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Sep 4, 2015

Why Isn't the Media asking About Donald Trump's Mob Connections? - video

Ah yes, I was wondering if or when this topic would come up since presidential runs are (supposed to be) fraught with close inspection of one's past dealings and alliances--and you know that many in the corporate media already know about Trump's unsavory connections and shady deals:

Apr 6, 2015

Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2015

Image: Summer Solstice June 21, 2015 12:38 pm edt White House Washington DC USA; Hour of Jupiter; a Splay planetary pattern emphasizes individualism:

"It was morning, and the new sun sparkled across the ripples of a gentle sea." - Richard D. Bach (a Sun Cancer-Moon Leo native).

Please tap or click the horoscope image for a few basic details which I may or may not write about during the next few weeks.

Yet some factors must be noted: chart-ruler Mercury @8Gem08 in 9th house conjoins America's natal Uranus, our planet of revolution denoting provocative ideas and tech innovations. Mercury applies to only one planet in the chart, a square to Neptune (@9Pis47 Rx in 6th house of Military, Police, and Civil Service, plus, Health and Employment Matters) indicating erroneous or inaccurate information, wrong conclusions that are drawn, and a truckload of illusion, delusion, deceit, and confusion over the course of Summer 2015. See chart, bottom left). Naturally, the media (Mercury and Neptune) are implicated as some of the usual suspects and enablers of various ruses.

Additionally, America's natal Mars-Neptune square from July 4, 1776 is front and center with natal Neptune (obscuring President Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo) rising and our natal Mars, the Warrior, at Midheaven (MC), the Goal and Aspiration Point of the chart. Obviously, the recent "framework" of a nuclear arms agreement with Iran is one of the levels of action for our confused, misguided, foggy Martian military--and US natal Mars (military forces/the Pentagon/aggression and males in general)--are 'out there' for the world to see (MC).

Plus, Summer Solstice 2015 Mars is out of bounds of the earthly plane...on his own and up to who-knows-what; creepy subversive Pluto @14Cap37, ruthless in 4th house, opposes star Sirius and is unaspected by any planet so that his defensive isolation and transformative plans for restructuring society (once the tear-down of the old established order is complete) are not affected, interrupted, or mitigated by other actors (planets).

Let us assume that the festivities of 'world leaders' and other globalists held at Bohemian Grove will take place in early June prior to Summer Solstice and Moloch's owl will speak once again into their willing satanic ears. See IC on the chart for Saturn-Pluto oppo US natal Mars and this MC: secret plans for upheaval; add: wielding power to make significant changes to society--Munkasey.) Saturn and Pluto are again in friendly Mutual Reception because karmic Saturn has returned to Scorpio by retrogradation.

Then there's the Moon (the people) @29Leo49 om 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing. It resonates with Saturn, also at a critical-crisis 29th degree of 29Sco35 Rx, the position of the Moon in Mr. Obama's Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Enlarge chart to view my messy writing of Saturn-to-Moon: 'sobering times; emotional turmoil; strategy; ambition'; '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester" denoting 'contempt for established values and inept self-expression' (Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology). Yes, US natal Neptune has veiled Obama's true motivations and some of his actions all along--even his very beginnings and personal history--but our disappointment (Neptune) with his morphing into a war president (transit Jupiter conjoining his natal Sun @12Leo--ramp up or shut it down--he ramped up) may be the primary issue indicated here though financial matters are spotlighted as well.

Now let's close with a bit of info on the Summer solstice 2015 Sun-Moon blend of conscious mind + the unconscious: Sun Cancer-Moon Leo, a steamy, passionate Water-Fire affair and a blend of a 'passionate crusader'.

The signs: Moon-ruled Cancer is self-protective and shrewd while Sun-ruled Leo is dramatic and full of leadership ability. The combo indicates a season when introvert and extrovert qualities mix into a colorful array of qualities such as affection, sociability, but also a demand for privacy. Great intuition and good business sense will be expressed yet playing the prima donna who rejects all criticism may be shown. In Politics, a tendency to deflect all criticism along with responsibility for one's actions and attitudes has become the norm, hasn't it? and with presidential candidacies being announced and promoted with campaign donations simply piling in--many from abroad, Summer 2015 will be long, hot, and steamy.

