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Jun 6, 2011

Dancing w Thomas Jefferson June 4, 2011 (video)

No Dancing Allowed, Says Saturn!

by Jude Cowell

Since the early days of America's existence, the powers that be have built up founder and Declaration of Independence author Thomas Jefferson to be our Icon of Freedom. Indeed, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on the lunar Tidal Basin in Washington DC contains an imposing statue of our American Sphinx, a Francophile who must have turned a musical toe or two while enjoying the Parisian society of his day.

Video below: On Saturday, June 4, 2011, another 'dance-off' occurred only 3 days after a Solar Eclipse manifested @ 11Gem02 atop the Jefferson Memorial's dedication ceremony Saturn 9Gem21. The Memorial's dedication was held in 1943 during the transit of America's natal Uranus 8Gem55 (planet of freedom, independence, rebellion, revolution, and disruptive protests) by authoritarian and lawmaker Saturn.

President Franklin Roosevelt presided over the Memorial dedication on April 13, 1943, the 200th anniversary of Mr. Jefferson's birth (April 13, 1743 NS; Shadwell, Virginia; birth time usually listed as 1:53 pm LMT but is conflicted/unverified.)

May and June 2011

With rebellious Awakener Uranus (America's planetary totem) now @ '4Aries', it is interesting to note that the noon horoscope of the dedication ceremony of April 13, 1943 for the Thomas Jefferson Memorial now has transiting Uranus crossing the Midheaven of the chart (The Goal; Aspirations) and bringing disruptive dancing By, Of, and For The People with it while we remember and honor the principles of freedom and independence which Jefferson embedded and ingrained within our national documents!

The 1943 Saturn to US natal Uranus transit sounds suspiciously similar to current events such as being arrested (restrictive Saturn) for dancing in a public memorial space (free-wheeling Uranus.) Ramping up the political stakes, the US is now in the midst of a (30-year cycle) Saturn Return with the third of three conjunctions occurring on August 28, 2011.

Yes, a Saturn-to-Uranus transit occurred under Nixon's watch in the 1970s along with a reciprocal transit: Uranus to US natal Saturn (14Lib48.) Obviously, dynamics of the Saturn-Uranus dichotomy (status quo v progress; old structures fall so the new can be established; stagnation v reform) were heavily highlighted during the Nixonian era. As you know, Nixon removed the US from the gold standard which, among other things, made full payment of the citizenry's debts difficult if not impossible.

Here are brief descriptions of the reciprocal Saturn-Uranus transits of the early 1970s; Saturn and Uranus were precisely opposing one another on Election Day 2008 which marks the Obama administration with their brittle vibrations:

Saturn to n Uranus: circumstances restrict personal freedom and independence and attempts to take new approaches are stymied or delayed; unorthodox methods are nixed by authority; frustration results from a lack of planning; endless red tape creates delays but don't give up since thoughtful and careful organization can still win the day. (Or, Win the Future, as you prefer.)

Uranus to n Saturn: circumstances challenge or bring change to areas governed by tradition, rules, regulations, and laws as re-evaluation and review become necessary. These areas may be considerably altered while retaining the basic structures of society.

Fast forward to 2011, and it's tradition and stability on the chopping block as Pluto now deconstructs Capricornian systems and forms and topples world leaders and economies, and our national Saturn Return highlights the debt ceiling impasse now challenging America's ability to pay her debts if the nation's credit limit is not raised by August 2, 2011, as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner insists it must be...or we'll be in for a world o'hurt which may crash the remnants of a shaky global economy.

Yet total global financial collapse of the old is just what the New World Order ordered so their carefully planned agenda seems to be running on schedule.

Meanwhile, all this makes me want to dance the night away with Thomas Jefferson who warned us against many policies (standing army, foreign wars, a debilitated press, etc) now used and bedeviled by the Utopian Usurpers among us whose best ideas include criminal activities such as the resource plundering and population control allowed by endless war and brash anti-sovereignty invasions.

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