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Mar 19, 2011

Vulcans to Libya, a SuperMoon, & Iraq War's Solar Return March 2011

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Allied Aircraft Flying Over Libya

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed that coalition planes are in the air above Libya. "Our air force will oppose any aggression by Col. Gadhafi against the population of Benghazi," he announced in Paris.

More at NPR.


Astro-Note: the Iraq War's Solar Return 2011 occurs March 20, 2011 at 4:55:59 am BAT -3:00 Baghdad, Iraq; ASC 1Pis17 w the Neptune 29AQ30/Chiron 2Pis37 duo rising; Hour Mars 19Pis44 in 1st house and out-of-bounds and precariously motivated in Pisces. Transiting Neptune at a critical 29th degree approaches Iraq War's natal 12th H Uranus 00Pis30 (planet of rebellion and radicalism), a time when there are unrealistic expectations about societal changes, social breakdowns, and ideals and spiritual goals that conflict with current financial and technological conditions: as before, precarious.

Tr Pluto 7Cap24 has now crossed the war's natal Midheaven (The Goal; The WHY? Point) and nears the Piscean Mars 9Cap11. Thus, a midpoint picture forms at the very top of the radix chart: Mars/MC = tr Pluto: extraordinary zeal and tremendous vigor; the desire to bring immense tasks to a successful conclusion. (Ebertin.)

That would be a long-desired goal yet there are many portents in the natal and Solar Return 2011 charts which I won't bore you with on this SuperMoon day. But when tr Saturn, now @ 15Lib01 Rx, reaches Iraq War's natal 7th H Moon 23Lib06 (the people),
a valley of depressed feelings and despairing emotions will be experienced as staged and engineered by a spidery global network of warhawks, Vulcans, arms dealers, and other profiteers.

The Vulcans Are Forging Their War Tools Again

Disturbingly, the Iraq War's Solar Return chart for March 20, 2011 - it's 8th anniversary so the 9th year now begins - shows tr Hidalgo (power; expecting obedience) and Lilith (an archetype associated with the Middle East, especially with Israel; also, spies, surveillance, & potential betrayal) are at SR Midheaven (MC 12Sag10 = US natal ASC) of the horoscope which signifies a tag team effort possessing superior forces to bring down the government of Libya....another "coalition" which has been approved by the UN Security Council for enforcement of control in Libya as our Western Imperial March across the region continues with oil and gas (SR Neptune and Chiron rising) the main issue to be dealt with.

Now which entity on the world political stage do you think the Iraq War's SR 2011 Hidalgo in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius represents?

SuperMoon in Virgo March 19, 2011

Today is March 19, 2011, day of a SuperMoon, a lunar phenomenon which tends to herald disaster or catastrophe. Starting another war, this time in Libya, is one form of disaster begun by men who sit far away from the melee lest their pretty minds be stained or unduly ruffled. Yet all Full Moons and today's SuperMoon in late Virgo indicate the culmination and fulfillment stage of seeds planted at the New Moon of March 4, 2011 @ '14Pis' = "A Lady in Fox Fur." (We note how often we hear Hillary Clinton's name in the news of late.)

Then on a more personal, inner level which addresses our deepest concerns, my friend Julie Demboski has published a column on the SuperMoon that is not to be missed. The Full Moon of March 19, 2011: Birthing Uranus in Aries contains Lunar food for Mercurial thought with Uranian insights for all who care to listen. Thanks, Julie!


Anonymous said...

Here's a rumor, which I'm trying to verify with sources. Please delete if you see fit.

"On the 11 March 2011 the Zionist head of the IMF had a meeting planned with the Japanese prime minister to discuss the structuring of the country's public debt to the private central bank.

The agenda of the meeting was for the IMF to structure a loan from the IMF to Japan to pay the Rothschild private central bank.

The Japanese prime minister had earlier made it publicly clear that the government of Japan was decidedly against the borrowing money from the IMF to pay its debt to the private central bank.

On the day of the Haarp generated earthquake and tsunami, the head of the IMF failed to show up in Japan for the scheduled meeting. It was at that meeting - on the 11 March 2001 - that the IMF was to be informed by the Japanese prime minister that the government of Japan had rejected going into debt to the IMF in order to pay the Rothschild central bank."

Again, this is hearsay. There's more going on, as always, than we can see.

Anonymous said...

After nearly a full day and night to think about the US/West establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya, I'm confounded by my apparent split with most Liberals and Progressives. If this venture is just to protect an oil source, no, it's not worth going in. Compare with the situation in Darfur or Zimbabwe or so many other nations under the boot of some homocidal dictator. But what grabs me is the cries from Bengazi. How do we turn away from people needing rescue? Clearly, Gadaffy (or however one spells his name) is unhinged and extraordinarily dangerous to his own people. But then again, have we not seen this movie before?

Combined with the utter, heartbreaking catastrophe the Japan is undergoing, and it appears that each day brings yet another hideous development what with radiation found in food and milk, this latest outbreak of madness in Libya sinks one's heart. How trepidatious it must be for the other Middle Eastern dictators to have had to sign on to this adventure. One is reminded of the French crown's aid to the American rebels during our revolution. Perhaps the Middle Eastern potentates are aware of France's outcome. Perhaps they'll loosen the strictures on their own people or just bribe them for as long as it takes. Perhaps not.

But I can't see any reason to jump on either bandwagon either for or against the West's newest adventure in North Africa. But I do pray for the people of Bengazi and hope that this will at least spare them from what Saddam committed against the Kurds. And no, I was and am completely against our disastrous misadventure in Iraq. Perhaps the no-fly zone will last for the rest of my life, Gaddafy's life... Sighs abound. There doesn't seem to be much these days to recommend the human race, does there? I guess one must pray that madmen of the world suddenly, miraculously become sane and leave their mad doings behind before extinguishing the lives of whole swaths of people.

Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

I was going to be a little side of subject but dear,dear anonymous just covered it.
I have been expressing my scent of a regular rhythm to the recent catastrophes, not only Japan,that have come without what feels like randomness to us since most of this stuff moves on geological time nor human time. I am only now supported in my intuition.
I can do nothing but trust on the other thing that I have read recently which is that everything will go crazy and become worse than our worst paranoia and then quickly all will change and we will be in the new 4th dimension. Well that may be made up to keep us quiet I don't know but what are we to do?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, oh my.

And on another note, thank you, Jude, for your gracious recommendation of my post


Something's wrong with wordpress, so I'm going to 'go anonymous' (which, I understand, is nothing like 'going commando'!!!)

Jude Cowell said...

Excellent remarks, Anonymouses! (Hi Julie!)

Interesting about the Mar 11, 2011 IMF-Japan PM meeting and I will be on the look out for more info on that.

Anonymous #2, I can't be for or against going into Libya unless it's against for its sheer foolhardiness though I too shudder for the Libyan people who fall under their particular raptor's eye (Qaddafi.)

Meanwhile, back in the USA, we've been under our raptors' eyes for decades now and we see the result of that. Here it's mainly a war of ideas w the gov hoping we stay at home on our sofas, clutching the TV remote ocntrol as they control our thoughts and emotions.

How anyone can manage without spiritual 'back-up' is beyond me. Clymela, I'm not sure about a 4th dimension (isn't Time the 4th D?) but major changes there be coming, for certain. One of the things I dread the most is already happening - the natural and unnatural disasters which cause so much suffering.

But that's population control for ya - more resources for the ones who are left - or who are ensconced upon the ISS as Earth goes into meltdown. But that's just crazy talk...right? jc