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Dec 27, 2010

A Presidency in Review (video) : our Mars/Neptune link

A Presidency in Review: Who is Barack Obama?

Looking around for a general review of President Obama's Oval Office term with which to end 2010, I came upon John Pilger giving his assessment of President Barack Obama in July 2010. This may present the clearest picture yet of the man in the White House and the astrological synchronicity between our nation's *Neptune 22Vir25 (illusion, delusion, self-deception, fraud) connection to Mr. Obama's Mars 22Vir35, planet of motivation, action, and energy.

Neptune is also linked to the (collusive) media, the masses, large entities such as corporations, and Socialism.

Yes, the slogan-based 'Change-Hope' wool (Neptune) proved easy to pull (Mars) over the public's eyes and the mutual Obama-US Mars/Neptune link accounts for much of what some then considered Obama's dreamy rockstar appeal (remember the heady days of Campaign 2008? Obama Girl probably does.) Having his Neptune in sexy Scorpio added to the glamorous effect as well - still does - and helped sell the product: the candidate himself.

For a perfect description of our Mars/Neptune collusion with the Democrat who 'came from out of nowhere' onto the world political stage in 2004, check out what Mr. Pilger has to say about the Obama presidency especially toward the end of this video presentation. Mention is made (as it has been several times on this blog) of Hillary Clinton's and Mr. Obama's secret attendance at the Chantilly, Virginia Bilderberg meeting in June 2008 when it was young Barry who was annointed next 'leader' of the 'free world'!


*The astro-link between US natal Neptune and Mr. Obama's natal Mars qualifies as a Mars-to-natal-Neptune transit for the US on his birthdate, August 4, 1961. The transit marks a time when getting to the bottom of who did what, why, where, or when is impossible or elusive (JFK Inauguration Jan 20, 1961), and the motivations of others are diffcult to ascertain. Physical efforts are secretive, go undetected, or are misunderstood. Alternately, actions may be inspired yet caution is advised when one is around water, gas, chemicals, or drugs (including alcohol.)

Or when driving through Masonic Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on a November day.

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