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May 3, 2011

NPR turns 40 today with a Uranus/Chiron opposition

Looking at the natal horoscope of NPR's first-ever broadcast of All Things Considered, it's interesting to note a few of the astro-factors shown.

Broadcaster Jupiter Rx 3Sag58 ('4Sag' = "A Little Child Learning to Walk"!) is in process of its Great Conjunction with Neptune 2Sag13 Rx in 2nd house with Neptune representing media and its masses of listeners. Let's consider - not all things - but a few of the basics in the natal horoscope set for 5:00 pm edt Washington DC on May 3, 1971. We see from the date that NPR launched in the midst of Richard Nixon's two terms and with anti-war protesters marching and being arrested on DC streets for speaking truth to power (my generation!)

The Jupiter/Neptune combo represents speculation, grand plans, and sometimes, sympathy for people at a disadvantage.

You may wish to see NPR's Wiki bio for more of its historic details.

May 3, 1971 at 5:00 pm in Washington DC saw 7Lib19 rising with Uranus 10Lib15 Rx in tow indicating NPR's newness, progressiveness, technological innovations, individualism, originality, and the ability to cope with whatever occurs.

It's an Hour of Jupiter, perfect for Jupiter's broadcasting function, and Jupiter in his natural sign, fiery Sagittarius, shows international interests in foreign lands and peoples, a liberal mindset, and a capacity to inspire people with a vision of how much better everything might be. (Self-righteousness must be guarded against.)

Chart-ruler Venus at critical degree (12Ari18 and snugged between Chiron and Mercury in 7th house of Partnerships) makes no applying aspects so its sign and house positions are important factors in how things proceeded for the then-new radio network-syndicate. Venus = '13Ari' = "A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Now Safely Hidden", a Sabian Symbol which speaks of having a "very deep or hallowed purpose." (M. E. Jones.)

This 'hallowed purpose' tallies with NPR's Midheaven (The Goal; Aspiration) 8Can20 which showcases Fixed Star Alhena, 'to have a mission' and which falls, of course, between US natal Jupiter '6Can' and Sun '14Can'.

Venus also rules the monied 8th H and its inhabitants, Sun and Saturn.

An 11th house Moon 29Leo59 is at a critical 29th degree as well but conjoins Fixed Star Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, keywords: 'success if revenge if avoided.' All the Royal Stars have cautions showing what flaws will cause the promised success to slip away if the particular caution is not heeded - in this case, revenge.

In 8th house of Shared Resources is natal Sun 12Tau46 which receives this evening's New Moon 12Tau30 (8:49 pm edt) indicating a new cycle of activity of some kind; hardworking Saturn 24Tau11 is in 8th H, too and shows its conservation-preservation duties in Taurus which are expressed with reliability and persistence. For managing Saturn in Taurus, financial security is very important as it tends to develop a well-balanced sense of the value of material resources.

Plus, Saturn is helpfully trined by powerful publisher Pluto 27Vir17 Rx in 12th H of Behind-the-Scenes and I wouldn't care to guess who or what group Pluto represented in 1971 relating to the beginnings of NPR. Would you? But asteroid Lilith Rx conjoins Pluto so I will add that Lilith isn't always or only the glamorous woman for its archetype also has a link to Israel.

And what of action-oriented Mars? Mars 00AQ00, a critical degree, is in 4th H of Endings and Foundations - at "An Old Adobe Mission" so there's another reference to having a mission. This degree appears every January 20th at noon in Washington DC for its our presidential Sun's degree. Mars remained in AQ from May 3 until November 6, 1971 and was stationary part of that time which greatly strengthened its Aquarian instincts and interests which spearheaded a new way of life (NPR driveway moments forthcoming?)

Mars in Aquarius shows a desire for independence to follow an unusual or unorthodox course of action with reformist tendencies; in 4th H, Mars describes some testy interchanges taking place 'at home' with efforts made toward improvements.

We may well ascribe NPR's wish to 'dot all the Is' and 'cross all the Ts' to the fact that Mercury 23Ari10 is oriental, that is, the planet that rises just before the Sun.

There's only one midpoint picture in the chart other than those formed by a multiple-planet T-Square and an Earth Grand Trine: Mars/ASC = Jupiter: harmonious teamwork; the ability to lead others; a good organiser; agreement with others on pursuit of the same objectives (that mission again); enthusiasm; harmonious public outreach.

The T-Square/s all point to MC and Alhena's mission: Chiron/Uranus = MC, Venus/Uranus = MC (getting to like someone quickly; focusing on the modernization of tastes), and Venus/ASC = MC (harmony; art and music appreciation.)

Earth Grand Trine: Mars, Saturn, and Pluto which shows the hard work it took to get up and running, but also seems to relate to the anti-war protests on the streets and the heavy-handed governmental response for brutality is indicated. Mars = protests and activism, Saturn = control and government, and Pluto = power, wealth, subversive actions, and ultimate control. Perhaps these are the forces that now regularly threaten to withdraw government funding of NPR for its 'too liberal' stance.

A 5th H North Node (NN) 19AQ55 shows NPR's path is to serve mankind and its 5th H position makes finding its unique destiny a must.

And last, the Uranus/Chiron opposition on NPR's Identity axis (ASC/DESC) is telling considering Uranus' link to radicalism and politics (yet not forgetting the excellent traits of Uranus Rising mentioned above.)

Uranus opposite Chiron shows 1971 to be a time when people were very stressed out and feeling that things were 'too much' - as in 2011. The aspect's ferociously intense energy tends to burn itself out or push NPR to great transmutative levels of awareness as it dramatizes individualism (and individualistic, freedom-loving Uranus rises.)

I shall leave it to you, dear reader and NPR listener, to decide which result NPR has achieved over the last 40 years. Happy Birthday, NPR!


Midpoint pictures: Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply; Chiron info from Barbara Hand Clow and Richard Nolle.

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