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Oct 26, 2011

Mercury-Pluto! US Patriot Act 10th Anniversary 10.26.11

Today is the 10th anniversary of Bush's draconian US 'Patriot' Act which President Obama extended by remote control from France in late May 2011 as a previous post details--with US natal Pluto rising. Other astrological implications are included.

Yes, America's rising Pluto (planet of Invisible Helmets, sabotage, subversive power, and assassinations) at the Patriot Act's May 2011 extension puts our natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (July 4, 1776) into sharp relief with its surveillance, propaganda, and intell activities now ramped up by technological advances which aid the US government in data collecting as it ignores with impunity our right to privacy and fails to protect us from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Sneak and Peek!

For a symbolic representation of the US Mercury/Pluto opposition we have only to look at our paper currency (shown here) and the Pyramid of Power with the capstone and Eye of Surveillance (some say, Horus, or Providence) upon it, a direct reference to the infiltrating Illuminati agents who deeply influenced the founding of this nation and loaned the founders Illuminati symbols to place upon America's Great Seal.

(Note: Mercury = sight, Pluto = power!)

So no Happy Birthday Wishes to the Patriot Act from me today. For though I suppose its provisions help law enforcement track criminals, its eagle-eyed perusals of Aunt Granny Fanny's emails to dear Cousin Myrtle are way-y-y over the privacy line--and such an abundance of info collection wastes time, storage space, and mucho tax dollars.

Plus, it gives criminals, foreign and domestic, even more of our personal info to hack and steal. Thanks for that, Washington.

Well, I guess you can tell from the image above: Somebody's Watching You!

For further reading if you're interested:

All-seeing Eye: The History of Video Surveillance.

The History of the Illuminati in America (note the sour quote by Clinton Roosevelt, an ancestor of FDR.)

How well can spy satellites see details?


DD said...

I was catching up on your posts and first read the 12/21/12 Mayan calendar post 0f 2008, (interesting numbers by the way, 3/3/3 or 9 or completion).

Then I moved over to your more recent post of the 10th anniversary of the Patriot Act and was weaving in thoughts of the recent, "get rid of the paper dollar" suggestions by government. Keep those symbols out of our hands - and replace them with coins? silly, but a step toward an Amero.

The mind continues to wander. I was thinking I should do something special on the 11/11/11 day coming up. Like redo my external situation all together - a small condo in a tall building overlooking water and lots of other tall buildings, for instance.
I am drawn to being in a watching spot.

Cash it all in. Make it happen for me. No more waiting for something else to happen TO me. A strange "taking back control" sense.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Keep up the good work!

Donna D

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Donna! Great to hear from you and have been wondering how you are these days.

Yes, take the reins of control and don't let go! At least that's what the #7 Tarot card counsels...The Chariot.

Yes, 11.11.11 approaches. I will be traveling on that day which seems surprising to me since I've awaited 11.11.11 for years, and wondering if it meant anything. We'll see how things turn out.

(My 'chariot' will be a train car traveling through the "corridor of evil", as Ed Kohout has reminded me.)

Hope you & yours are well, too, DD--and thanks for reading esp after all these years! Jude

(SO'W was 6 yrs old on Oct 17, 2011--it's gone gray around the muzzle! jc)