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Aug 14, 2010

Power Over Nations: the International Banking Cartel

Damon Vrabel has an informative piece on the Fed, the global economy, and the International Banking Cartel which, he asserts, really exists. A list of their names by country is included in his Monopoly Money and the International Banking Cartel, a group of un-elected bigwigs now wielding 'power over nations' and to which we must Just Say No.

No wonder it's common to use secretive Pluto as a signifier for these obscenely wealthy manipulators when working with mundane charts, right?

And if we add Chiron to Pluto, we get disenfranchisement, oppression, class warfare, slavery, communism, statism, corporatism (also shown by asteroid Cupido: the Family, the Syndicate), capitalism, the resultant fascism, bolshevikism (is there such a word? workerism?), collectivism, internationalism, nationalism, primal violence, racism, ethnic 'cleansing', genderism, most other -isms, and other attitudes and tactics which harm or make people feel unheeded and/or threatened including one we're seeing more and more of: population control (the weeding out of the many to benefit the few.)

We might have to hand it to them though because of how masterful they've been through the years at using capitalism's 'American Dream' and 'you too can work your way to riches' tenets to spur workers on - yet it's being used against the people now that it turns out that what they really mean is, We got ours (much of which is actually yours or earned by your sweat) and now that the chips are down, you're on your own, chumps.

PS: We of the IBC have all the world's money and precious resources tucked away where you'll never find them. So...See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

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