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May 4, 2011

Timeline of the bin Laden assassination: Pluto Rising

Here's NPR's timeline of the May 1st raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan (his hidey-hole - considerably ritzier than Saddam Hussein's had been.)

Though I've been studying horoscopes of the event I've held back from posting about it and have since found it better to use the chart provided by Bernadette Brady with Moon 24Ari08 and 8Cap39 rising with saboteur and assassin Pluto 7Cap22 Rx, along with the brittle energy of the sometimes dangerous Saturn/Uranus midpoint; Sun is @ 11Tau01 (SolarFire software gives me 11:02.)

To create an event chart that tallies with Ms. Brady's version, I must use:

May 1, 2011 6:14:54 pm GMT Abbottabad, Pakistan.

It is an Hour of the fluctuating Moon, a symbol of the Middle East when in Crescent phase, and 2 days prior to the New Moon 12Tau30 of May 3rd ('13Tau' = "A Man Handling Baggage." Now I don't intend to be ghoulish but a body bag slipped into the Arabian Sea does come to mind.)

Therefore, at the WHAT? Point of the horoscope (ASC) there are two midpoint pictures formed:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality (now we have a specific world event that is well-described by this ongoing midpoint picture and T-Square pointing to Pluto the Assassin); concealing changes to activities (by keeping the mission mum from Pakistani officials); harm through force majeure; a desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort (US Navy Seals.)

Saturn/Uranus = ASC: being placed in difficult circumstances; the fate of standing alone in the world; suffering hardship caused by others; shared emotional suffering; mourning and bereavement.

The May 1, 2011 assassination falls within the 13 North Solar Eclipse Series which manifested on January 4, 2011 @ 13Cap38/39 and which heralded a potential for a 'central event having wide-range impact' for the US government (Capricorn, sign of government) with 13Cap38 opposing US natal Sun (leadership.)

Since there are many versions of natal horoscopes for Osama bin Laden due to conflicting dates of birth, I've never published a chart for him because Lunar Calendar births are not always easy to rectify into a Solar Calendar such as we use in Western Astrology, even when a correct birth date is known. And I may decide to never publish bin Laden's assassination chart either.

My hope is that President Obama will stand by his decision today not to release photos of the man whose legend can still launch a thousand suicide bombers and I agree heartily with those who say that releasing the photos would only act as a recruiting tool without providing doubters evidence that would sway them if they're determined to remain unswayed (or pretending they doubt or critique for political reasons - the 2012 election cometh. Have you heard it yet? Bush couldn't. Obama not only can, he did.)

One more astro-note: at Barack Obama's natal Midheaven during this event, I noticed an interesting asteroid with an archetype which may indeed apply to our nation's 10-year quixotic search for Osama bin Laden:

Sisyphus, the Determined.


America, Your Ticket Has Arrived: Leave Afghanistan and Iraq Asap!

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