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Nov 16, 2015

Thom Hartmann on "The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America and What We Can Do to Stop It - video

If the power elite do crash the economy in 2016 (or 2017), then the next president selected in November 2016 will have to be in on The Game and play along with it or he/she will not be placed in the White House.

Nov 15, 2015

The World Bank and the Future of Poverty - video (w Astrology)

A report from Stuff They Don't Want You to Know:

As you know, the US-UK creation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were engineered to be justified by World War II and were founded at Bretton Woods, N.H. in July 1944. The groups' intellectual 'founding fathers' were John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White, chief international economist at the US Treasury. The establishment of "a new global economic order" was a goal with a hidden agenda to "integrate elites of all countries into the capitalist world system of rewards and punishments."

Although the World Bank displays a pro-society logo that says End Poverty, it seems to me that they've had decades to do just that but have made very few improvements in the world other than to bribe heads of state. And of course, WB-IMF loans to governments come with strings attached and if you wish, read more about these global wheeler-dealers...

John Maynard Keynes: a Prolific Writer with Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Gemini

Related: the Natal Horoscope of John Maynard Keynes with a few biographical details. You'll see that his 10th house of Career and Public Status is stuffed full with his New Moon self: Sun, Moon, Mercury (Gemini), Venus conjunct Neptune (Taurus), and Saturn conjunct Pluto (00-2 Gemini, a violent area of the Zodiac.) South Node @9Taurus conjoins Midheaven (inherited abilities; his father determined that mathematics would be his career direction) and his 2nd house ($) Uranus (originality; genius) @19Virgo dynamically squares the Sun-Moon-Mercury trio while trining Neptune. Also, the plutocracy pair conjoin though out-of-sign: Pluto @00Gemini conjunct Chiron @29Taurus, a critical 29th degree, denoting the crisis conditions of power and manipulation that he dealt with, often behind the scenes.

Keynes' birth data is accurate for it's Rodden Rated AA (quoted BC/BR; collector: Blackwell): June 5, 1883 9:45 am GMT Cambridge, England; ASC 25Leo07; MC 12Tau18; 8th cusp 14Pisces. Curiously, Keynes (Baron of Tilton since 1942) at age 63 died on April 21, 1946 of a heart attack shortly after returning from the first meeting of IMF and WB Boards of Governors in Savannah, GA. My suspicious self wonders if perhaps his death was quite convenient for someone but of course it may have been perfectly innocent even with an inconclusive 'mysterious death' signature of Pisces on 8th cusp. Keynes' American counterpart in the formation of the World Bank and IMF, Harry Dexter White, also died of a heart attack in August 1948..."Men's hearts failing them for fear"?

Oct 15, 2015

Why The Crash of 2016 Will Happen - Thom Hartmann (plus, Antares)

For your consideration:

Saturn, a New Moon, a Scorpion, and a Malevolent Star

Okay, this is probably of no moment but during the secret Federal Reserve System's planning session held on Jekyll Island, Georgia in late 1910 between "duck hunters" Senator Aldrich, newly arrived German banker Paul Warburg, agents of J.P. Morgan and other financial firms, a New Moon perfected at 9 Sagittarius (rounded up from 8+), a degree area that transiting Saturn will reach in December 2015. 'Addressing problems' is one of the more positive potentials for the midpoint picture this creates in relation to events of the 1910 New Moon: Sun-Moon = tr Saturn though 'more disciplined work habits', 'working consistently to achieve results', and 'increased restrictions on progress' are possibilities. Though thinking that Glass-Steagall would be reinstated in order to reign in big banks is, of course, too much to expect! Perhaps the idea that the current brouhaha over chip cards will contribute to Saturnian restrictions on holiday spending and merchant profitability is more like it.

So as you know, the days immediately surrounding a New Moon are considered 'the dark of the Moon' phase (aka, balsamic) and a good time for perpetrating shady activities within a shadowy environment--the actions you want to hide. Even the name of the Fed endeavor is shady and meant to deceive the public for it is neither 'federal' nor does it hold assets in 'reserve' for it is a private corporation created to take control of the US government, the National Treasury, and the credit system with crashes and bubbles included.

