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Mar 7, 2011

GOP v Workers -- and Women

International Womens Day 2011: Hanging By a Thread in America?

by Jude Cowell

With their assaults on Workers Rights coming soon to a state near you, notice that the GOP has shown the gall to attack Women's Rights, too. Isn't misogyny passe?

Now if you, dear reader, voted GOP or TP in November 2010, it's difficult for me to believe of you that rolling back women's hard-won rights was any part of what you wanted these political jokers to get up to. Maybe you're Pro-Life and all but so am I: abortion used as birth control isn't right, imho.

Must American society replay the social ills and fights for improvement from the turn of the 20th century? That's so...deja-vu.

Now I know that liberalism is dead or on life support in America and the Democratic Party failed to defend its exalted values and virtues when they had many chances to do so over the last several years. Instead, they became corrupt enablers of the overarching agenda we're now seeing forcibly implemented with "austerity cuts" and attacks on Workers Rights and pensions. And times are going to get harder for people who can least afford to do with less - in order to offset tax breaks for the rich.

Besides, to paraphrase film maker Michael Moore at the rally in Madison, WI on Saturday, America is awash in cash - we're not broke!

So it's okay if we-the-people don't capitulate to the forces that want to deconstruct this nation into chaos so they can rebuild it in a global fascist image - instead we must fight for a return to our Democracy. But this requires much more participation in the political process than most Americans seem willing or able to give. That we must get over and band together as many are already the streets, if necessary.

For as you know, there are three things the persuasive Koch Brothers of the world don't have that we do: massive numbers (we-the-masses!), a sense of direction, and a moral conscience. Are we Pharisees or Good Samaritans? Have we a communal sense on behalf of the Common Good or only shrivel-hearted self interests?

So as Thom Hartmann says encouragingly at the end of each broadcast (and he's talkin' to me, too), "Tag, you're it!"

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