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Jun 13, 2019

Saturn-Pluto and our Social Safety Net Chickens

Year 2020: Karmic Pile-Ups and the Social Order

Listening to C-SPAN Radio this morning my ears perked up when the discussion turned to Social Security issues and mention was made of the social safety net program's crisis of 1982 and into the 1980s. Googling a bit I soon located an archived New York Times op-ed from May 20, 1982 concerning the "recurrent crisis" of funding the program, Social Security in 1982, 1984, and 2020 stating in 1982 that, "The more worrisome crisis is still decades away"..."By about 2020, {} there may be trouble."

Now politicians, economists, and others have been aware of such funding issues all along and "there may be trouble" time is upon us, folks, Baby Boom Bubble and all. And while I don't like typing it, the timing points toward the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto: on November 8, 1982 @27Libra36 and the upcoming conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Capricorn46 (both charts linked in the next paragraph). Of course, Venus-ruled Libra is an Air sign of thoughts and ideas, while Saturn-ruled Capricorn is a practical Earth sign through which ideas become reality.

Now, as January 2020 approaches, the most popular content here on Stars Over Washington of late is my recent post displaying both DC Horoscopes of the 1982 and 2020 conjunctions of these heavyweight planets: restrictive Saturn, one of the two societal planets along with expansive Jupiter, and transformative planet Pluto, the usual suspect manipulating powerfully from behind the curtain and a favorite planet of exploiting plutocrats the world over. In fact, America's Predatory Capitalism is one of the basic cash cows funding Plutocracy along with outright theft and criminality.

As for Saturn-Pluto, together their energies in the political sphere support such potentials as 'upsets in existing checks and balances', 'turmoil in any rigid or older structure', 'lengthy consideration of methods of removal or destruction', 'hoarding resources for potential future disasters', 'keeping affairs private or not open to scrutiny' (Trump's tryin'!), and/or 'secret preparations for future restrictions' preparations which I suspect are ongoing. (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey.)

Additional Note: the Saturn-Pluto cycle is approximately 33-38 years in length and prior to 1982, these particular karmic planets conjoined on August 11, 1947 @13Leo07. And by 'karmic' I mean the natural law of reaping what was sown, not that my granny thought she was Marie Antoinette!

Thus it appears that the troubling chickens that squawk within America's Social Security program are on the verge of coming home to roost just as expected for decades (for politicians chickened out on implementing fixes that would have eased the funding situation while purloining its trust fund monies) and the harsh conditions and constrictive energies of the Saturn-Pluto duo are regretfully implicated as cosmic descriptor and timing agent of our Social Security program's karmic troubles that lurk within.

And so it seems necessary to close this dreary post (sorry, dear reader!) the same way my favorite journalist, muckraker, and "all-around swell fellow" Brad Friedman ends each one of his podcasts...Good Luck, World.

Related Posts include: Saturn-Pluto, Economic Recessions, and Eclipses, and beginning in April 2020, plutocrats and the Federal Reserve System will enjoy three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions in the 22--25 degree range of governmental Capricorn. And of course, 2020 ends with a Great Conjunction of social order planets Jupiter and Saturn @00AQ29 at Winter Solstice 2020--and conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS). Significant to the presidency and to Inauguration 2021? You betcha.

Above fowl: public domain image of a Chicken Silhouette.

Jan 13, 2017

Jan 12, 2017: C-SPAN Hacked By Russia? - video (w Mercury-Pluto)

Well, it seems the Full Wolf Moon @22Cancer on the morning of January 12, 2017 brought interruptions of an unusual variety to Capitol Hill confirmation hearings though I had thought its orb of 2+ degrees from US natal Mercury Rx (which brings along its opposition to powerful saboteur Pluto in Capricorn) was perhaps too wide to cause much trouble in Washington. Apparently I was wrong as you'll see in this brief discussion:

Raw Story has more details.

Jun 24, 2011

House votes No to US military action in Libya 6.24.11

Have congress members found their backbones or are they worried about their fund-raising for the next election? Well, on C-SPAN I watched much of this morning's 'debate' on the House floor over action in Libya so this news nugget is of little surprise.

