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Mar 7, 2011

"We're Not Broke!" Michael Moore in WI (video) & Pluto/Chiron

In may last post I linked to this video of Michael Moore speaking at the rally in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, March 5, 2011. Tonight my friend Alex at GOP Astrology sent along the code so I'm placing the video here in a new post where I can handily listen to its inspiring message whenever I want.

Oh, and you're welcomed to listen and watch, too, as you wish or in case you missed it!

Given all the various attacks upon the American people these days, perhaps all those tiresome posts I published here over the last few years about the class warfare duo of Pluto/Chiron weren't so crazy after all.

On December 1999, powerful manipulator Pluto and wounded Chiron conjoined at '12Sag' ("A Flag Turned Into an Eagle That Crows" - politicians have been crowing a lot in Wisconsin of late) = US natal Ascendant. Pluto and Chiron were parallel (similar to a strong conjunction and useful for timing purposes) in mid-August 2004.

And you know how the Moon represents The People and The Public (and Publicity and the mood of the people) in a Mundane Astrology chart?

Well, here is an image of the Inauguration 2001 Horoscope, a relic of the first Oath of Office taken by usurper George W. Bush. In 8th house of Debt, Credit, Shared Resources, Big Business, Banking, Death, and Transformation (W certainly did that), you'll see the Moon snugged (too close for comfort) between...wait for it...the plutocracy duo, Pluto and Chiron.

Such were the excruciating 8 years of the SCOTUS-installed Bush-Cheney regime which had to be, among other things, one of the longest heists in history which met the cameras in 2008 when its rottenness burst open to public view and cold, lonely winds blew through our nation's near-empty Treasury Department.

And the crooks were hiding in plain sight...

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