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Sep 19, 2011

Fall of the Republic (the movie); Obama's Chiron/Pluto

There's a lot to take in in the following video presentation so I'll keep my comments under wraps until I watch Fall of the Republic again. Included is my old argument on this blog that Rs and Ds are on the same team (and that's what spawns "class warfare" here in America--plutocrats v we-the-people--not the expectation that upper-crusters will pay their fair share of US taxes while all the GOP wishes to do is pretend that the weaker among us are strong enough to shoulder the full weight of the financial burden.

You know, everyone who moseys around the US of A uses our nation's roads, airstrips, and other public transport and infrastructure resources and services. And it takes funding from taxes to keep up the equipment!

To me its seems that if the American people were a herd, Republicans would allow--no, assist--millions of us to be picked off by any predator who comes our hapless way. The more population control, the better for the GOP--crash the joint!

Well, as far as President Obama being in with the 'in crowd' of transnational banksters and other corporatists, we discussed way back when that the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint (the 'plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence' pair) is at Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations) in the Inauguration 2009 Horoscope of Jan 20, 2009 Noon est Capitol Building.

Plutocrats are lounging around our White House, y'all (stinkin' up the place, imho.) And their total take-over has been a long time coming.

January 20, 2009--September 19, 2011

So now? Now it's 2 years 8 months into Mr. Obama's first term and the Pluto/Chiron midpoint these days hangs about the 3AQ+ area of the Tropical Zodiac--conjunct Inauguration 2009 Jupiter, planet of Bankers, Generals, Mentors, Explorers, Gamblers, Professors, Hierophants, and Gurus everywhere. Seems the Oval Office is a very busy place.

Plus, as you know, Mr. Obama is all about mentors with his natal Chiron in Pisces, and mystical Quests and a Grail, too. In fact, the 'knight in shining armour' archetype isn't far from the glowing aura of Barack Obama, and you know that the Piscean Chiron person may act from a sense of self-sacrifice either consciously or unconsciously, right?

Well, there is more to our complex president, Barack Obama, of course, but really--can't his obvious lean (toward greasing the palms of Wall Street crooks and foreign banks over easing Main Street problems and addressing the lack of US jobs--until now when he has no choice) be described just as well by those two astrological factors as much as by anything else?

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, HI: 1st house Chiron 5Pis19 Rx opposes 7th house Pluto 6Vir59 = "a Seeker whose Quest is to embody, express, and struggle on behalf of archetypal energies seeking to force their way into mass awareness." (R. Nolle.)

Mass awareness. Yes. That'd be us.

But if his Quest includes a one world government, aka, a New World Order, we're in big trouble for Mr. Obama's natal Chiron/Pluto opposition makes him one of them, a plutocrat by nature...unless he chooses to fight them instead.

So being currently in the midst of his 'five-fer' Chiron Return (5 'hits' or conjunctions from Chiron to natal Chiron, a spiritualized or spiritized time around age 50 when our weaknesses appeal to us for close attention and healing), President Obama is walking a very numinous path this year and next so I think he may as well have his 'feet held to the fire', as folk say, simultaneously--by the American people who have as their only advocate an imperfect human being acting archetypally as 'our president', a Seeker along The Path...just as we all are, we spirits having physical experiences on planet Earth.

Yes, we-the-people have always been told that The Power is centered in the White House Oval Office (though it isn't) and since the US Congress seems determined that America should no longer have a functioning Congress, our Chirotic, Pisecean President Obama is all we have at the moment to advocate on our behalves while we're busy being devoured by plutocrats lying in wait like the ravenous wolves they truly are.

So is President Obama a knight? Or the fox?


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Alex said...

Hi Jude,

If you pound on the Koch brothers-Libertarians and other wealthy Libertarians like a pinata there is a bunch of information that will fall out - - the demise of democracy is their bag.

Best Wishes,