And while today's media notes that only 158 families have contributed 50% of political donations in the early stretch of Campaign 2016 to certain candidates of a Republican persuasion, let us further note that in 1910, membership in the Jekyll Island Club (the private, isolated location of their treasonous drafting of a plan to control the money and credit of the American public) was by inheritance only. Then 100 years later in November 2010, the modern crop of Fed bankers were spotlighted by the Washington Post as, Fed has starring role in 'Return to Jekyll Island' making it obvious that the New Moon of 1910 and the planning sessions their ancestors attended under cover of a 'duck hunt' remains a point of pride and achievement for them.

However, yours truly has found no information on whether any ducks lost their lives in 1910 or in 2010 but the American people have certainly lost livelihoods, savings, and pensions many times before and since 1910 viaFed-induced bubbles, collapses, the overprinting of US currency, and just plain fraud.

Naturally, astrologers recognize the 8/9 Sag degree area as that of a royal star of Persia, Antares, the Watcher of the West, a malevolent and destructive influence (deVore.) Yes, Antares provides success yet indicates their financial venture and subsequent control and manipulation of the US economic system and government is fueled by obsession of the kind that eventually leads to downfall and the loss of all that's been gained through intensity being used even when it's unnecessary. Antares (Alpha Scorpius) is the Heart of the Scorpion and refers to the Celtic myth of the scorpion on the frog's back who caused his own death via his inability to control his deepest, darkest nature.

So with a sense of inevitability, here is the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog (we're the frog):

Apr 23, 2015

The TPP, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Modernizing the WTO

Brief Planetary Considerations on Trade 1995--2015

by Jude Cowell

Did you see Alex Manson's article of April 20, 2015 in the Wall Street Journal about Modernizing the WTO?

Mr. Manson writes that the trade organization has to "adapt if it wants to stay relevant" which seems a notable topic for a newspaper article considering the current tussle over the President Obama's insistence on Fast Track Authority so that the Trans-Atlantic Partnership (#TPP) can be shoved through Congress with the public kept in the dark over its provisions and threats to US workers, environmental protections, national sovereignty, and who-knows-what other serious changes to our world.

Just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren about Fast Track and the TPP. She says You Can't Read This because the American public wouldn't like the TPP at all if we knew what's in it and I must agree. If the TPP is so great why can't we know about it before it becomes law, replaces US laws, and gives international corporations an even stronger hand of disenfranchisement against workers?

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill can read the TPP--in private but then they cannot discuss its details and that alone should make anyone suspicious. And some say that the majority of the TPP's text has nothing to do with trade!

Well, on a similar topic I took look today at a founding horoscope for the World Trade Organization (WTO) since it supposedly has oversight over international trade deals, a duty which is possibly now abandoned. WTO's founding date is January 1, 1995 and since I have no specific hour, one of the charts I'm reading is symbolically set for the New Moon @10Cap33 that morning at 11:55:38 am CET Geneva, Switzerland, location of WTO headquarters. Naturally the 2-3 days leading up to the New Moon was a dark time when shady things go bump in the night!

Note that the WTO's 10Cap solar-lunar degree naturally conjoins the United Kingdom's natal Sun of Jan 1, 1801 (UK natal Moon 19Can26 in 10th house 12:00 am London, UK--Campion).

And since the WSJ article (linked above) about modernizing the WTO was published on April 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm ET, I set up that horoscope in order to view current transits to the WTO chart of 1995. Here are the primary transits now in progress with a focus on conjunctions to the New Moon chart of 1995 which has Cardinal Points of Prominence angular: 1Ari21 rising and 00Cap37 at Midheaven (MC):

2015 Neptune conjunct WTO Saturn @8Pis01 (in 12th house of Politics and Back Room Deals), a time when traditions and structures may disintegrate and circumstances (TPP = a new sheriff in town?) require a new approach to the handling of authority). Another transit is that of Saturn Rx to natal Jupiter @4Sag49 (in natal 8th house of Corporatism, Big Business, and Transformation) which times a period with the retrograde of Saturn when prosperity and growth may be restricted; a slower return for the WTO's efforts may be expected and some wealth, knowledge, and/or power may have to be shared and spread around.

