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Nov 4, 2011

Natal Horoscope: Grover Norquist (w video)

“Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub, ” said Grover Norquist.

Spoken like a true Utopian Globalist! The following analysis is one astrologer's view of...

The Natal Horoscope of Grover Norquist, Political Strategist

by Jude Cowell

Mother Jones has an article on the eerie influence of Grover Norquist which prompted me to have a peek at his (noon) natal horoscope.

And here's a very interesting profile of him which includes his links to Jack Abramoff and Iraqi oil, among other things. And Speaker John Boehner just called Norquist "Some random person" when asked about closing tax loopholes for the oil industry.

Born on October 19, 1956 in Sharon, PA, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (founded 1985) and co-founder of the Islamic Free Market Institute, has Sun in Libra, and Moon in Aries if born before 7:07 pm est on that date.

If born after 7:07 pm, his personality takes on a Sun Libra/Moon Taurus hue but odds are, Norquist is a Sun Libra/Moon Aries blend, born near the Full Moon either way.

Here are the earliest and latest positions of the Sun and Moon on the date of his birth:

Earliest: Sun 25Lib47; Moon 19Ari31--Latest: Sun 26Lib47; Moon 2Tau41.

Since his birth time is unknown, the following analysis is based on a noon chart which shows 00Cap17 rising with 24Lib27 at Midheaven (w stars Arcturus and Spica); Hour of Mars. Midpoint pictures included in this post are in effect no matter his birth time.

Please click image to enlarge chart; some US natal planets are penned in (pink), today's transits (Nov 4, 2011) are highlighted in blue around the chart; tr Pluto is triggering two natal midpoints which are notated, lower left and lower right.

With nebulous Neptune @ 00Sco00, anti-tax warrior Norquist has an out-of-sign Sun/Neptune conjunction which is similar to having lots of Pisces energy in a chart (fishy!) especially in the realms of ego and life goals (Sun.) Naturally, Neptune has a masking effect upon the Sun's vitality and helps describe the behind-the-scenes nature of Mr. Norquist's political career and activities.

You may find of interest another article The Banishment of Grover Norquist which addresses just such Sun/Neptune issues. (Banishment is a Neptunian word along with veiling, masking, hiding, and such. Fraudulent, false, and idealistic would be others, along with his "drown it in a bathtub" quote!)

Yes, he's quite the watery, elusive varmint!

Sun conj Neptune gives him a 'veiled outlook on life' which allows Norquist to avoid unpleasant challenges as he easily as he ignores personal responsibilities. A personal reality is created in his mind--or by his mind--which bears little resemblance to facts as others understand them. Living in a self-created bubble is often another way to describe Sun-Neptune folk, so working in Politics, can spin be far behind?

And isn't a 'personal reality bubble' one of the tactics Republicans (and other politicians) use all the time when 'answering' questions as if on a totally different plane--or instead, they answer questions they wish had been asked? Perhaps Mr. Norquist's method through use of talking points is in evidence here for he's been at it for years starting with Nixon's 1968 campaign.

Supporting his Sun/Neptune traits is natal Mars in Pisces (13;43; ruled by Jupiter and Neptune) conjoining Fixed Star Achernar ('crisis at the end of the river; risk of rapid endings'.) Mars in Pisces is challenged to act directly and be clear in his motivations; unconscious resentments are harbored and repressed anger can lead to neuroses. Direct confrontations are avoided, as with Sun/Neptune, and secret means are used against opponents. Others may not trust him as he'd wish.

Any negative aspects in a chart intensifies problems when Mars is in watery Pisces--here, Mars is sesquisquare Sun and Neptune and is opposed by Venus 15Vir40. A Venus/Mars opposition is problematic as well and tends to create relationship troubles particularly in the realm of sexual expression. All oppositions carry Self v Others vibes (Ari/Lib axis) and indicates that Mr. Norquist's feelings are extremely sensitive and easily hurt--plus, conflicts arise over joint finances.

