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Nov 23, 2011

Bradley Manning court date: Sun Sag/Moon Virgo

At last, whistleblower Bradley Manning, who dared taunt the US war machine, has been given a court date of December 16 (2011) when the Sun is in Sagittarius, Moon in critical Virgo for the 24-hour period.

This Fire-Earth combination of energies may be described as a 'bull dozer' and indicates tremendous drive toward a desired direction. Old J. P. Morgan was born with a Fire-Earth combo (Aries-Virgo.) The combo tends to have a strong, rational bias with enormous certitude about beliefs. Seems this may describe both sides of the issue--the Manning-WikiLeaks side v the US military/government, so invested in their seeming infallibility. Does might make right? Not to me it doesn't!

Yet the Sun Sag-Moon Virgo blend in particular can shift between certitude and deep doubt. Its sense of drama may shrink if placed under the spotlight for too long, and nervous tension becomes a problem. Aims are focused on the greater good, not just on behalf of the individual, and presenting the Big Picture is a talent with Sag's macro-view and Virgo's attention to detail. This reminds me of the leaked tape of the US helicopter showing troops' behavior that Private Manning leaked to WikiLeaks and which began this difficult odyssey for him.

With Sun Sag-Moon Virgo, there is a tendency to be shocked by disloyalty and again, this seems to me to describe both sides especially with the combo's dedication to ideals. Clear arguments will be made on December 16 and calm integrity will be demonstrated but narrow-mindedness, moralism, and obsession will also be shown on that day.

One of the blend's 'Images for Integration' is: The Ten Commandments but there is little space within the theater of war for following such good advice--Thou Shalt Not Kill being the stand-out admonition though Not Bearing False Witness must be on the court's menu, of course.

My own feeling is that Bradley Manning carved out a little space for morality when his actions revealed the true face of US imperialism and his trial will be a mad scramble to put the Pentagon's idealistic mask back in place for the American people--even though it's way too late. Pvt. Manning is in the raptor's embrace, God help him, for the raptor is blind to all but its own interests, and sacrificing One Lone Soldier is a no-brainer solution when global domination goals are at stake.

The Sun Sag-Moon Virgo combo is shared natally by philosopher and historian Thomas Carlyle and here's one of his famous quotes which I hope won't define Bradley Manning's court appearance on December 16:

"Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight."


Inspiration: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.

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