The last conjunctions in this brief consideration of the WTO natal chart involves transformative Pluto, the saboteur and spy, now at 15Cap32 Rx. Powerful Pluto, planet of hidden wealth in secret places, is poised among the WTO's natal Sun, Moon, Mercury (21Cap10), Neptune (22:35), and Uranus (25:29) and will be there for the next few years. I am assuming that the WTO will continue to exist, of course.

Pluto to natal Sun and Moon, then Mercury, marks an extended period of turmoil and transformation of power and goals with ego being the driving motivation for most actions. Knowledge will make a difference in retaining one's power with ideas and plans becoming more intensely focused and previous concepts altered to allow for more relevance. Calls for modernization echo this requirement in order to increase the organization's influence.

When transit Pluto reaches natal Neptune (fresh off its Great Conjunction/s with Uranus three times in 1993 = new world order, or, Global Government which is what I believe the WTO and the TPP are all about), the WTO may expect an erosion of power via undermining forces which are difficult to detect. Sabotage, perhaps cyber, and/or newer systems may replace or greatly change the WTO's structure, methods, and traditions (all this planetary stimulation by Pluto is occurring in the structural status quo sign of Capricorn).

Pluto is within orb (5 Degrees) of natal Neptune in January 2017 and first conjoins the nebulous planet of fraud, deception, and corruption in early 2019. With WTO's natal Uranus @25Cap29, transit Pluto enters its electrical vicinity for the first time ever in February 2018 and perfects its first conjunction in 2020:

Pluto to natal Uranus will mark a period of technological advances which will deeply affect the WTO agenda and its business concerns and jobs related, or part of, federal or national programs. Popular protests may erupt in response to government actions with freedom and independence as topics of concern--as they are now with the secretive TPP deal being swept along no matter how We the People express concern and suspicion.

As a panacea for TPP critics once Fast Track Authority is gained, a 60-day period of public comment is promised and may be timed by political and financial planet Jupiter in Leo reaching its shadow degree (where investing Jupiter turned Rx on December 8, 2014) and passing it (early July 2015) and, barring political or planetary obstructions, this change of direction denotes forward movement on several financial and political levels, all of which will affect the lives of people in the United States and in other nations as well.

Yes, we're mired in a new-world-order swamp, folks, and no one in Washington DC is telling the complete truth of what the corporate globe-knitting embedded within the TPP really intends.

#WTO #TPP #ElizabethWarren #WSJ #Jupiter

Apr 24, 2013

Austerity Spread Sheets Flawed (Colbert video)

Stephen Colbert interviews graduate student Thomas Herndon who discovered in writing a paper for his professor that the spreed sheets used to justify the benefits of austerity measures contain faulty numbers, plus, the much-cited Growth in a Time of Debt by Rogoff and Reinhart completely leaves out the improved economies of Australia and others in order to further support their faulty conclusions that austerity is beneficial.

As noted on this blog previously, austerity cuts are a huge mistake, the kind of 'mistake' people make in order to force their selfish ideology on to those who didn't cause the engineered crises that are allegedly being cured, and to grab more of the world's resources for themselves. "Austerity is counter productive," says Mr. Herndon, and the suffering caused in countries with austerity-implementing governments is now laid plainly at the hooves of such politicians--including those obstructionist Ayn Rand-ers of Washington DC.

Why? To crash the global economy to the point where populations plead for any system to be set up--even a devilish 'new world order'!

