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Dec 15, 2015

12.15.15 GOP debate in Las Vegas: 5 Plutos Rising

A Republican Las Vegas Debate with Pluto Rising in Leo and Virgo

by Jude Cowell

The fifth and last of 2015, tonight's Republican debate in Las Vegas, Nevada should be interesting if you're in the mood for campaign promises on a national stage and perhaps some entertaining political fireworks which the networks and pundits are longing for. CNN and Facebook will host; follow the link for more details.

Astrologically it seems curious to me that in the natal charts of five candidates: Trump, Carson, Bush, Cruz, and Rubio--all have their natal Plutos rising or just risen as the show begins! Pluto's power principle is of course a major part of Politics and the stealthy one's manipulation tendencies are vital for propaganda purposes, publicity included. Pluto in dramatic Leo naturally expects to rule by force while Pluto in Virgo possesses zealous and fanatical tendencies for whatever is acquired. It's generational as Baby Boomers Meet...whatever you call Cruz and Rubio's 1970s generation...X?

Thing is, it isn't only their Plutos appearing tonight it's natal Pluto's condition in each chart so, with my blogging time brief today, I've taken a tiny peek to see what baggage their Plutos bring along. In chronological order of birth:

Donald Trump (June 14, 1946) was born in the Pluto in Leo generation as was Jeb Bush. Trump's natal Pluto @10Leo 'leads the pack' by degree (though it's his quirky 10th house Uranus that leads actually his natal planets in a Bowl shape making him a wild card candidate who tends to disruptively say out loud what others won't say.) His Pluto is unaspected, however, so his power principle knows no interference, thank you, and this we've seen during his campaign. It is apex in a midpoint picture which we've also seen and it's a difficult one: Mars-Saturn (the death axis) = Pluto: the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger (Tyl); brutality (Ebertin.) Sound familiar?

Ben Carson (September 18, 1951) has natal Pluto @20Leo conjunct his Mars @19Leo, a major indicator of surgery or the surgeon that he was. As a pair they also describe one who makes excessive efforts to achieve goals. Unconscious anger, manipulation, and taking 'controlled action' (as in surgery) are denoted. Carson's natal Pluto conjoins his natal Psyche with both Pluto and the archetype involved in Psychology or Psychiatry. (That's Psyche, not 'psycho'.) His Mars and Pluto are apex of a midpoint: Sun-Uranus = Mars: combativeness; rash action. And with Pluto the independnt pair of Sun and Uranus give a strong drive for power (Tyl.) (

Jeb Bush (February 11, 1953) as stated was born with a Leonine Pluto opposing natal Sun in Aquarius,a natal Sun within range of US natal Moon (uh oh--this can be a presidential indicator.) Sun-Pluto people crave power and control and usually have ways of attaining this (Poppy Bush has been Jeb's ticket.)

Ted Cruz (December 22, 1970) is one of two with Pluto in Virgo conjoining his natal Sisyphus--and you know how determined that manifests. A descriptive midpoint picture involves the power planet--Sun-Pluto = Saturn @16Tau08 Rx ('17Tau' is the "swords vs torches" degree we discussed previously...... and this adds potentials for his wild tendencies to be blocked (ex: no, Ted, you cannot shut down the US government a second time and waste millions of taxpayer dollars) and restraining one's fanatical tendencies (Munkasey.) Note that this midpoint picture between Sun-Pluto-Saturn is formed by a Fist of God pattern, aka, Thor's Hammer.

The last candidate I'm considering here is Marco Rubio (May 28, 1971) with Pluto in Virgo and a Thor's Hammer pattern between Venus-Mars and Pluto which gives him potentials for passion, envy, and stealth. Using sex for power is also indicated though I know of no scandals of that nature, so far, only his financial troubles denoted by his Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. (Mr. Cruz has the Jupiter-Neptune 'grand spirit' with over-promising and wastrel issues as well though his Jupiter is in corporate Scorpio, not Sag--both have Neptune @1Sag+). And perhaps Rubio's 'passion' is intensified by the asteroid conjunct his natal Pluto for it's sexy, glamorous Lilith who should feel right at home tonight as Senator Rubio debates his opponents in Sin City!

Jun 25, 2015

June 25, 2015: SCOTUS upholds Obamacare again as Nemesis rises

June 25, 2015: Today, in a 6--3 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the subsidies in President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, aka, Obamacare.

As a symbolic horoscope for this event I'm looking at a chart set for Washington DC at 10:00 am the hour that SCOTUS ruulings are generally announced and a mildly surprising picture forms: asteroids Sisyphus (determination--though efforts may be fruitless) and Nemesis (the unbeatable foe) arise on the Ascendant (24Leo) along with transit Jupiter (expansion, growth, investment, development, ideals, politics) @20Leo conjunct transit Isis. Isis!

Naturally, Republicans are now and will continue to play the "fight isn't over" card (Sisyphus) though this ruling has excused them from having to come up with an actual solution for America's ailing health care system while being responsible for a regression to how it was prior to March 23, 2010 when @POTUS signed the ACA with 22 pens. This 'excuse' applies to Campaign 2016 candidates who will probably bark the loudest (guess they feel they must to satisfy "the base" and their anti-ACA political funders) and it will really gather steam if a Republican president is (s)elected on November 8, 2016.

