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Oct 28, 2011

Inauguration 2009's Void-Of-Course Moon 29Sco45

Oct 28, 2011: Does Inauguration 2009 Moon Haunt Us?

by Jude Cowell

The following is a copy-paste from a previous post on my WordPress blog and was written back in those early, heady days of the Obama administration when the future seemed to stretch out in front of us a VOC Moon sailing without interference toward a previously determined port.

As you know, the Moon in Mundane Astrology = the people, or, the in the US, it's We-The-People, and also relates to moods and popular trends.

Now my suspicion is that Alphee Lavoie's interpretation of a VOC Moon (see below) applies quite closely to the presidency of Barack Obama--except for the "nothing to worry about" part--for with transnational globalist banksters and gangsters in charge and calling the political tune, we have a lot of challenges to face, as has become extremely apparent.

(One of the transiting midpoint pictures in force for weeks and still in force as I type is: Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: sudden recognition of a difficult situation. Another of its potentials: real v imaginary, according to Reinhold Ebertin.)

Now here's the post on Inauguration 2009's VOC Moon in Scorpio, sign of regeneration, but also of betrayal. See what you think at this later date as the Obama admininstration rolls along--no edits have been made so there may be typos:

Since the Moon 29Sco45 for Jan 20, 2009, noon EST, Capitol Building, Washington DC, applies to no major (Ptolemaic) aspect with another planet while the Moon remains in Scorpio, it is being considered as having no course, or is ‘void of course’.

Indications for a VOC Moon are: impediments; things will not come to a good end except with great toil and trouble; good time for festivities (Bonatus); matters go hardly unless Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces; business seldom goes ‘handsomely forward’; nothing will come of the matter; no significant changes (Lilly.)

Yet in modern terms, Alphee Lavoie says that a VOC Moon means that a conclusion is already manifested, the outcome is already known, and/or there’s ‘nothing to worry about’!

One reason to hope for the best come Inauguration Day 2009 is that modern interpretations take into account whether the VOC Moon is applying closely with other planets from the sign she’s in – such as we see with Jan 20′s Moon sextiling the 10th house Sun/Mercury conjunction 00AQ+…which also happens to be Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter degree.

Well, we know that 29 degrees of any sign is a Critical/Crisis Degree and in the case of 2009′s Inaugural Moon in Scorpio, I’m relating the Moon’s condition (VOC) and degree (29) to the financial and medical crises the American people continue to suffer ungladly.

Plus, spying and surveillance relate to Scorpio, along with Big Finance, and for certain a whole lotta surveillance will be going on in the inaugural city, and a whole pack of till-raiding financial crooks are on the loose.

So…nothing to worry about? Dunno about that although some folk seem to feel (unrealistically) that having Obama, a Democrat, in the White House will solve everything. At least he isn’t a dratted Republican, right?

Will this Moon’s condition make the down-to-earth transit of restrictive Saturn to US natal Neptune (ideals; dreams) more of a shock…or will it bring solidity and realization (Saturn) to our ideals and dreams (Neptune)? (Saturn to US Neptune August-Sept 2009.)

But I suspect 2009′s Inaugural Moon is reaching forward into Sagittarius (which sextiles Aquarius) toward the change and hope of a new presidency’s promise to put the American people’s needs first in line over monied interests. Sextiles are aspects of opportunity, but willing efforts must be made in order to benefit from them.

Whether the ‘reaching forward’ results in eventual improvements for we-the-people is a question for the future to answer.

That there will be delays and difficulties in implementing plans is a given, but I pray the ineffectuality of a traditional VOC Moon doesn’t rule the day or the modern presidential term of Barack Obama which will be served, we hope, on behalf of we-the-people.


Oct 28, 2011: turns out that the majority of the reaching forward is being done by patriots--most of them of the younger generation--the demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street Movement (aka, We Are the 99%) along with the other protests and sit-ins being done in solidarity across the country and the globe, and asking for the ('30 Scorpio') "Halloween Jester" phase of US politics to be put aside for good as we demand that the US government remembers from whence their only true power comes--not from shareholders, CEOs, or monarchists--but from the willing consent of We-The-People.

You may also wish to review the horoscope of the Solar Eclipse which forever marks the presidency of Barack Obama, what I've called the New President Eclipse of January 26, 2009 at 6AQ30--conjunct US natal South Node (SN) of the Moon, a separative, Saturn-ruled point where cosmic energy rushes or is drained out rather than new energy being infused into the proceedings.

But then, Mr. Obama has lofty connections and wealthy backers to neutralize or cushion problems indicated by the bend-or-break Saturn-Uranus opposition which was in effect on Election Day 2008 as well as in January 2009. Was it to be the status quo of Saturn or the progress of Uranus? I decided Mr. Obama's natal Saturn Rx in its own staid sign of Capricorn would lean him toward the status quo though his Aquarian Jupiter, also Rx, may idealize toward other directions.

Plus, the January 2009 Solar Eclipse degree (6AQ30) is the zodiacal position of transiting Neptune on the morning of 9/11/01 and qualifies as a Neptune Return since the religion of Islam was founded when Neptune was within that range of Aquarius.

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