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Oct 13, 2011

South Korea visits US = 'A Sleigh Without Snow' 10.13.11

After the US Congress sold out US workers once again this week by passing "free" trade deals with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia, today's visit from President Lee of South Korea has transiting Mars 15Leo conjoined with tr Cupido (The Family; The Syndicate; Corporations) which is, one supposes, an apt picture of the global elite's drive to merge America into a 'one-world-government' which is a long range plan that "free" trade agreements are designed to facilitate.

Taking a quick glance at some of today's events in Washington by way of horoscopes set for the White House and for the Capitol Building later today when President Lee delivers an address to a Joint Session of Congress, we see Presidents Obama and Lee holding a presser at 12:20 pm edt (Hour of the Moon) with 20Sag33 rising which makes money planet Jupiter (still retrograde in money sign Taurus) the chart-ruler. When chart-rulers are Rx you know something is amiss or at least, there will be delay in the areas that planet rules, and money, largess, and expansion are part of Jupiter's realm.

Big laugh just now as I type: *Amy Goodman just reported on Democracy Now! that NYC Mayor Bloomberg informed the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators that they'll need to clear out of Liberty Square on Friday (tomorrow) so it could be "cleaned." The Occupiers are sending out a request for cleaning supplies--they'll clean it themselves. HA! Love it!!! Back to the "free" trade shenanigans in DC...

Now whenever dignitaries meet in Washington DC or elsewhere, a peek at which planets are conjoining synchronistically for the event is in order.

Today, tr Saturn (authority; managers; leaders; lawmakers; lawyers, etc) is just moved beyond conjunction with the Sun 19Libra59 at 12:20 pm edt, and the Moon (the people; the public; publicity; a woman) meets with Jupiter Rx at 7Tau+...Sabian Symbol '8Tau' = "A Sleigh Without Snow"...SUSTAINMENT...

positive expression: a complete and effective alignment of self with whatever greater possibilities may remain unrealized in a given milieu;

negative (unconscious/shadow side): a cheerful tolerance of today's frustrations in the vague hope of a better tomorrow.

Well, I don't know precisely what President Lee expects from Washington (a lot, I'll wager) with his shady "free" trade agreement but that 'vague hope' is known by a majority of American workers to be a pile o'merde when it comes to 'jobs creation' in the US...outsourcing of jobs is much more likely.

One more note (since if I don't publish this soon the events will be over)--VP Biden, our erstwhile, proud-to-be-a-Zionist fellow, will host a luncheon for the Lees at 1:15 pm edt today with 2Cap56 rising along with the tr Venus/Neptune midpoint (appreciating how reality can be altered; indulging another's fantasy for personal gratification; union with persons of a peculiar disposition.)

Also at 1:15 pm edt, tr Pluto @ 5Cap05 rises, and asteroid Atlantis ('America'; where we feel doomed; abuse or misuse of power) is at MC.

Of interest in relation to the US government is a midpoint at Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations; Public Status) with these potentials for expression:

Mars/Pluto = MC: ambition; self-confidence; facing overwhelming force without power; danger through intervention of a Higher Power (US?); learning how to gain and use power or extreme measures for increasing status in the world (Washington DC, the teacher); fulfillment of certain ambitions by attaining recognition and influence.

Well, as long as the global elite's one-world-government project grinds on with America scurrying to take the lead, I suppose it's still quite trendy and smart to suck up to Washington politicians.


*Amy Goodman is also reporting on the Canadian warrant to arrest George W. Bush for war crimes when he attempts to address an economic forum in British Columbia next week--an "economic" forum!!! Who's crazy here? Is it me? ;p

For more info, you may wish to check out current news coverage and issues at the Thom Hartmann website with texts and broadcast videos available, and a Forum to join.

Midpoint pictures: Reinhold Ebertin; Michael Munkasey. Sabian Symbol info: Msrc Edmund Jones.

Timings mentioned in this post are taken from the White House LIVE site of streaming videos.


Patty said...

'A Sleigh Without Snow'
SUSTAINMENT...I love it!

Many Thanks, Jude.

Jude Cowell said...

You're welcome, Patty, and thanks a bunch for taking time to comment! Jude