini is the sign of duplicity and Jupiter = bankers and money lenders.)

No, this isn't the best transit for financial endeavors with its continued belt-tightening, stop-and-go improvements, and delays, however, our obstructionist-infested America did have a Jupiter Return on July 22, 2013 (see sidebar to order a pdf of the full Report) so, though they may be off-and-on, some rewards are to be expected for new financial and political cycles have begun (ex: President Obama now back on the road and speaking about the economy and the Middle Class, something the GOP dearly wishes he wouldn't do.)

2. Transit Pluto is within orb of NM Sun (10Cap50) and has crossed the IC (Foundation) of the horoscope which signifies a time when total breaks from the past may be triggered. This supports the usual astro-analysis of transformative Pluto through Saturn-ruled Capricorn with its government-toppling ability. (Capricorn is the sign of law, too, so maybe the NRA's unnecessary 'Stand Your Ground' law/s can be toppled at some point!) Renovation, repair, and renewal of our Domestic Scene (4th house) are possible outcomes of this transit (exs: job-creating infrastructure projects funded, manufacturing concerns and urban areas revamped, offshore corporations return to the US.)

Transit Pluto to NM Sun echoes a similar transit during FDR's administration when the New Deal was instituted including jobs programs and other methods to renew our economy and benefit the American people (Pluto has extreme wealth hidden in secret places, y'know.) Pluto conjunct Sun indicates an even more aggressive drive toward power, and the courage needed to deal or cope with current circumstances which motivate our leader/s (Sun) to make a new start. Yet the past closely influences the present with Pluto-to-Sun and the duo's energies when combined denote on one level dangerous situations, yes, but also open potentials for sudden advancement, consolidating one's position, and/or the realization of new ideas.

These 'new ideas' we may hear within the public discourse, or even begin to see implemented, around the time of the November 2013 Solar Eclipse in Big Business Scorpio, the month when the US debt ceiling may be reached--or breached, and sore-loser Republicans threaten yet another shoot-self-in-foot government shutdown.

Look to your own natal chart for the houses where 5/6 Scorpio and 9/20 Capricorn fall--plus, any aspects these degrees and transiting planets make to your planets and chart angles--for clues on how these transits may be personally utilized.

Here's the New Millennium horoscope again so you don't have to click the link above to view the chart if you don't wish to:

Jun 26, 2013

SCOTUS decisions and the Uranus-Pluto Square

SCOTUS Acts Under Influence of 1960s Uranus-Pluto Conjunction Now Squared

by Jude Cowell

By now you've heard the gut-wrenching news of yesterday's SCOTUS decree that states no longer have to clear their plans with the feds when they wish to disenfranchise voters.

The Court's majority opinion states that, "coverage today is based on decades-old data and eradicated practices." Chief Justice Roberts wrote, "Congress--if it is to divide the States--must identify those jurisdictions to be singled out on a basis that makes sense in light of current conditions. It cannot rely on the past."

The Court complained that Congress could have acted to update the formula, but did not. Yet SCOTUS has now tossed the ultimate fate of minority voting rights upon the 'good auspices' of a feckless, reckless US Congress overflowing with buffoons and foreign agents who've determined to overthrow the sovereign government of the United States of America. No longer should our operatives sally forth into the election process of any other nation or state and give instructions on how to hold fair elections.

Apparently, America has "spread (so much) democracy abroad, she has none left to spread at home about the states--kind of like our past and current foreign reconstruction efforts, and the trillions of dollars the US government passes under tables to heads-of-state (dictators) in a vain attempt to stay on top of the global government pile of clothes-less emperors and their Orwellian districts and regions.

First it was the Rehnquist Court installing Bush and Cheney in the White House in December 2000 by stopping the Florida vote-count for no good reason (other than to throw the election Bush's way), then it was the Roberts Court's Citizens United decision in January 2010 meant to throw our election campaigns into the "dark money" pools of billionaires and trillionaires (foreign and otherwise), and now John Roberts fulfills his Reagan-era dream of gutting the heart from the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Now, thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States, the spirit of intolerance, oppression, and persecution will again walk this land--this time even more brazenly than before. For as of yesterday, it has the imprint of the Court's approval upon its passport and permission to march America in a direction which very few if any of the American people want to go.

Yes, the three conjunctions rebel Uranus and powerful manipulator Pluto in the mid-1960s timed the Civil Rights movement and its subsequent legislation signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Many people died or were injured in the passing of this legislation but it only took 5 out of 4 Supreme Court Justices to neuter what until now has been a law that protected minority voters wherever states didn't ignore its provisions or pass pre-Civil-War inspired regulations.

