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Oct 6, 2010

Campaign donors to Congress, Pluto opposite US n Sun

With November midterm 2010 upon us in short order, Mother Jones has published a helpful Campaign Cash Seating Chart showing who owns Congress, House and Senate.

An interesting example is Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), the toadie who apologized to BP (poor things!) after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. One of Barton's primary donors is Anadarko Petroleum, owner of 25% of BP's...wait for it...Deepwater Horizon well.

You know this is the sort of thing that belongs in SO'W's How can they think no one notices? file. The sad part is, before going to polling booths across the country on November 2, will anyone care which industries and corporations they're voting for?

Caution: if you vote (and I hope you will - though if everyone decides to stay home I can do that, too, to send a message - but it must be everyone) on November 2, you will be voting for skunks, crooks, vermin, varmints, shills, and bandits. If a decent person slips through and ends up on Capitol Hill, they will soon be disabused of the notion that anything fundamental can change about Washington DC politics because entrenched power politicians won't allow their cushy positions to be lost - and they play for keeps. Though some incumbents have already dropped out rather than face who-knows-what (blackmail for some distant sin?), there are plenty of them still skulking about the halls of power with string pullers making sure they stay in place in order to promote the globalists' bigger picture.

Yet transiting Pluto in Capricorn may have other ideas which disenfranchise America if she doesn't play globalist ball.

The next transition brought to us by secret manipulator Pluto, the planet of 'powerful forces' is lining up now and will first hit US natal Jupiter by opposition on January 17, 2011 (Sibly chart.) Pluto opposing natal Jupiter indicates a period when our economic status is not favored. We may not know who or what stands in our way (mysterious Pluto in Capricorn, sign of the olde countrie) yet whatever has truly been achieved cannot be's the wispy wealth that exists only on paper or in a cyberland cloud which may disappear with a touch of Pluto's magician's wand.

Pluto opposing natal Jupiter, planet of money and abundance, brings obstacles to progress as well and there's little to be done toward improvement. This is a know when to hold 'em transit of subdued aspirations, something our Jupiter-ruled nation has trouble accepting, and it relates not just to finances but to politics, higher education (Pres. Obama is already touting community colleges and I believe he's correct about their practicality for job hunters), religion, and other 9th house matters where Pluto intends to fight for control of our minds - America is the only nation to be founded upon 'an idea' after all.

Adding to the complexity, the plutonian processes of destructuring and transformation will be ongoing during our nation's Saturn Return which begins in short order: December 3, 2010, March 22, 2011, and August 28, 2011...2011 contains both these difficult transits involving Saturn and Pluto. The most positive thing I know to say about this cruel pair (Saturn and Pluto) is that they can signify an adept or a magician - and that's assuming either archetype has positive motivations.

So beware schemes of expansion in 2011. Whatever you have, perhaps you should be content to keep it. I will if you will.

Also of concern in the realm of politics is the upcoming opposition of Pluto to US natal Sun (the leader) - a few years off, yet part of Pluto's travails into Capricorn which will result in America's Pluto Return 27Cap33 before slow-moving Pluto enters Aquarius.

Pluto opposing US natal Sun is a five-fer which draws out the excruciating process:

1. March 14, 2014
2. May 17, 2014
3. January 5, 2015
4. August 17, 2015
5. November 1, 2015

Now as with all transits, there are several mitigating influences of positivity occurring simultaneously, yet Pluto is skulking in the background where he's hard to see much less anticipate or counter. He prefers an advantage however he can steal it.

Pluto opposite US natal Sun describes a major power play against the leadership of the US with a contest of wills in a no-compromise situation. Sinister manipulation is the order of the day (2014-2015 and beyond) and the possibilities for manifestation are endless. Yet we may be fairly certain that bruised egos will result and America's self-image as a world power will be seriously affected - unless we carry Pluto's water (which we already do as a global police force instituting the New World Order.)

Will a president attempt to stand up to this world domination agenda? No amount of ruthlessness on the part of our Sun will suffice for resources will be depleted and power in the world will be lessened. It's difficult to say just what may occur but abuse of power or its destruction are so often part of Pluto's motivation.

Interesting that America was billed in olden days by Sir Francis Bacon and others as The New Atlantis and as you know, the asteroid Atlantis is used in Mundane Astrology to represent, among other things, abuse of power and a feeling of doom. And nothing can change the fact that in 1776, Pluto was posited in Capricorn, a sign and archetype whose pan pipes even now seem to be wafting an orpheic tune upon the breeze as reap-what's-sown karma readies in the wings for a starring role on the world stage.

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