And if we look to the 10:00 am horoscope's Midheaven (MC) degree, the Aspirations-Goal and Why? Point of any horoscope, we find '19 Taurus' with its interesting Sabian Symbol when considering American politics and the motivation of today's SCOTUS ruling concerning this controversial Act:

"A newly formed continent rises out of the ocean" (Rudhyar), an obvious reference to America as a 'New Atlantis' and the establishment of a 'new world order' in 1776. In his The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones gives potentials for positive and negative expressions of this degree:

Positive: a revolutionary potentiality by which each individual is enabled to remodel the entire face of the universe.

Negative (shadow side--jc): a genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset.

To me the negative expression of 19Taurus describes conservative US politicians to a T as they pose within their Political Theater performances which these days tend to serve as "governing" in America though it takes enough enabling Democrats to bring the New World Order script authored by foreign corporate meddlers to life.

May 4, 2011

Timeline of the bin Laden assassination: Pluto Rising

Here's NPR's timeline of the May 1st raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan (his hidey-hole - considerably ritzier than Saddam Hussein's had been.)

Though I've been studying horoscopes of the event I've held back from posting about it and have since found it better to use the chart provided by Bernadette Brady with Moon 24Ari08 and 8Cap39 rising with saboteur and assassin Pluto 7Cap22 Rx, along with the brittle energy of the sometimes dangerous Saturn/Uranus midpoint; Sun is @ 11Tau01 (SolarFire software gives me 11:02.)

To create an event chart that tallies with Ms. Brady's version, I must use:

May 1, 2011 6:14:54 pm GMT Abbottabad, Pakistan.

It is an Hour of the fluctuating Moon, a symbol of the Middle East when in Crescent phase, and 2 days prior to the New Moon 12Tau30 of May 3rd ('13Tau' = "A Man Handling Baggage." Now I don't intend to be ghoulish but a body bag slipped into the Arabian Sea does come to mind.)

Therefore, at the WHAT? Point of the horoscope (ASC) there are two midpoint pictures formed:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality (now we have a specific world event that is well-described by this ongoing midpoint picture and T-Square pointing to Pluto the Assassin); concealing changes to activities (by keeping the mission mum from Pakistani officials); harm through force majeure; a desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort (US Navy Seals.)

Saturn/Uranus = ASC: being placed in difficult circumstances; the fate of standing alone in the world; suffering hardship caused by others; shared emotional suffering; mourning and bereavement.

The May 1, 2011 assassination falls within the 13 North Solar Eclipse Series which manifested on January 4, 2011 @ 13Cap38/39 and which heralded a potential for a 'central event having wide-range impact' for the US government (Capricorn, sign of government) with 13Cap38 opposing US natal Sun (leadership.)

Since there are many versions of natal horoscopes for Osama bin Laden due to conflicting dates of birth, I've never published a chart for him because Lunar Calendar births are not always easy to rectify into a Solar Calendar such as we use in Western Astrology, even when a correct birth date is known. And I may decide to never publish bin Laden's assassination chart either.

My hope is that President Obama will stand by his decision today not to release photos of the man whose legend can still launch a thousand suicide bombers and I agree heartily with those who say that releasing the photos would only act as a recruiting tool without providing doubters evidence that would sway them if they're determined to remain unswayed (or pretending they doubt or critique for political reasons - the 2012 election cometh. Have you heard it yet? Bush couldn't. Obama not only can, he did.)

One more astro-note: at Barack Obama's natal Midheaven during this event, I noticed an interesting asteroid with an archetype which may indeed apply to our nation's 10-year quixotic search for Osama bin Laden:

Sisyphus, the Determined.


America, Your Ticket Has Arrived: Leave Afghanistan and Iraq Asap!

Jul 17, 2007

Senate Circus: all night long!

Tonight's Dem filibuster to bust Bush's chops on his Iraq occupation is the first since 2003 during the R's judicial nominee "up or down" performance.

The Dems will need more than Hagel, Smith, and Snowe to pull off the finale but it was interesting to read Maine Senator Olympia Snowe's quote:

"We are at the crossroads (Mercury/Hermes) of hope (Neptune) and reality (Saturn) and the time (Saturn) has come to address (Mercury) reality" (Saturn.)

As you know, June 25 this year was their last tango of exactitude...Snowe is under the influence of our recently-peaked Saturn/Neptune opposition:

truth/reality/accountability/responsibility vs fiction/myth/lies/deception/idealism.

All through the night the Moon will be in Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker so I hope all the hub bub helps our troops, our nation, and the people of Iraq. We don't get many breaks anymore since George W. was installed.

July 17 Begins:

Glancing at the chart for this morning, 9:30 am edt, Capitol Building, we see the separative SN rising, conjunct Bush's natal Mars, and with asteroid Minerva along for the party.

Minerva = to be accomplished. I always think of the Hegel Society's Journal, Minerva, when I see this asteroid--can't seem to help myself.

Also rising: asteroid Orpheus in his grief and sadness, his partner lost.

And then there's determined asteroid, Sisyphus--conjunct Saturn, the significator for the Democratic Party. All Night Long, they said...bring your favorite PJs! (No photo ops, please--I couldn't stand that, stripedy or not.)

And what's conjunct Jupiter which represents the R Party? Fixed Star, Antares, keyphrase: 'obsessed with success'--and often involved in war situations. Guess that means at home and abroad.