With this blend there is here a "voracious need to rule the roost and have others jolly well like it," say the Harveys in their book, Sun Sign-Moon US Politics that primarily describes playing the role of US president, one suspects.

Well, there's a brief and incomplete view of the Summer Solstice 2015 horoscope set for the White House. The horoscope contains many other factors of note not mentioned in this text and so I shall leave them for you, dear reader, to discover.

Mar 23, 2015

3.23.15 Ted Cruz Announces but Mercury Goes Nowhere

Ted Cruz Says He Wants to Be POTUS

by Jude Cowell

This morning as I drove home from errands I was somewhat surprised by Herman Cain on the radio playing John Lennon's song Imagine. Mr. Cain managed to work the word 'imagine' into his script several times as he spoke of a dreamy America we could have if only a Republican snags the White House in 2016, etc. You know the conservative/tea party riff, the usual pack of hooey from the Promise Anything to Get Elected school of politics. (Yes, both parties practice it.)

Minutes later I was inside with my TV airing Senator Ted Cruz delivering a speech at Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to an audience of students who were required to attend and lend their ears. If you heard his speech you already know that for uplifting purposes, Cruz used the 'Imagine' theme in his speech--a guy on the radio echoed the other on TV almost simultaneously in that annoying Republican way as if the American people are too stupid to grok it the first time and don't realize it's a set-up. Or as if over and over makes it believable or factual.

Well, I grokked and I set up the horoscope for today, Lynchburg, VA at the moment the TV time-stamped his actual announcement that he's running for president of the United States (10:46 am edt). Rising 12Gem53 (the Descendant in America's natal horoscope for those who use the 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 5:09 or 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--possibly showing Cruz's Canadian birth as The Other/7th house?) and of course Gemini is appropriate for speeches, messages, and announcements of any kind. Therefore, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (sign of 'good news') rules the chart, the announcement, and the orator so we look to Mercury's major applying aspects to other planets to see how things may proceed from Mr. Green Eggs and Ham's announcement and presidential campaign, or how they will be accepted.

In the chart, Mercury is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career but is rather woolly in the sign of Pisces (16:40). Pisces is imaginative, yes, but is often murky, perhaps a bit confused, or even deceptive--and this Mercury makes not one major or minor applying aspect to another planet in the horoscope denoting that his bid may go nowhere as well. There is a separating sextile of opportunity between Mercury and Pluto @15Cap23 but he would have fared better if he'd not missed its waxing condition.

(A Mercury sextile Pluto indicates a penetrating mind, a need to remain flexible, trying to control the scope or direction of things, and hypersensitivity to criticism to the point that others may not share negative information which makes honest discussion and rational debate impossible.)

So far the feedback I'm hearing and reading has been negative to near-negative and not many voices are shouting for joy over Cruz's announcement today--but of course, I seldom watch FOX News. I'll check it later just to see if they glorify the McCarthy-esque fellow's bid for the GOP nomination or if they sound iffy.

Now as you know, in 2013 Cruz managed to shut down the federal government for 16 days--now wants to run it and either that's confused on his part or confusing on the part of potential voters. What traction Cruz has is on the far-right side of the voting population but can he win in the general election shouting his accusations from the wacko wilderness? Can his style of anti-communist, anti-government, anti-safety-net-ism rhetoric persuade moderates and minorities that he's worthy of the office and would be good for the country?

Natal Saturn's Sabian Symbol: "Swords vs Torches" with his Saturn apex planet of a Fist of God/Thor's Hammer pattern--and his Sun-Pluto square at its base

If he gained more power, would Cruz shut the whole thing down if he didn't get his way while holding his breath and stamping his wittle foot? That willful, demanding, irrational, power-grabbing, ruthless Sun-Pluto square would be certain to show its ruthlessness though admittedly ruthlessness does seem to be a requirement for Oval Office occupancy.

So at this point, a Cruz nomination seems unimaginable unless mega-huge bucks grease his way and the public suffers a collective stroke during the 2016 campaign. Yet his massive egoism and 'swords vs torches' approach to politics mixed with a rather odd personal magnetism when speaking from a script may keep him in the running long enough for his Utopian ideas to shake up the 2016 debate in a major (diverting) way while putting both Republican and Democratic candidates on the defensive and possibly holding them hostage to his oddball ideas.