May 11, 2012

FDR on "economic demoralization" plus, Morgan Chase revelations

A revealing quote from *Uranian President Franklin Delano Roosevelt seems applicable to current conditions in America as inner and outer forces continue undermining and destructuring our government and transforming the very lives of the American people:

"Here in America we are waging a great and successful war. It is not alone a war against want and destitution and economic demoralization. It is more than that; it is a war for the survival of democracy."

FDR June 27, 1936

Eclipses Reveal, Pluto in Capricorn Destructures, and Venus Shows Her Face

by Jude Cowell

As you know, June 24, 2012 brings earthlings the first of seven exact squares of frustration and unrest between upstart Uranus and Pluto the powerful (from Aries to Capricorn, a difficult Mars-Saturn, stop-go vibration.) These two generational planets' current cycle began with three Great Conjunctions in the mid-1960s in mid-Virgo, discriminating sign of The Critic, and of Work, Health, and Service. Virgo's 'The Virgin' archetype appears often in the iconography of America and is usually shown holding a sheaf of wheat. Ceres, Columbia, Mary, and Isis are a few of Virgo's many faces as well and the constellation's stars link our nation with Egyptian myths and goddesses along with an older goddess, Innana whose planet is Venus, now implicated in the Mayan Calendar long count which ends December 21, 2012 at Winter Solstice's alignment with Galactic Center. Plus, busy Venus is about to perform her rare transit of the Sun on June 5-6, 2012--while in mid-Gemini!

Then there's the soon-arriving May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse in Gemini (communications; trade and commerce; travel; duplicity) which conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone, keyphrase: something to cry about.) This may be of interest to you especially if you've heard CEO Jamie Dimon's sour news about the $2 billion-dollar trading loss riskily finagled by (the House of) JP Morgan Chase.

Astoundingly JPMC managed to effect their "flawed" strategy in only six weeks! Apparently fraudulent Neptune now in early degrees of its own murky sign of Pisces has helped lift London trader The Whale up from the depths and into the consciousness of the collective and into our bank accounts.

Are Globalists aiming for a World Economic Collapse? It seems so to me. The ongoing opposition between transiting Mars (males) and Neptune (loss and crime) is now separating but has been squaring the Nodal axis (direction)--lots of naughty, criminal, and misguided actions have resulted. Let's watch closely the next G-20 Summit in June in Mexico, home of The Maya, a Summit timed with Venus Transit 2012--as was the 2004 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia! Sea Island is, of course, very near Jekyll Island where the secretive meeting ('summit') of banksters planned in late 1910 the creation of the Federal Reserve System which The City of London (aka, 'the Square Mile'), backed by a certain European banking House, directs.

Predictably the announced losses by Morgan Chase are very unpromising for the US and global financial markets 'going forward'--and possibly for the re-election prospects of President Obama since financial revelations by other banks (ex: CitiGroup, weak banks in Spain, etc) will mount as Uranian "shock waves" are suddenly dragging things downward across the globe as the Geminian news spreads. Well, today is May 11 but solar eclipses astrologically can influence conditions for up to two weeks prior to eclipse manifestion and they often bring The Hidden to light, as you know--plus, keywords for the current Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37 include "A peculiar turn of events." To add complexity to current conditions, these two Solar Eclipse degrees are opposite one another (00Gem21 v 2Sag37) thus yoking their indications.

Mittens Romney, Hairstylist

Even candidate Mitt Romney's bullying ways in high school are now uncovered in the Washington Post (yet he seems so mild!) His forcefully cutting another student's long hair, strapping the family dog to the top of the family car for a twelve-hour a pattern of arrogance at best, cruelty at worst, being revealed? 'Funny' how both Romney and Dimon have used the word "stupid" to describe their questionable actions. We have entered the May Eclipse season and there may very well be more of such awkward and unfortunate revelations in the news, sorry to many culprits and only a 24/7 news cycle!

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do," said J. P. Morgan, client and student of the great astrologer Evangeline Adams.

And speaking of Morgan Chase, you may wish to check out a previous post on old wheeler-dealer financier and astrologer J.P. Morgan Sr himself which cites April 2008 transits to his natal chart (shown.)