There's also a wide opposition between Mars and Jupiter 21Vir32 (conjunct Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: 'to go against society; out of the mainstream'--which has a Neptunian otherworldly/escapist tone to it.) However, a politics-inspired Mars/Jupiter opposition tends to seek out challenges, take risks, and may resent people who are deemed to be somehow superior. Grandstand plays come naturally!

Another politically interesting factor in Mr. Norquist's natal chart is a Saturn/Pluto square--the 'sore loser' aspect. This energy also describes the Republican Party seen in high relief with their obstructionism against President Obama. This cuss'ed square is part of Dick Cheney's Neptunian personality as well--if you will.

A Saturn/Pluto square person tends to be defensive toward social responsibilities which are viewed as obstacles to their self-interested goals. (And if you're a neocon warmonger, you want all the funds you can get to start wars you can hugely profit from while ignoring the basic needs of the American people. And promote expansion of the one-world-government Utopian Globalists are so determined to force upon us. Sad to say, it's pretty much already here.)

Another political factor is Norquist's Uranus/Chiron opposition which identifies him as what I tend to call a Chiron-Uranus type in government. Falling across the Leo (Uranus)--Aquarius (Chiron) axis of Self Will, this opposition denotes that he may be quite a cantankerous cuss, but with an outer demeanor that's Neptunian and squishy. His behavior (shown by the sign of Uranus) is proudly Leo, sign of the natural ruler.

A helpful Saturn/Uranus trine is great for it gives him a container (Saturnian form) in which to pour his Uranian ideals with ease and the talent to mobilize all his resources, knowledge, and experience. Good intuition allows him to take calculated risks and the trine provides him with leadership ability.

Mercury, planet of thinking processes, oration style, communication, and planning tactics, is @ 10Lib52 and conjoins his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) which in this case was a New Moon, so Sun/Moon = Mercury: using education and reasoning to progress through life; searching for opportunities to apply knowledge; an association with young people.

An Air trine between Mercury to Chiron in Aquarius makes him a 'wise old soul' with occultist abilities and healing talent (Clow.) This trine and the opposition to Uranus are the two major aspects made to natal Chiron.

Now with Moon opposing Sun, whether in Aries or Taurus, natal Pluto 29Leo59 (conjunct Royal Star of Persia, Regulus ('success if revenge is avoided'--otherwise, all that's gained will be taken away one day) is the Thales planet in the chart for it trines Moon and sextiles Sun, thus aiding the opposition between the luminaries.

Having occultist talents, Mr. Norquist has managed to use Thales Pluto to his advantage in the stand-off between Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious), and, of course, saboteur Pluto has a great interest in the intrigues and power plays of Politics.

And with Moon opposed by Neptune, well, then escapist tendencies are increased, and sensitivity is deepened; illusions are created about the self and others which can cause much confusion and estrangements in relationships, and this can make working alone preferable. America would profit if only he could remember that The Ideal is an illusion that does not exist in this old world! But I suppose his Saturn/Uranus trine keeps hoping and thinks it knows best for all of us.

As far as his authority planet, Saturn, goes, you see a Saturn/North Node conjunction, the source of much of his control. This is an indicator of conservatism with observance of protocol important for approaching those in power. This timing ability has helped him to further his personal advancement but at the expense of enslavement to the lowest common denominator of accepted standards (Sakoian.) Saturnian control/authority is 'on his path' (NN.)

NN 29Sco17 (a critical-crisis 29th degree) has an interesting Sabian Symbol especially considering Mr. Norquist's past association with Ronald Reagan: '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester". Reminds me of the Carter-Reagan October Surprise (Iranian hostages were released mere minutes after Reagan was inaugurated---was Grover involved in the charade and its arms deals?)

(Astro-note: 29Sco45 is the Inauguration 2009's Moon--we the people--degree which shows that the American people were already in dire financial circumstances the moment that Barack Obama took office--Scorpio = big business; betrayals.)