As a child of the Revolution and a daughter of the South, I apologize to the nation for what my 'brethren' hath wrought whenever they heat up the old states' rights v centralized federal government debate with its tiresome divide-and-conquer tactics. Yes, the stirring up of racial issues has always been one of the primary methods the power elite use to stymy our national debates and render our national progress paralyzed. Why, the so-called Civil War was engineered by warmongers and moneylenders in part as a result of foreign meddling and interference!

Sigh! It all makes me sad for America, for our children, and for anyone's ancestors who fought and died for this nation. And it's craven how the most damage to our country is now being done by those who never served themselves but have no trouble sending other people's children into battle, or gutting laws that don't personally affect them, their rights, or even their comfort.

Well, I'm about ready to hush for now and close with a list of the dates (2012--2015) of all the exact Uranus-Pluto squares I can find (perhaps you know of more?) So far, we've experienced 3 of them with 3 more to go--from Uranus in Cardinal Aries to Pluto in Cardinal Capricorn with harsh Mars-Saturn undertones:

1. June 24, 2012 @8:23 Ari-Cap; 2. Sept 20, 2012 @6:58 Ari-Cap; 3. May 20, 2013 @11:14 Ari-Cap; 4. Nov 1, 2013 @9:25 Ari-Cap; 5. Apr 21, 2014 @13:34 Ari-Cap (exactly hitting our presidential US natal Sun 13Can19); 6. Mar 17, 2015 @15:18 Ari-Cap (hitting US natal Saturn 14Lib48 (lawmakers and the legal system.)

As you know, Jupiter the Judge has just crossed World Point 00Can00 and since the Great Benefic increases or expands whatever he touches, I fret that this post understates the threat to our democracy by the Supreme Court's current and previous decisions as mentioned above. We can glean a midpoint picture from this cosmic shift with Jupiter in Cancer lining up in opposition to Pluto across the Can-Cap axis of Security, and catalyst and anarchist Uranus feeling feisty in Mars-ruled Aries:

Jupiter-Pluto = Uranus: striving for social improvements (social aspirations); pursuit of philosophical or religious objectives; achieving immense success (Ebertin.)

But of course, the Uranus-Pluto pair of energies also relates to criminals and crimes and I feel that it is a crime what SCOTUS has perpetrated upon the America people through perversion of our once-proud justice system. Not that they haven't had plenty of help from agents in other quarters.


Also on the docket: a politically minded SCOTUS is taking up the constitutionality of President Obama's recess appointments. You know, SCOTUS would not have been our 'final arbiters' of constitutionality of it weren't for Marbury v Madison 1803 which skewed the checks and balances of our three branches of government toward the prominence of a panel of unelected judges. In other words, in 1803 SCOTUS took upon themselves the mantle of power and look at the sorry way they wear it in the New Millennium (horoscope shown--you'll note that Pluto has crossed its IC and conjoins natal Sun, and soon natal Mercury in Capricorn. At Midheaven is America's natal Sun being slowly if karmically undermined.)


Dust off the grill, y'all! It's nearly time for Independence Day 2013 so America's 237th birthday will arrive just after midnight on July 5th. Have you ordered your copy of my Stars Over Washington Report on US Solar Return 2013 as seen through a common-good lens? This horoscope is 'good for' one year and you'll find a 'Buy Now' PayPal button in the sidebar at the top. So if you nab yourself a printable copy (PDF/19-20 pp) for later astro follow-alongs, you and I will be on the same astro-page for future references when they're discussed in SO'W posts and articles!

My Thanks to all who have ordered their copies already,


Jun 21, 2013

New Millennium Horoscope

New Millennium Horoscope January 1, 2001 12:00 am est The White House

by Jude Cowell

With the myriad of things going on in the world since the dawn of the New Millennium (and not all of it as 'bright' as we were often lead to believe beforehand), the following horoscope is quite useful for those who wish to keep up with transits of planets and points to its natal positions, chart angles and other house cusps. And naturally other techniques are valuable for comparison such as progressions and Planetary Return charts based on this natal horoscope as it relates to all of humanity and to America as the 'New Atlantis' for the much-touted 'New Age'.

Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, instability) with Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn:

As you see, 5th house Venus is chart-ruler and makes only one applying Ptolemaic (major) aspect--a square to Jupiter @2Gem10 Rx in the 8th house of Money, Debt, Credit, Transformation, and---well, you know the Scorpionic 8th house realms that apply. Both Venus and Jupiter are associated with money: Venus with valuable items, evaluations, diplomacy, and relationships (the attraction principle), and expansive Jupiter (the relating principle) ruling banking and bankers, politicians, religious leaders, professors, gurus and priests, adventurers and explorers, thespians, and...well, you know the rest of the roles the Great Benefic can grandly play.

