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Jan 18, 2011

Washington DC iced in Today, Hu Jintao lands 1.18.11

It's been years since I lived in the District of Columbia but if you do, you awoke today to major iced in conditions.

Here in Georgia, we received a layer of crusty ice over several inches of snow last week, now it's DC's turn to slip'n'slide. Bridges are especially treacherous under these conditions yet I suppose President Hu Jintao, leader of the Communist Party in China, will be landing on US soil all the same for four days of meetings with President Obama and (our mostly corrupt, self-serving) business leaders.

Then on Wednesday at 4:20 pm est, there will be a Full Moon over Washington. You may be interested in viewing its horoscope and reading about its crisis-degree condition during Hu Jintao's visit, and for its revealing Sabian Symbols: Moon '30Can' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" and Sun '30Cap' = "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference".

A revolutionary spirit does seem to be in the air as many people have felt, yet continuing trade between China and the US is in the best interests of both nations and the world. And as for secret conferences, it's seldom easy to keep things hidden or secret in the light of a Full Moon, in spite of any one's inscrutability!

Yet realistically, it's always easy as pie in Washington DC and in Politics to lie about what was really discussed yet they say that Hu Jintao doesn't do press conferences. Guess our guys will have to do the spinning. But not to fret, for they have plenty of experience - it's truth they have trouble with.

C-SPAN is billing Hu's visit as a US-China Summit and notes that a small dinner will be held tonight at the White House in President Hu's honor.

And since US taxpayers are responsible for tonight's dinner tab, we may wonder if Democracy and Communism will drink a toast to one another this evening.

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