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Dec 27, 2010

Astrology for a New Year's Resolution? Try Saturn!

First I admired her astrological pseudonym for its cool perfection: Auntie Moon. Then I read and appreciated her common sense style of writing and discussion of astrological principles and their practical applications in daily life.

This evening, as New Year's resolutions begin to form within many little pea brains across the land in an attempt to psyche ourselves up for action - or face the fact that change cannot be delayed any longer - Auntie Moon's C. J. Wright publishes her practical and timely article for the benefit of all.

Having grumped on this blog all year about America's current Saturn Return (3x, so the lessons will spread well into 2011) and fretted over whether or not lessons have been learned by the US government - and the American people, I can do no less than pass on a link to C. J.'s insightful article with info which could be part of a make-or-break tactic suitable for individual, group, or nation when wishing to feel more...resolute.

Now most people who know anything about Saturn and Saturnian principles such as restriction, constriction, delay (patience), accountability, responsibility, loss (long term gain), etc., find themselves dreading the Hoary One's difficult lessons and tasks as he stomps through the Zodiac and the houses (life departments) of our horoscopes, becomes active by progression, and/or shows up prominently or angularly in a return chart or two. What a drag!

But don't let that be you or you'll miss out on valuable stuff for Saturn doesn't 'do' shoddy! You know the one: anything worth doing is worth doing well? Saturn wrote that. Along with the tired old chestnut (fatigued yet true): Time and Patience are the Keys to Success. And that's the kind of lasting success that Saturn prefers.

So as we close in on New Year 2011, it occurs to me that Show Me Your Saturn and I'll Show You a New Year's Resolution You'll Have to Keep can give you solid grounding from which springs the stick-to-itiveness it takes for your inner Saturnian control to leap forth with shield in hand and keep your New Year's resolution intact...and the more realistic your goals, the better your chances for ultimate achievement!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Jude!

I will recall your image of Saturnian control leaping forward with shield in hand should I start to waiver on my own resolutions. You painted an inspiring picture there.

Here's to a strong and solid 2011.

DD said...

Happy New Year!!
Since I have Saturn in the 8th house in my solar return this year and the planet is transiting my 2nd house, you might say I am considering my financial plans, insurances, how being responsible feeds my self esteem and looking for the balance I need with my earnings. Plus turning 65 this year already indicates some financial changes.
You know, I think this astrology stuff might be right :=))

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Auntie Moon, you're welcome! Your article is one of the most useful i've read in many a moon and i hope it circulates to all who can use such advice for improving their New Year! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

DD, Happy New Year to you! Wow, how great that you're up on the Astrology of your chart - that's a lot of Saturnian energy there.

If possible, look back at your last Saturn Return chart for more details such as Saturn transiting its angles, etc! Jude

Duse said...

I'm just happy Saturn is leaving my 2nd House. Yeah, he'll dip back in there for a quick spell when he's retrograde, but I'll be much happier (I think) with him in my 3rd. With all the stuff happening with my writing, it kinda makes sense.

Not yet sure how to make sense of how my Aries Saturn/Venus conjunction in my 9th helps me to keep Resolutions, but that certainly doesn't prevent me from enjoying -- often! -- Auntie Moon's wisdom and words.