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Jun 6, 2011

Can We Resist Pluto in Capricorn's 'Fear Factor'?

Here I am sassily publishing a thoughtful though anonymous reader's perspective concerning powerful, subversive Pluto's destructuring meander through Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, which brings an imperative within the collective to resist the fear which this transit naturally engenders as Pluto creeps toward its 1776 position (27Cap33) in the US natal horoscope, a 'planetary return' never before experienced during America's brief and fabled history:

By no means am I an astrologer. I don't even qualify as an amateur my knowledge is so shallow. I do consult certain astrological sites. But I do recall that one recommendation from several astrologers about Pluto's entry into Capricorn is to refuse to give into fear. I do understand that Capricorn is an organizational sign (I have a Cap ascendant at 4+ degrees and am thus by nature a worrier - but I'm also a triple Aries - sun, moon and Mercury so go figure....).

I also have understood Pluto to mean the great transformer. So it stands to reason that the organization(s) of the world will be transformed on a very fundamental level. There is so much fear moving about the US and the world today (except perhaps for Asia - not counting Japan). There are many good reasons to fear - climate change, the bank-induced explosion of the financial sector, the economic treason to the American middle class perpetrated by the international oligarchs and their willing servants among the politicians and media.

The righties fear and foment the culture wars. We lefties understandably fear the machinations of the righties (end of collective bargaining, the push to lower the pay of employees to developing nations' standards, the threats to what's left of the social safety net, Obama's lack of spine or collusion or unfortunate placement as the Jackie Robinson of national politics with the attendant demand that he turn himself into a pretzel to get along with the GOP/TP, etc.) I'm not trying to be a pollyanna. Clearly, there is a welter of fear mongers out and about in every corner who seek to profit from those very fears they raise.

But again, I go back to, I think, Jessica Murray's advice with the Pluto incursion into Cap that we refuse to live in fear. And we act against those fears and align ourselves with the higher purpose of combating all the sources pushing our fear buttons with faith turned into action by speaking up for and acting in concert with our fellow men and women mindful of those higher purposes in order to aid the best side of Pluto's changes in our organizations. Forgive this virtual tyro's "preachiness" and rant.

All good wishes to you, Jude, and your readers.

Thanks, Anonymous, well-said! That's a great explanation of the current astro-weather affecting our societal condition as politicians and others use the weapon of plutonian-tinged fear against us. Agreed, that a best plan is to consult our higher natures to gain more positive perspectives than those which issue 24/7 from a cynical and corrupt Washington DC.

You know, if The Politician's eternal promise to "bring transparency back to Washington" (heard so often along US campaign trails) actually came to pass, we'd be running 99% of the varmints off to Sing Sing when the true depth of their perfidies and secret sell-out-America deals with the devil were 'transparently' revealed! Of course, it's a huge assumption that transparency in any government is ever possible given political man's pocket-lining tendencies, for example. Their true loyalties are certainly suspect, aren't they?

And we see how they've 'run' America in recent decades by Where We Are Now.

US natal Jupiter, planet of largess, expansion, religion, money, military generals, and bankers is at the root of many of our current problems due to mismanagement of Jupiterian abundance and egotism. Our national Jupiter possesses a telling Sabian Symbol from July 4, 1776: '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"...and they've been feathering them lucratively ever since.

Difference now is, these Utopian Usurpers want to steal everyone else's nests, too, and have just about done it which may be why I feel particularly and especially squawky today. How about you? jc

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