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Oct 11, 2011

Inauguration 2009 horoscope w Occupy Wall Street (9.17.11)

The horoscope of Inauguration 2009 (January 20 @ noon Capitol Building) is shown here with the transits of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS), September 17, 2011, solar (sunrise) chart set for Manhattan, NY; OWS is aka, the 99% Movement.

Click chart to enlarge and you'll see the OWS Moon 19Tau23 and Jupiter 9Tau49 snugged about the Inaugural ASC (President's Oath of Office = the presidency); also on the Inaugural ASC is the transiting midpoint Mars/Neptune which is interesting to me since many posts have been written here concerning the fact Mr. Obama's natal Mars (motivation, energy, action, desire nature) conjoins US natal Neptune 22Vir25--to the degree--with Virgo the sign of Work, Service, and Health (and having a 'police/military service' vibe.)

(Note: the Moon/Jupiter pair will repeat at Inauguration 2013 but in early Gemini, rising in 1st house; chart set for Monday January 21, 2013 noon est Capitol Building--since Jan 20, 2013 falls on a Sunday; ASC = '16Tau' instead of the usual '15Tau'--the last Jan 21st Inauguration was Ronald 'death squad' Reagan's.)

Uranus in Aries: The Awakener!

The Awakening of the American People (transit Uranus to US 4th cusp 00Ari53 = anarchists, radicals, protesters in the Homeland) which the current Occupy protests represent is shown on one level by the dreamy Mars/Neptune link between horoscopes as this Mars/Neptune (deceptive or inspired actions, confused motivations, loss of males, overseas wars, mass police, men who undermine, etc) echoes the problematic Mars/Neptune square found in the US natal chart/s (July 4, 1776, any hour you choose to use. Our national Sun/Saturn square is now highlighted as well showing authoritarianism of leaders.)

Sniffy me!

Since I'm under the weather this week with allergies of the ragweed kind, I have sparse energy with which to discuss these two charts (dual and complex as they are) but I'll do the best I can and will simply mention a couple of factors, then point anyone who hasn't to visit the excellent news coverage by Independent Media (listed below) of the Occupy protests across America--including the vicious, hateful police attack during the OccupyBoston demonstration last night (at 1:30 am Tuesday) on US war veterans whose American flags were wrenched from their hands and thrown to the ground before they were tackled by an over-reactive riot-geared police force--people obviously on the payroll of The Man, not The People.

How description their actions! For 'throwing America to the ground' is the goal of these proto-fascist usurpers of our government. And it took the attacks of 9/11/01 to more firmly establish them in seats of power.

Now we know that no matter who orders such brutality against peacefully assembled Americans expressing their grievances against The Establishment, this police state behavior is happening on President Obama's watch. Yes, the GOP must be secretly cheering this though they certainly have expression problems of their own on the subject (see Herman Cain's coldhearted comment below.)

However, for the sake of the president's political aspirations, he'd do better for 2012 to jump on-board more than he has so far rather than dangling haphazardly off the populist cart with the White House's barely concealed contempt. As The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel said yesterday to Amy Goodman, Mr. Obama is "behind the curve" and has "lost his momentum" with the environmentalists, young people, liberals, Independents, and others who voted for him in 2008.

Deserving Desertion?

Well, if Mr. Obama is or feels deserted, he deserves it for we wouldn't wander if he were what he was promoted to be! Good oration is never enough when real problems exist en masse, Mr. President. You said to push you, so here is Occupy Wall Street on your Oval Office doorstep. Be pushed!

Confronting The Bull of Wall Street

Since We-the-People Bailed Out Wall Street Banks do we own them? Then we may protest their corruption all we like! Besides: what victim, being disenfranchised and ignored, is self-destructive enough not to chant for clarity and justice in American society--and for social improvements when times are tough?! The 'special interests' and their paid-for political reps of Washington DC must be feeling a might insecure about now--good! We The People Rule whether they know it or not. Without our consent they have no power.

Positive v Negative = Yin v Yang = Jupiter v Saturn

Very notable in the OWS chart are the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, forming a transiting midpoint upon revolutionary Mars 29Can00 on Sept 17th, a critical 29th degree picture which describes the Occupy Wall Street Movement about as well as any one factor can do...and the Jupiter/Saturn cycle closely relates to financial markets and conditions!

