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Jul 31, 2011

The YOD of a Senate Test Vote 7.31.11

"Code Red Day for Many on Wall Street" --David Gregory on MTP July 31, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Well, it's been "Code Red" for a majority of Americans for years now. And unless we hear otherwise, the US Senate is set to vote today at 1:00 pm edt on the Democratic version of a draconian spending cut bill that will allow a raising of the US debt ceiling, another act in the Political Default Theater on Capitol Hill meant to usher in by power elites a new form of government over the heads and deepest wishes of the American people.

Even a mini-Congress (aka, a 'Super Congress') may emerge out of this debt-default squabble of ideologies with a sinister-flavored Solar Eclipse occurring in November 2011.

Astrology: July 31, 2011 1:00 pm edt Capitol Hill DC

At 1:00 pm edt in Washington DC, rising is a 29th degree of crisis: 29Libr42 which makes Venus 3Leo48 (still within orb of President Obama's natal Mercury 2:20) the ruler of the chart and the senatorial test vote; Venus conjoins MC 4Leo48, with Sun 8Leo09 approaching Mr. Obama's natal Sun on August 4th ('13Leo'.)

Our economy worsens as I type, according to political talking heads on TV so let's take a peek at the horoscope.

Telling us how things will proceed from this dramatic test vote are the applying aspects of evaluating Venus, chart-ruler, which are as follows:

1. inconjunct Chiron (0A27; Mr. Obama's Chiron Return has begun--5 'hits' in total)
2. trine Uranus (0A35; in Aries, Uranus = radical Utopians--Ebertin)
3. conjunct MC (0A49)
4. inconj Pluto (1A35; the dragon; global crime syndicate; ruling elite; the Pope)
5. square Jupiter (5A08; money and finances, gurus, preachers, generals, and the GOP blocking--squaring--events)

As you see, the infamous 'bumpy ride' may be little softened by today's proposed test vote even though the US Senate of 'philosophers' and deep thinkers (Republican Tom Coburn and Democrat John Kerry--if he can keep from interrupting himself into ditherhood--are about it as near the cream of the crop, as near as i can tell) are the American people's last and best hope for solution.

Venus square Jupiter indicates *carelessness when attending to responsibilities (a studied carelessness, in this case), generosity shown but only for ulterior motives, and a lack of perspective when setting priorities. The favoring of the top 2% income "earners" is an obvious problem as the North Node (the public) insists on a fairer balancing--of income ratio in America, of accounts, and of societal changes to favor we-the-people.

Venus inconjunct (quincunx) Pluto is significant with its 'adjustment' vibe, an overburdening in financial matters, and all sorts of negative elements creeping into this crisis situation; a lack of responsibility and a general sense of unaccountability adds confusion to the endeavor as the wrong people are made to pay for what others should. (Ex: social welfare for the rich continues as their private debts are collectivized upon the backs of we-the-people--the monarchists ride again!)

(Other aspects have been previously discussed so I'll not repeat myself here.)

Drastic Cutting of Our Social Program Spending Will Ruin the Economy...but make Wall Streeters and foreign investors exultant!

Some arguments for allowing the balancing now being called for by Fixed Star Ras Alhague (conjunct NN = destiny; future direction) are that it is the morally upright thing to do (as opposed to setting millions of people up to suffer and die while fatcats get richer), and because we'd like to keep a decent semblance of our United States of America without 'radical Utopian' (Uranus 4Ari23 Rx in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling--we're utter fools if we let them usurp this country more than before!) wolves over-running the henhouse and fundamentally transforming this nation into a wild-west style Zoo of Zealots.

At 1:00 pm, there is a planetary pattern called a Mystic Rectangle ('practical mysticism'--our Masonic Capitol Building and White House--secret rituals are afoot)) in the air over Capitol Hill involving Mercury, Pluto, Mars, and Chiron.

Mars/Chiron = sacred warrior energy (ex: Knights of Malta, Templars, Sionist Rosicrucians, and other hidden hands); Mercury/Pluto = propaganda, the surveillance state, and cruel thoughts/plans, political talk offering abrupt changes, business or transportation secrets, hidden hands, etc.