I hope the US drops this ill-timed, unaffordable, and immoral mission and that you too caught Dennis Kucinich's impassioned speeches this morning - his remarks are definitely worth finding if you can, and I shall search for a video of him for posting here asap:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Rejects Measure To Continue U.S Role In Libya

The House has voted down a measure giving President Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya. More at NPR.

More on this and other topics is being broadcast as I type by the excellent Thom Hartmann. And the transiting South Node (SN) is nearing US natal Mars (military; god of war) closer and closer as you read these words - and we have a US Mars Return coming soon...

Jan 18, 2011

Washington DC iced in Today, Hu Jintao lands 1.18.11

It's been years since I lived in the District of Columbia but if you do, you awoke today to major iced in conditions.

Here in Georgia, we received a layer of crusty ice over several inches of snow last week, now it's DC's turn to slip'n'slide. Bridges are especially treacherous under these conditions yet I suppose President Hu Jintao, leader of the Communist Party in China, will be landing on US soil all the same for four days of meetings with President Obama and (our mostly corrupt, self-serving) business leaders.

Then on Wednesday at 4:20 pm est, there will be a Full Moon over Washington. You may be interested in viewing its horoscope and reading about its crisis-degree condition during Hu Jintao's visit, and for its revealing Sabian Symbols: Moon '30Can' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" and Sun '30Cap' = "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference".

A revolutionary spirit does seem to be in the air as many people have felt, yet continuing trade between China and the US is in the best interests of both nations and the world. And as for secret conferences, it's seldom easy to keep things hidden or secret in the light of a Full Moon, in spite of any one's inscrutability!

Yet realistically, it's always easy as pie in Washington DC and in Politics to lie about what was really discussed yet they say that Hu Jintao doesn't do press conferences. Guess our guys will have to do the spinning. But not to fret, for they have plenty of experience - it's truth they have trouble with.

C-SPAN is billing Hu's visit as a US-China Summit and notes that a small dinner will be held tonight at the White House in President Hu's honor.

And since US taxpayers are responsible for tonight's dinner tab, we may wonder if Democracy and Communism will drink a toast to one another this evening.

Dec 30, 2010

Gerald Celente: predictions for 2011

Economist Gerald Celente has made financial predictions for 2011.

Not an easy read but worth the trouble if you think facing demons is better than ignoring them and allowing them to fester in darkness.

The most basic planetary transit affecting the US now is Pluto's ongoing opposition to America's natal planets in Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and eventually our Mercury Rx which shows, among other things, a titanic power struggle between our nation and the secret power elite who have engineered the financial crisis (and other crises) for their own New World Order/fascist purposes.

This morning I watched C-SPAN's feature on the first presidential debate on TV (Sep 26, 1960) between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. The tape was shown and once again I was struck by JFK's opening statement in which he laid out what is now in its final stages: whether the world will move toward freedom or slavery.

I leave it to you to decide how we're doing as we look toward 2011.


Blog Note: only one day left to vote in SO'W's Julian Assange-treason poll, upper right; please take a moment to vote if you haven't. Thanks! jc

Heads-Up Update12.30.10 3:16 pm est: just received a link to some very interesting reading at Is Seeing Believing? which might interest anyone concerned about the future of America.

Sep 24, 2008

Solving the Wall Street 'crisis' by Rep Marcy Kaptur: video

Here's the C-Span broadcast of the righteous presentation by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) on the floor of the House in which she gives the rules of Wall Street gentry's playbook and closes with her own proposal which has to sound better to the American tax payer than the shell game we've been witnessing this week on Capitol Hill.

If you never watch another YouTube video, this 5 min 35 sec video is the one to watch.

Wall Street thieves held accountable? Rep Kaptur (an appropriate name in this instance, I must say) says it all as it should be said!

Kaptur has just entered my 1% of politicians who care about doing the people's business!


A big Shout-Out of Thanks to bacalove who provided the video link in a comment! ;p

Update Sept 24, 8:50 pm edt: see a fresh post on Bush's TV tout on behalf of the Wall Street bailout tonight (9 pm edt) here.