*FDR is 'Uranian' because his natal chart shows quirky genius Uranus rising and the sign of Uranus describes the behavior of each 7 1/2-year generation, the approximate length of time that Uranus remains in each of the twelve signs--here, in Gemini. Yes, communication, acting, juggling, quick decision-making, trading, equality, and duplicity were some of his specialties!


On a lighter note:

Calling all Fine Art Lovers who find themselves in the Canton, GA area the weekend of May 19-20: the Canton Fine Arts Festival will delight--plus there will be a writer's workshop led by Terry Kay, author of To Dance with the White Dog so do drop in and bring the kids for art activities, a Serenity Garden, and more!

Aug 14, 2010

Power Over Nations: the International Banking Cartel

Damon Vrabel has an informative piece on the Fed, the global economy, and the International Banking Cartel which, he asserts, really exists. A list of their names by country is included in his Monopoly Money and the International Banking Cartel, a group of un-elected bigwigs now wielding 'power over nations' and to which we must Just Say No.

No wonder it's common to use secretive Pluto as a signifier for these obscenely wealthy manipulators when working with mundane charts, right?

And if we add Chiron to Pluto, we get disenfranchisement, oppression, class warfare, slavery, communism, statism, corporatism (also shown by asteroid Cupido: the Family, the Syndicate), capitalism, the resultant fascism, bolshevikism (is there such a word? workerism?), collectivism, internationalism, nationalism, primal violence, racism, ethnic 'cleansing', genderism, most other -isms, and other attitudes and tactics which harm or make people feel unheeded and/or threatened including one we're seeing more and more of: population control (the weeding out of the many to benefit the few.)

We might have to hand it to them though because of how masterful they've been through the years at using capitalism's 'American Dream' and 'you too can work your way to riches' tenets to spur workers on - yet it's being used against the people now that it turns out that what they really mean is, We got ours (much of which is actually yours or earned by your sweat) and now that the chips are down, you're on your own, chumps.

PS: We of the IBC have all the world's money and precious resources tucked away where you'll never find them. So...See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

Nov 20, 2008

Not a Normal Recession

This Is Not A Normal Recession: Moving on to Plan B

By Mike Whitney

The global economy is being sucked into a black hole and most Americans have no idea why. The whole problem can be narrowed down to two words: "structured finance."


Woo! "Black hole"..."structured" finance...if he keeps it up, Mr. Whitney will become an astrologer by default before he knows it!

Dec 21, 2007

Iraq War affects US dollar

Amy Quinn has sent me a link to which has a list of 20 hidden ways in which the Iraq War is affecting the value of the US dollar.

Be sure to read the 20th one--that popular presidents tend to inspire popularity for the dollar. After the disaster-filled Bush residency, it's surprising to me that the world hasn't switched back to using shells and beads.

Or perhaps we will by the time these global elitists get done with us.

Dec 10, 2007

collapsing America going well, thanks

As this blog and many others have been saying for years:

The Planned Collapse of USA

By Peter Chamberlin

We risk blowing the world apart, to avoid watching America slowly choke on its own excesses. The government has known for decades that America is on a countdown to self-destruction. Among the elite it is common knowledge that our "global economy" must one day collapse from its own dead weight...

Read article here.

Got mortgage? Well, in 2001 Bush did speechify America as an "ownership society"--he just didn't say who'd be doing the owning in his poppa's New World Order.

My previous post, Cheney and 9/11 has Cheney's Secondary Progressed chart (the physical plane) set for 9/11/01 and voila! the pair of plutocracy, oppression, and class warfare, Pluto/Chiron, sits at the top o' the chart--the Midheaven, the WHY? or Aspiration Point of any chart.

As you know, a Progressed chart is always based on a natal chart, so I can't make this up.

It's ugly but quite a descriptive sight, in case you missed it 'ere this, so take a peek if you may...collapse of The Tower continues as per the globalists' plan.

Even with my natal Jupiter/Saturn trine and its sense of humor, I am not, nor have I ever been, kidding.