As such, Cruz may be used by the power elite behind the throne as just another tool for altering the ultimate outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign. And considering the junior senator's very high opinion of himself and what seems to be a total lack of irony and little if any self-awareness, Mr. Cruz may not even realize what a tool he really is.

For further reading see Senator Ted Cruz: A Crusader Dueling with Shadows for info concerning his natal planets.

Aug 10, 2012

While Governor, Mitt Romney taxed the blind!

Oh here's an distressing bit of news about Gov. Mitt Romney from Esquire's excellent Charlie Pierce on how Mitt Romney, while governor of Massachusetts, taxed the blind because they were blind!

You know the more outrageous the news about Mitt Romney gets, the more I think he's a fake candidate meant to hide the identity of the true GOP presidential candidate who will be nominated at a brokered convention--one who is advantaged by not being challenged, criticized, or slammed in Democratic campaign ads. Now that would be a crazy political strategy for Republicans to use, right?

Of course!

Jul 25, 2012

Lewis Black on 'Campaign Fibs' (The Daily Show video)

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last evening, Lewis Black provided me with a new perspective on the distortions and lies of Campaign 2012 so a video embed seems to be in order in case you missed his commentary:


Here's the only way I can manage to eat Nutella (if I must):

Toast slices of pound cake (Sara Lee is nice), spread each slice with Nutella. Top with sliced strawberries, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of nutmeg if desired. Enjoy!

Recipe given to me by my fiberista daughter, Maya whose name appeared to me in a dream guessed it...the Mayan civilization.

Jul 3, 2012

Happy July 4th 2012 from Stars Over Washington!

July 4, 2012: America Is 236 Years Old!

by Jude Cowell, your friendly political astrologer

Just a note on the day before America's Independence Day 2012 to wish everyone Happy Independence Day, America's official birthday! Around here we'll bow to tradition with a turkey burger cook-out though any sort of meat is seldom a first-choice for my family so I guess that makes it a special and somewhat nostalgic treat of sorts. How about you? Will you be passing the mustard or perhaps the ketchup?

On an astro-note, a fresh post has been published to my WordPress blog *Jude's Threshold (where I've been MIA of late!) on behalf of July 4th and including a few tidbits concerning Campaign 2012 and the horoscope of Autumn Equinox 2012 (September 22; aka, Libra Ingress, if you prefer) which may be of interest to you with its Air-Fire Sun Libra-Moon Sagittarius blend of energies. Naturally, the horoscope precludes both RNC and DNC 2012 of late August into early September.

Once there you'll also see a rather mild sales pitch on behalf of my new Stars Over Washington Monthly newsletter chocked with Political Astrology which is being electronically delivered this very day in time for our July 4, 2012 celebrations. But you don't have to visit WordPress to find a subscription link--check the very top of this blog's sidebar, if you wish to sign up. It would be very supportive of you!

However, if curious about the contents of issue 1 (July-Aug-Sep 2012), click the Jude's Threshold link above to discover the topics and horoscopes included this quarter!

And be super-careful with those fireworks now!


Celebrate America with Some Interesting Reading and/or Videos:

Julie Demboski's Astrology, Astro-Cocktail, Neptune Cafe, Thom Hartmann, David Pakman,, Information Clearing House, and Democracy Now!.

*Blog's title refers to boundary-loving, time-keeping Saturn as 'gatekeeper of the threshold' which particularly applies to those of us with natal Saturn in the 12th house of The Unconscious (and Politics!) The placement is, as you know, good for concentrated work done in solitude such as Astrology with Saturn the original ruler of the ancient art. Uranus, The Upstart and The Witness, was added as Astrology's co-ruler much later!

Jun 21, 2011

Huntsman announces 6.21.11 w Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces

June 21, 2011: Summer begins and former ambassador to China and governor of Utah Jon Huntsman will announce his candidacy for the presidency of the United States at the scene of Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

Click for more info including videos.

Mr. Huntsman has begun speaking (10:06 am, there he is on my TV), with the Sun lingering on the 29th degree of Gemini (an eager and/or critical announcement?) and Moon in Pisces; Mercury, planet of announcements, is at '11 Cancer' today, Sabian Symbol: "A Clown Making Grimaces." (Jones.) He said the 'I'm a candidate' words at 10:07 am edt (for Astrology buffs who wish to set up the horoscope and follow his candidacy.)

