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Feb 8, 2011

Robert Parry's Consortium News and the Trajectory of America

The Shadow of Reaganism and Its Trajectory for America

by Jude Cowell

It isn't often I publish a post to shout-out a new feed just added to the Stars Over Washington sidebar yet today is an important exception.

Journalist Robert Parry's articles on Ronald Reagan, particularly Ronald Reagan's 30-Year Time Bombs, are a must-reads for anyone wanting a clear-eyed assessment of the Reagan era without the false reality of the rosy glow the GOP continually applies to Reagan's public image which, they hope, gives them political cover for their current win-at-any-cost activities.

With February 6, 2011 being the 100th anniversary of Reagan's birth, I have posted several entries concerning the Reagan administration of late so when my friend Alex D'Atria sent along a link to Mr. Parry's work, I was stunned to read what in my memory more closely resembles the reality of Reagan policies which have not - no matter how often promoted - brought positive outcomes for our nation.

Yes, the Great Communicator communicated all right and it was through the propaganda tactic of "perception management" that our society began to lose its already weakened grip on reality in the power elite's hopeful preparation for a one-world-government.

No, the preparation didn't begin under Ronald Reagan but since progress is gained by taking small steps, the New World Order totalitarian types used a compliant and often naive leader whose Alzheimer's began, as has now been confirmed by his son, Ron, while the Gipper was nodding off in the White House.

Therefore, Nancy Reagan must have known at the time but had to keep mum in spite of her obvious concern about her husband's deteriorating health. Yet there were others in the Reagan administration who were willing to 'take up the slack' of the duties of the highest, most powerful office in the land.

As Mr. Parry writes, "In the early 1980s, Reagan also credentialed a young generation of neocon intellectuals, who pioneered a concept called “perception management,” the shaping of how Americans saw, understood and were frightened by threats from abroad."

From Iran Contra to Afghanistan to 9/11, Parry's article looks backward and forward at the damage done by Reagan policies and I'm certain you've noticed this year, if not last, the many references in the press to a "30-year" time frame as if the 1980s have magically led to many of the dire conditions we struggle under in 2011 - with little or no mention of just who was in the Oval Office during the promotion of such things as deregulation (financial collapse 2008), the so-called clash of civilizations (Cold War; 9/11), and other Reagan administration implementations which have, as President Obama pointed out, "changed the trajectory of America."

That's quite an understatement of subtle propaganda! With the implication being that Reagan's rhetorical lifting up of our spirits in the 1980s put our nation on a positive course while everyone knows that the trajectory has been downward for all but the power elite and their minions. Even Reagan's 'shining city on a hill' are code words for the Utopian dream of the NWO crowd of corporatists and plutocrats - and to the Freemasonry-elected establishment of the District of Columbia. (See Francis Bacon, Uranus-Neptune, and Pluto.)

These days it seems astounding to me that the Republican Party and other neocon/Zionist-based organizations continue to be so successful in rewriting history, often by the light of a nostalgic, burnished Gipper Glow. So if you even suspect for one minute that Reagan's "Morning in America" has resulted in a New Millennium 'Mourning in America', and if you believe that truth still matters, you may wish to check out Robert Parry's assessment of Reaganism and the Reagan Years of the 1980s...and what his policies have sown and reaped for our nation and the world.

The Reagans Used Astrology So Why Shouldn't We?

A note before we start: politicians, their handlers, and/or secret society operatives know and use Astrology for timing their political and financial activities. As old J.P. Morgan famously informed us, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

With the New Millennium, historically a time of major societal shifts, America's trajectory was astrologically heralded by the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse (horoscope shown set for DC) so famously predicted by seer-astrologer Nostradamus. This is the eclipse they call The Mother of All Eclipses. An alternate name is 'King of Terror Eclipse' (or 'King of Alarm') which some believe relates to finances as well as to violence. Given the rippling effects of the attacks of 9/11/01 on many levels of societal ills, I'd say the financial connection is a given with one clue the WTC attacks' Sabian Symbol for 9/11's Moon @ '28 Gemini' = Bankruptcy.

The August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse @ 18Leo21 contained the rigid energy of a Fixed Grand Cross between the Lionine Sun and Moon, Mars (Scorpio), Saturn (Taurus), Uranus (Aquarus), and North Node (AQ) which relates to Scriptural prophecy (see article w/ chart, linked above.) The separative South Node of the Moon conjoins tech-savvy Uranus in the horoscope indicating changing technological and social conditions which disrupt people's lives, wars and revolutions, and the probable financial losses such conditions bring to society.

(Bush-Cheney and the neocons began the Iraq War with Jupiter the General retrograde, a signature of a 'bottomless pit' in the Jupiterian money department and of inconclusive 'victory'.)

With Uranus/SN falling in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (including military and police) in the 1999 chart, we think of the era's 'free trade' deals pushed by the Clinton administration affecting US employment conditions as outsourcing of American jobs was greatly ramped up. Afflictions to the Uranus/SN pairing only made our problems deeper with Sun/Moon opposing, Mars and Saturn squaring. And of course, a Solar Eclipse is a super New Moon, a major beginning of a new cycle of activity.

Mars/Saturn = Uranus: application of brute force; intervention of a Higher Power; a test of nervous strength; sudden accident; separation or a case of death. (Ebertin.)

Now as you know, some eclipses are so powerful that the degrees they fall upon are permanently sensitized and thus it is so for 18Leo21 (18 or 19 Leo.) On 9/11/01, transiting Venus triggered the King of Terror Eclipse of 1999. Venus Rx @ 2Vir09 arises in the 1999 horoscope along with a Royal Star of Persia, Regulus (which has this year precessed from 29 Leo+ to 00Vir00 - conjunct the ASC of the 1999 eclipse horoscope. Keywords: success if revenge is avoided. It was not. A bullhorn over the rubble of the WTC in September 2011 made certain of that as our national patriotism was used to emotionally manipulate us into war in the Middle East. Wounding Chiron in the chart conjoins Mr. Obama's natal Midheaven in Scorpio.

Historically, when rulers' subjects were dissatisfied and threatening to get out of hand, the king declared war due to an 'outside threat' (ex: the SCOTUS-installed, illegitimate regime of Bush-Cheney 2001 vs Osama bin Laden, former CIA operative.) This ploy works every time and keeps the serfs busy and united under incumbent rulers no matter how corrupt they are.

So! Why do I ramble on today about a past solar eclipse?

Because the eclipse Saros Cycle repeats every 18.6 years and the 1999 eclipse (1 North Series) occurred during the very early days of the Reagan presidency, on July 31, 1981 @ '8Leo' (conjunct the natal Mercuries of the Republican Party, George W. Bush, and John McCain.) Elsewhere I have called this the Reaganomics Eclipse with its YOD planetary pattern of crisis, turning point, special task indications, what Erin Sullivan has called the Finger of God configuration.

1N initially manifested on January 4, 1639 @ 13Cap48, a time link by degree with the present solar eclipse season from the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap38, both of which oppose US natal Sun (the leader) and our Jupiter (finances) in Cancer.

And since this blogger's natal Sun 13Cap28 is now eclipsed by the January 2011 solar lunation, perhaps that's part of why I feel compelled today to bring up the topic of the 1N eclipses of 1639, 1981, and 1999, 30 years of societal retrogression in the US, and the tiresomely over-valued presidency of globalist-for-his-time, Ronald Reagan.


On the topic of President Obama's natal horoscope, you may also be interested in Obama's natal Chiron, The Bridge since the first of his five Chiron Return passes occurs in May 2011.

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