Venus square Jupiter = laws vs justice, something that our once exalted legal system could claim to uplift, at least some of the time for many of the people but as you know, the US justice system has been infiltrated and corrupted and is in need of purging to get out the crooks, charlatans, and anti-government types who prefer chaos in society to law and order. That is, unless it's their psychopathic kind of 'new world order'.

In fact, the New Millennium's Sun Cap-Moon Pisces blend denotes an ability for "bringing order out of chaos" yet the miscreants of power are set on creating extreme chaos first and then rushing in to 'save the day' by repairing the negative conditions they themselves engineered. Plus, Ayn Rand's cold rationality of objectivism and Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory are meant to weed out the chaff--the weakest--among us.

Historically it's interesting to note that the Sun Cap-Moon Pisces blend is shared by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, perhaps America's prime mover who was very instrumental in setting up our republic ("if you can keep it," he said.) As you probably know, Ben Franklin was brethren in at least three secretive groups of his era: the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati Society of Adam Weishaupt. Much of his initiatory activities and involvement occurred while he sojourned a few years in Europe--our diplomat to France, for one example.

So there's Venus @27AQ11 conjoining US natal Moon (We the People) and Jupiter so recently separated from Great Conjunction (May 5, 2000) with austere, controlling Saturn (24Tau34 Rx) with their conjunction's notable Sabian Symbol: '23Taurus' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with Magnificent Gems". Or at least it was. But between bubbles, busts, 9/11/01, the Great Bush Heist of 2007/2008, and inflation America's gems and jewels are now primarily clutched in certain claws and deposited in secretive offshore bank accounts rather than in the hands of the people and in the US economy.

However, at the turn of the 21st century, transit Venus to We the People's natal Moon gave most of us an emotional lift and an expectant feeling that good fortune was around the bend. And of course, corporate and government propagandists played upon those feelings to further their own best interests and keep us occupied with entertainment and trivialities (remember the 'Y2K' hustle? wonder how all those millions were really spent? for surveillance systems, I suspect.) And all while power brokers continued their 'total awareness and control' plans that crescendo upon us now.

Okay, there are many other enlightening chart factors such as planetary *patterns to discuss but I shall hush for a while and hope that those who haven't used the New Millennium Horoscope before may take it as the predictive tool that I have found it to be. And I'll keep it linked conveniently near the top of the SO'W sidebar for my own future reference (and posts), if not for yours!


*Planetary Patterns: marked by a dotted line, you see a Fist of God (or, Thor's Hammer) configuration pointing toward 8th house Saturn Rx, an Air Grand Trine if we count the Ascendant with Jupiter-trine-Neptune (the speculator-grand schemer-inflationary pair that met three times in 2009 conjunct US natal Moon and whose energies are imprinted upon the Obama presidency, both terms), and a T-Square that expresses its Sun-opposite-MC energies at Ascendant (rising.)

Dec 9, 2011

Social networks a total Spy Grid (video) and US Mercury/Pluto

Sometimes it's difficult to ignore America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition in modern times when you consider the great technological strides made toward total surveillance by way of Smartphones and social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Google+.

That iPhone or Blackberry you depend on is your willing acquiescence to having everything you do, choose, read, hear, purchase, travel to, or think fully known by Big Brother who keeps tabs in order to predict your--and thus, 'his'--next move. Blogs and websites are regular targets, of course, especially ones infested with Politics--and dissent that disagrees with the globalist Washington consensus!

If our lack of privacy and governmental high-handedness sound 1984-ish a la George Orwell, there's a good reason--they are.

Here's Alex Jones recently interviewed on these draconian topics and tactics:


Mercury opposite Pluto is an aspect replete with deep anxieties! It makes people (and government) feel that all is in a state of crisis until more and more information can be obtained. Challenges cause intellectual arrogance due to feelings that credibility is being questioned (how delicate the US government's psyche must be, poor thing! If it meant as well as it's always pretended to mean, such anxieties and the resulting actions to control us and our opinions wouldn't be necessary to such a degree.)

There's a need with a Mercury/Pluto opposition to learn to mind one's own business, a cosmic imperative that the US has obviously failed to master while our tendencies toward forming premature conclusions and making snap judgments undermine even the best of our intentions.