Sun Gem-Moon Pis is an Air-Water combo (misty, ethereal) which indicates sentimentality, versatility, and adaptability. It's a talkative blend of a chameleon who can be submissive but cunning, vacillating, and poetic with much literary ability.

The blend's weaknesses include a lack of boundaries, a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none approach, and a tendency to withdraw when feeling misunderstood.

"Images for Integration: A weather vane on a church spire sparkles in the sunshine as the wind twirls it around, turning it into a mysterious sky gem...Peter Pan marries Tinkerbell and they live happily ever after in Never Never Land." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Uh-oh! Well, 'Never Never Land' may turn out to be a description of where Mr. Huntsman lives while dreaming of gaining the US presidency! ('Clap your hands if you believe'?) Yet he did manage the state of Utah rather well while governor, he asserts. His will be a 'high road' campaign, says he.

The Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces combo is shared natally by a journalist of the past, Arnold Bennett, so let's close with a quote he is known for which may put a cherry on top of today's ice cream sundae of presidential-bid announcements:

"Journalists say a thing that they know isn't true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

And so do politicians.

May 18, 2011

A Glittery Newt Gingrich for president! (video)

Most book signings tend to seem awkward and forced to me even when book buyers show up in droves. But the signing on Tuesday (5.17.11) in Minnesota with presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich turned out to be quite a dazzling affair.

Now don't you fret overmuch for Newt and Callista: the glittering direspect did nothing to tarnish their fake smiles!

May 17, 2011

Candidate Newt Gingrich under fire from big guns

Well, candidate Newt Gingrich has come under fire very early in his campaign for his remarks Sunday on Meet the Press and the fire is coming from the GOP.

Charles Krauthammer, one of the elite neocon new world order bunch, and radioman Rush Limbaugh (ditto) are leading the attack at present. Guess Mr. Gingrich was depending on an imaginary groundswell of support from the masses to quell what he must have known was little if any support from his party.

Or, he just likes being on TV.


At 7:08 am edt this morning a Scorpio Full Moon perfected. Click to view the Full Moon chart set for Washington DC along with May 3's New Moon; details included.

May 15, 2011

Right to healthcare is slavery, says Ron Paul

In the last few years a smattering of SO'W readers have asked me to keep up with Ron Paul more regularly especially during presidential campaigns. And while it's true I've given quite a bit of blog space to Paul's Audit the Fed movement, it is with amazement this morning that I read omnipotentpoobah's article Enslaved to Ron Paul detailing some of his more disturbing antics and remarks concerning US health care's delivery and availability.

Yes, I already knew that the Texas Libertarian holds some quirky views and odd opinions about various things but really..."slavery"? These are the sorts of views from Dr. Paul that make the quirkiness of his son Rand Paul more understandable as apples from trees not far do fall! Perhaps the Paul father-son duo resemble the GHW Bush-George Bush duo in the ideology department of politics more closely than we've been led to think.

My question: is Rep. Ron Paul promoting a cold-hearted totalitarian government that allows the American people to go without even the most basic necessities for sustaining life? Now I know my 10th house Uranus in Gemini can make many people think I'm quirky as all get-out, but these Paul birds are way too quirky even for me!

Yet you may be interested in reading a bit I wrote on Ron Paul's natal chart way back in 2007 (no updates have been made for today's post.)

A big shout-out of thanks goes to my friend Alex D'Atria of Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 for sending along a link to this revealing article on Ron Paul.

Well, I hope you caught GOP candidate Newt Gingrich back peddling on what he couldn't spin concerning his record of quirky opinions and misdeeds on Meet the Press this morning! Somehow I don't think he did himself much good with this morning's performance (though it could have been worse) but you may disagree as you prefer.

Also from 2007, here's a brief post on the natal chart of former, disgraced Speaker of the House Mr. Gingrich.

So why do Republican presidential candidates, or those thinking of running, have such spotty records when it comes to marriage (among other things)? Is Mormon Mitt Romney said to be the front runner for the GOP nomination because his religion's past polygamy stance seems less problematic for a White House victory and he seems less of a loose canon? From charges of flip-flopping to personal disloyalty and adultery issues, what viable nag can the greedy GOP back in the 2012 race?