Constricting Saturn 12Lib20 is in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house of Politics, working on a deal of some kind, perhaps Harry's Reid's plan, or some version of it that Senator Coburn can swallow. (US Saturn Return #3 of 3 will occur on August 28, 2011, a key date for our national affairs.)

Yes, the debt-default situation depends upon 'Old Guard' statesmanlike senators (if we still have any) besting the radical Tea Party wing of the GOP...old v young, status quo v a radical reformist brand of sabotage using a tactic I have to call Treason being perpetrated by those insistent on collapsing America to make an ideological point (and grab the helm and 'rebuild anew upon ruins'--ruins that we're in process of seeing them create!

YOD, aka, Finger of God, a Fated Turning

But the US economy's crisis-critical condition is shown most clearly in the YOD pattern which has been in effect for some days now--Pluto sextile Chiron at its base, and her pointing to an apex Venus (and MC) denoting alienated persons who are awkwardly out-of-touch with the rest of society. Apex Venus in a YOD configuration does show much inner reflection and analysis as people are driven toward the cultivation--either positively or negatively--of collective values.

The destined crossroads of the YOD indicates a fated turning point which may be catalyzed (by typical catalyst Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries--the Tea Party freely admits that without its forcing behavior--Uranus = behavior--Washington would not be having this 'debate' now) by sudden realization (Uranus = The Awakener; The Witness) of an encompassing social goal of great magnitude.

Having a decided influence on the value systems of others and the reorganization of the US government are part of the ambitious drive of this apex Venus with the plutocracy's (Pluto/Chiron) sextile at the base of their operations along with the wealth that Pluto/Chiron implies and which backs this movement to over throw the US government and toss us backward to Pluto/Chiron feudalism.

As Far As America Can Expand

As you know, America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon (4Vir10--4Pis10) timed our nation's pinnacle of success in the larger/outer world on December 24, 2008
(click to view chart with its own YOD, and a Hard Rectangle pattern, too.

We're straining against those two patterns now rather than accepting the karmic, natural law that even America must honor in the end (karma to me is reaping what was sown.) Our government's traditional arrogance and preening overreach makes that difficult thus setting up the scenario for a fall from grace which supports the tragedy of having a 10th house Saturn whose financial lessons are now being learned the hard way yet with the wrong people paying for our mistakes and the wealthy pulling another 'fast one', the US will buckle without the middle class prevailing.)

So if federal spending is rolled back in 2011 to a specific date and a more sensible amount, a date earlier in 2008 would do enough of a trick to buck up our nation for now--putting us on a realistic path--so that the more intimate details for cutting, spending, and taxing may be discussed with cooler heads prevailing than the current rhetorical flourishes of fools, knaves, and corporate-manipulated newbies in Congress who now threaten a majority of the American people with certain demise and despair.

Raise the debt ceiling and accept humbly the lowering of our government's AAA credit
rating, I'm not happy to say, for we've been allowed more credit than we deserve for quite some time. 'Coming down to earth with a bump' is difficult, but isn't all bad if you can learn its Saturnian lessons and plan for them.

My wish is that we take the fork in the (YOD) road that reins in America's out-of-balance budget, curtails fraud (if only Congress would return to its oversight duties, both Houses--Saturn Return!), and identifies and reduces waste wherever found, while supporting the American people whose taxes on earnings need a huge jobs-creation boost in order to continue to 'make happen' the 'New Atlantis'/corporate enterprise we call America--and all for the sake of our children who deserve much better than Washington politicians have been serving them in this, the over-glamorized, fearmongering New Millennium.


*'carelessness'? Perhaps some of our erstwhile debt negotiators took part in July 2011's "Cremation of Care" ritual at Bohemian Grove, CA the second half of July. The rest of us are the ones with the worries as the power elite play freaky esoteric games with our futures and our nation while continuing to rob us blind.


Kieron said...

To "preening overreach" I would add "overweening preach."

word verif: actownio. act, own, I owe.

Jude Cowell said...

How sadly correct you are, Kieron. I finally snagged a copy of Jeff Sharlet's The Family and intend to read it, too. jc :(