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Aug 10, 2010

The Fed meets today, Jupiter-Neptune, and Plunder

Danny Schechter, whose documentary Plunder: The Crime of Our Time is being shown and re-shown on LINK TV these days (do catch it, if you can) has written an excellent article on the Wall Street Collapse 3 years later.

Comparing Wall Street's collapse and the current 'recovery' talking points the American public is being treated to with the BP-Gulf Oil Gusher's mysteriously disappearing oil, Mr. Schechter gives an overview of what was being written in 2007 along with his views on the topic, August 2010.

At the moment, I'm looking at a sunrise chart for 'Nixon ends debt redemption' when paying off debts became impossible, thanks to Tricky Dick and his pals. The date was August 14, 1971, in the midst of another bubbly, inflationary Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

Here are the dates and degrees of the speculation pair's meet-up which began a new cycle of their financial scheming (they are near conjunction in the NYSE natal chart: Jupiter 22Lib57 Rx, Neptune 27Lib42 Rx in 3rd house, May 17, 1792 10:00 am LMT, NYC):

1. Feb 1, 1971 @ 2Sag47
2. May 22, 1971 @ 1Sag44
3. Sep 16, 1971 @ 00Sag37

All these early Sag degrees relate to war.

Then during Reagan's terms there was a Great Conjunction as well but only once, on January 19, 1984 @ 00Cap01 (!) I believe I've blogged on this one before in my post on Reagan's signing of the Garn-St. Germain Act when he stated, "I think we've hit the jackpot!" It was a happy Jupiter Return (15Scorpio) for Ronald Reagan and pals.

Then there was the presidency of Bill Clinton, a topic I've never properly covered here. 'His' Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurred on Jan 9, 1997 @ 27Cap09 - conjunct US natal Jup/Nep = n Pluto: far reaching speculations; plans unreasonable beyond measure; a great loss. (Ebertin.)

Well, I know President Obama's 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune in May-July-December of 2009 have been covered here ad nauseum so I won't wax on (especially since internet service goes off and on this week due to work on my neighborhood's lines) except to say that the planetary pair of speculation, bubbles, and inflation has marked the presidencies of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama.

(Clinton's presidency also enjoyed a fabulous windfall of Jupiter and Uranus, the scientific, technological pair: Feb 16, 1997 @ 5AQ56 conjunct US natal South Node.)

But what of George W. Bush? What monetary (Jupiter) pairing marked his terms?

Plutocratic Jupiter-Pluto whose Great Conjunction of December 11, 2007 @ 28Sag24 timed one of the Fed's interest rate reduction meetings-announcements.

And they are meeting again today as I type so if they follow their usual pattern an announcement will occur today around @2:15 pm edt during a Jupiter Hour...

ASC 22Sco38 = Saturn/NN: pulling back; suffering under difficulties with others.

Sun 18Leo01 (Venus' position on 9/11/01 and the degree of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse) is focal point within a Fist of God pattern with the separating Jupiter-Pluto square at its base...

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: accumulation of personal power and influence; successful use of strong personality power; doing well with all resources; keeping things in one's own grip; the creation of magical effects. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

'Magical effects' for Mr. Obama to tout us into confidence? I might be okay with that if only it worked! But I fret that it's all just another bubbly scenario floating on top of toxin-infused water.

And of course, you know that the titanic Cardinal T-Square undergirds everything these days and includes today's Venus-Mars conjunction in Libra, Saturn in Libra, Jupiter 2Ari52 Rx, and Uranus 00Ari06 Rx -- all pointing toward Pluto 3Cap05 Rx in 2nd house at 2:15 pm in Washington DC.

The 9th house Moon 26AQ59 (just past last evening's New Moon in Leo) opposes both US natal Moon and tr Neptune 27AQ34 Rx which sits upon US natal Moon...fraud and lies to the people! Another Fed pronouncement is on the way...

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