These days in our global society, Jupiter's expansion principle seeks balance with Saturn's restriction/contraction tendencies and we know who's on the growth side while the 99% languishes on the margins, our futures stunted by Wall Street greed and criminality which are aided by duplicitous politicians. Financial Collapse 2008 was no 'accident', it was long-planned, imho, and astrological indicators show more lacks to come for 2012 and beyond, sorry to say.

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn hooked up on May 28, 2000 and their collusion heralded the zeitgeist of the much-touted New '23Tau' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems"--and that's how America has been--a cash cow--for the criminal upper crust ever since...just one Big Heist. Yes?

Well, here's the major midpoint picture from September 17, 2011 which I'm spotlighting today--see if you think any of its potentials apply to current events:

Jupiter/Saturn = activist Mars: new efforts to effect positive changes; introducing duress as a tactic for forcing social change; discontent; added irritation over delays for new beginnings (like implementation of their feudal, 'Big Brother', totalitarian 'new world order', aka, a Utopian
'one world government' of the Illuminati? jc.)

How patient and mild the protesters--very impressive!

Progressive sites and broadcasts (video available):

Thom Hartmann (Thom!);
Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman);
The Nation blog w Occupy Wall Street updates (Greg Mitchell);
Brave New Films (Robert Greenwald who has a new film on the Koch Brothers, a must-see.)

Plus, there's HuffPo's recent article on how bullying billionaires the Koch Brothers (of Tea Party backing fame) stand to make a mint--in spite of the environmental degradation the US will suffer--from the Keystone XL Pipeline which President Obama could nix with a stroke of his Oval Office pen, if he only would.

Or I should say, If only his financial backers would allow. (See Inauguration 2009 chart with US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron midpoint at MC, The Goal point; this places US natal Mercury Rx is at IC which emphasizes America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of surveillance and propaganda.)

Now, for those who wish to become involved, it may be timely to paraphrase Thom Hartmann at the end of all his broadcasts:

"Democracy begins when you show up--tag, you're it!"

Yet there's a caution: Beware agent provocateurs who seek to undermine the 99% Movement by use of violence. And conservative commentators have ramped up their usual violent rhetoric, as expected--seems that some long-nosers have broadcast that the OWS protesters "hate freedom" (!!!), a silliness which attempts to turn the 99% Movement's message of moral clarity upside down.

Oh! And as Thom Hartmann noted in today's broadcast, Republican 2012 nomination candidate *Herman Cain says that "if you don't have a job--blame yourself."


So I guess tonight's Republican "debate" on TV, which is expected to attack Mitt Romney's record as MA governor, should be either interesting or, more of a mangled train wreck showcasing pathetic people parroting corporate talking points. Again. With some quirky personality traits tossed in to 'impress' the public, if at all possible after 8 years of Bush-Cheney policies that have led us to this.

Wonder if the 99% Movement will be mentioned tonight? But which corporate shill among them, if any, shall dare?


UPDATE: *Here's a nifty, brief analysis of Herman's Cain's diabolical counter to the president's jobs plan which is actually Cain's (not Abel's) wealth distribution program for the rich called, 9-9-9 which even an apathetic doltbrain can see is a not-so-subtle reference to the Biblical '666', the mark of the beast. And its title is done in a backhanded way with the digits upside down, a tactic Satan often employs in our dualistic world as a shout-out to his followers.

Other satanic signs/symbols include 'the goat horns' hand jesture, the use of 'one eye' (Gaga's hair over one eye, head bowed showing homage to the Eye of Horus), and popular use of black-white and/or checkered patterns.

Well, if I'd known about that last one years ago, I would not have drawn 'checkered floors' into some of my racier illustrations. Really. What bad form! And their use was never meant as a satanic symbol of any kind, not from me.

Yet in my own defense, I shall say as an artist of some years that checkered floors can make a decent design element in drawings or paintings for their perspectives can be monkeyed with and made to look quite interesting, don't you think?

Blog Note: those who read Astrology charts may wish to study the horoscopes shown above if they haven't, spotlighting the connections between them, and I hope you do. Leave your on-topic comments here, if you wish, for I plan to feel better soon. Thanks! jc

(Midpoint pictures from M. Munkasey and R. Ebertin.)


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This helped me understand it better. I'll be at Zuccati Park tomorrow and will post pics at my blog.

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Glad it helped, Cat Wisdom 101--will be sending good vibes to you tomorrow & checking out your pics!

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