Others find it difficult to 'get along with' America, and this is supported by our totem planet, Uranus, which describes our quirky, changeable behavior that so often involves the duplicity of the sign Gemini--and made more problematic by US Mars (energy, action, desire nature, quarreling capacity) which is also posited in duplicitous Gemini in wide conjunction with Uranus (13 degree orb; the Mars/Uranus pair of energies is courageous, unpredictable, and super-forceful when it comes to achieving goals--as we know through living The American Experience.)

Mercury (information; communications; thinking) opposite Pluto (control; spying; sabotage; invisibility) indicates secret projects, research carried on behind closed doors, legislation written in secret, clandestine activities, detective investigations, and dangerous intell rippling from the days of our nation's founding and as you know, recent machinations to hobble and destroy the US Postal Service have brought mentions in the press of Benjamin Franklin's organizing of the first US Postal Inspection Service which formed our initial and official spy network to "audit" citizens' mail.

See Hidden Spy System still exists in old post office.

And government "auditing" of our every move and communique continues in very modern fashion with snazzy tech gadgets galore.


So what about the fabled Orwellian year 1984 and its background influences provided by the two Solar Eclipses of that year? Well, for one thing, both eclipses occurred at significant degrees:

1. May 30, 1984 @ '9Gemini' conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55--progressive, radical planet of Technology and The Future. This eclipse fell in the 4 North Saros Series which began on May 25, 1389 (OS) @ 12Gem08--conjunct natal Descendant in the US natal Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.)

4N brings a difficult time of restriction, separation, restraint, and illusions with events that block individuals who then are prone to misjudging strengths of self and/or situation; waiting until the eclipse influences passes before taking any real action is advisable.

4N last manifested on June 10, 2002 @ '20Gem' during the Bush-Cheney regime--conjunct US natal Mars; 4N next occurs in the difficult year of 2020 at a propitious moment at Summer Solstice--June 21, 2020 @ '00Cancer', a World Point of Manifestation which was triggered at Summer Solstice 2001 @ '00Cancer'--the Pre-Natal Eclipse of 9/11/01.

This is one of the reasons that some astrologers including this one, consider the year 2020 to be a watershed opportunity for global despotism. The 4N Series links 2020 to 1984 through a cosmic conduit that runs directly through 2001 and thus to the perpetual war events, surveillance outrages, and undemocratic legislation that resulted and which bedevil us still.

No wonder a new President Obama had no chance of ending US wars overseas while simultaneously morphing them into a more mercenary/private contractor enterprise and keeping massive and costly US military bases, 'diplomatic' compounds, and prisons in place across the globe.

2. November 22, 1984 @ '1Sag', a degree with a Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which has obvious implications for America in the so-called Global War on Terror--and points to Orwell's prediction of perpetual war. This eclipse manifested in the 4 South Saros Series which carries within its rays very strong feelings about money and/or relationships. Portents include anger, lust, and a sense of fatedness (perfect for our 1984 sensibilities); relationship events are beyond any one's control, emotions are blocked and frustrated, and there may be a desire to suddenly end relationships; rash action should be avoided until things settle down.

4S began on March 19, 1624 @ '29 Pisces' near Aries Point; 4S next occurs on December 14, 2020 which makes 2020 a replay of the year 1984 in relation to Big Brother and our 1984 concerns--both years contain two Solar Eclipses from the same two Series.

Soon after 2020 comes 2022, the year that powerful, wealthy bloodline-promoting Pluto returns to its natal (Rx) position in America's natal horoscope @ 27Cap33. The Sabian Symbol for '28Cap' may be more significant than we as yet realize though to some people we're obviously on just such a path with Politics as Big Brother's excuse:

"A Large Aviary"...and the negative/unconscious/shadow side of '28Cap'?

Loss of all character in sheer officiousness.

Global bureaucrats rejoice?


For a skulk down memory lane, here's a SO'W post from 2006 showing links between George Orwell's natal chart and the horoscope of 9/11/01.

Eclipse info: Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.

'28Cap' from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones. Also on-topic is Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala and its Keyword for '28Cap': CLAIRAUDIENCE..."meaning a capacity for being responsive to many inner voices."

Now isn't that your iPhone ringing?


Speaking of predictions, here's a video of Terence McKenna (1946--2000) discussing Earth's 26,000-year alignment with Galactic Center in 2012, the Tree of Life, and worm holes. McKenna is the fellow who brilliantly foresaw a New Millennial "transcendental object" that would keep everyone's attention transfixed, an obvious description of the Smartphones and iPads people keep their faces glued to day and night!