Mitch Daniels? Puh-leese! Robert Parry calls Daniels the Architect of the US Debt Crisis during his Bush administration tenure and for very good reason so it seems to me that Mr. Daniels has done more than enough damage to America already.

In fact, haven't they all? Besides...

"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."

Albert Einstein, ace problem-solver

Just a reminder in case you should need one in November 2012: Financial Collapse 2008 = result of 8 years of GOP president, George W. Bush, the self-described Decider and propaganda catapulter who was born with the Sabian Symbol "A Bolshevik Propagandist" rising.

Apr 6, 2011

Seriously: Who Takes "President Trump" Seriously?

A recent poll suggests that someone does take NYC's serial-bankrupt mogul seriously in his bid for the US presidency in 2012.

Not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with bankruptcy with its safety valve capacity, of course: except that when it's done on that level of a playing field (where the wheeler-dealers scamper while risking other people's money), a definite whiff of scalliwaggedness must waft about prospective voters' heads if they have any deliberative capacity at all.

And as many people have asked, if Mr. Trump is a serial filer, how good can he be for America's already-shaky financial prospects?

I mean, if America's debt ceiling isn't raised by May 2011, bankruptcy will be knocking loudly on our collective door like a Landlord Trump collecting way-overdue rent.

For me a Trump prez candidacy is on the same shaky rung as the 2008 campaign of Sarah Palin, with John McCain riding close on their pseudo-presidential coat tails. It's amazing how US political campaigns have risen into the stratosphere costwise, and ballotwise there's no telling whose name might turn up for our consideration. Very Jupiter-Neptune, I think: the grand schemers with pie-in-the-sky-esque antics (and those who flatter them!) yet whose talents must in the end have some practical motivation and application within the vicious world of politics.

And with diversion so prevalent in society these days (a handy tool for political operatives everywhere), perhaps a Donald Trump candidacy in tandem with "That thing on his head," as David Letterman has repeatedly and endearingly said (a hairstyle that often defies description or belief), may at some point prior to the November 2012 election, bring us a much-needed chuckle as we watch the jester cavort for the cameras while spouting outrageous ideas that he hopes will catch the public's attention.

(Note: there is nothing presidential or crazy that Mr. Trump can say that can force me to watch The Apprentice, flagging ratings or no. Just sayin'. jc)

Okay, But Let's Take Trump Seriously One More Time on This Blog

(And as my mother used to say, "Now let that be the last.")

On the downside for candidate Trump, being known for barking the phrase, "You're fired!" has a particularly bad vibe for US families and the millions of unemployed voters who have watched Congress argue amongst themselves, grandstand, and read the US Constitution (as if we-the-people don't know how) lo these many months since the Republican-Tea Party majority took over the House in January 2011.

After the November 2010 elections, even I could see the Washington gridlock coming from hundreds of miles away! They've 'served' in Congress barely three months and a Friday shutdown of the US government is said to loom large as I type.

But all I really know is that if shutting down the US government for good is the ultimate intent of certain factions operating within the US (and their antecedents who administered on behalf of an over-arching agenda before the current crop of Hegelian scoundrels, shills, and Chaos Utopians arrived), they're doing an annoyingly excellent job of it as 2012 nears. They may have latched on to the overly-PR'd 2012 New Age-Mayan Prophecy gold mine of Fear and are using it to good effect for their power-and-wealth-grabbing purposes with a side order of mass manipulation.

Or...perhaps the cosmically advanced Mayans knew what they were carving about.

Well, I say, Hurrah! that Wisconsin voters today in their Supreme Court race beat back a little the draconian creep instituted by the state's current gaggle of GOP strong-arming soldiers (like Gov. Scott Brown and his brethren) who seem to have never met what they consider to be a lesser being whom they couldn't stifle, hoodwink, or disenfranchise.


For further reading try NWO 2012.

Sep 15, 2008

Biden on McCain's economics

Here's Biden on McCain's economic proposals - just think of George Bush's policies and what they've led to this very day and you may be able to guess much of the script of Biden's speech.

More reasons why a vote for John McCain is like a vote for Karl Rove - and how much more of that ughiness can we afford?

And Senator Biden didn't even mention McCain's culpability in the Keating Five scandal of 1987! (hint for the youngsters: McCain was one of the Five.)