Now here are Grover's natal midpoint pictures which do not depend on knowing his exact time of birth; as always, any, all, or none may apply:

Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto: strong awareness of objectives; an unusual striving for knowledge; far-seeing creative activity; a sudden change in financial conditions; extreme efforts to produce novel changes in life; a major reworking of designs/ideas to ensure their correct acceptance; devices with world-transforming potential.

Jupiter/Saturn = Sun: dreaming of a potential for actuality; demonstrating leadership; gaining experience; boasting; self-pride; liver disturbances cause moodiness; the bachelor.

Sun/Uranus = Venus: peculiar encouragements in financial pursuits; unique ways of expressing love.

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: misleading/misdirecting others' attention; talking a lot; putting on an act; raised hopes; skills with deceptive practices; self-study of magic or mysticism. (Jupiter-Neptune is the grand schemes-speculation-inflationary pair of planets; Mercury is thinking and plans--a perfect combo for a Utopian Globalist planning chaos for the world to be ruled by 'reason'--their own, not ours.)

Jupiter/NN = Sun: ease of contact with important people of power and influence; joining and benefiting from powerful, distinguished societies (he attended Harvard.)

In the noon chart, Jupiter/NN sits at MC (The Goal; Aspirations; Public Standing) which adds a 'career/pursuit of common interests' vibe to the picture as 'important people of power and influence' aid his career aspirations.

Norquist's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) = 12 South

Grover Norquist was born into the 12 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses which manifested on June 8, 1956 @ 18Gem01, the zodiacal degree of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse (the next-up eclipse for us all.)

12S = successful outcomes to long term worries; a draining issue will suddenly clear with a good outcome (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)
(A SN eclipse indicates a loss of energy in affected matters.)

By degree (18Gemo1/11), the December 10th Lunar Eclipse may signify secrets or scandals being revealed concerning Mr. Norquist and may relate to this year into 2012, and/or to a time frame when the 12S last manifested on July 11, 2010 @ '19Can' (which marked the blown-up or blown-out BP well's finally being 'capped' in the Gulf of Mexico--but it's leaking, you know.)

Why, you may remember that back in the day, Grover Norquist was a registered lobbyist for BP! (scroll to end of page.)

(Note: 12S is the PE of America based on July 4, 1776 as our nation's official founding--then at 00Pis33, where transit Chiron Rx is now.)

Now you may wish to view the horoscope of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse which is squared by Mars in Virgo. As such, a 'Grand Cross' is formed for the eclipse marks a Mars-opposite-natal-Mars transit for Mr. Norquist describing a time when other people's actions and purposes are diametrically opposed to one's own, and any aggression shown is met by an equal or greater amount of determination so he'll want to lay low behind the scenes even more than usual--if the revealing energies of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse allow such escapism!

To close, here's Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) on the 1st of November making a statement about obstructionist Republicans who follow Grover Norquist like puppets. Perhaps it's his hypnotic, mystical Sun/Neptune with a Saturn/Pluto square keeping the Rs in goose-step!


If you need refreshing after such an abundance of Grover, why not check in with Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders?

Thom Hartmann is doing a great progressive broadcast today (Fridays at noon are 'Brunch with Bernie' Sanders) and Thom reports on 20 unemployed Occupiers' sit-in at Mitch McConnell's office yesterday to demand a meeting with the Republican senator--so they could tell him how badly Americans are suffering--but McConnell lead a filibuster on the floor all day so he could avoid them! Hope he was royally wumped out from doing so much 'work'.)

Tomorrow, November 5, 2011 is Bank Transfer Day if you haven't yet switched your accounts from the Big Banks. I switched two or three years ago and have been very happy with a credit union bank ever since.

And please remember to Move To Amend the Citizens United travesty of justice--sign the petition because Corporations Are Not People!


All midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Munkasey

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MoniMc said...

I was born 3 weeks after Norquist so have many of the same aspects, but I oppose everything he stands for. Am examining the descriptions of those aspects to see if I have these tendencies in myself. Maybe a little, but boy do they express themselves differently in my case. And of course the personal planets except Mars are all different, so that makes me feel better. ;-)