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Feb 11, 2012

Chris Hedges sues President over NDAA 2012 (interview/video)

Yesterday I published something about the President signing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 in private, before midnight, just beyond the heart of Winter's darkness, behind the scenes, out of public view or certain knowledge. A strong hint of Astrology permeated my post and for this I won't apologize since Astrology makes such an excellent lens through which to eye the squirmings and spunned illusions of the varmints who eye each one of us 24/7.

As a dissenting American in the Thomas Jefferson tradition (The Seer whose name is now publicly evoked by certain presidential candidates--as if!), I call out those who would pass laws that pretend to supersede (yet another super!) the US Constitution as the Law of the Land.

No lawyer here, but I do entertain opinions on these topics which I will share with you. No law is more important than the people who bow under it--the bow must be willing to create an effective law--even God assures us that 'the law was made for man, not man for the law'); and, a country with a myriad of entangling, contradictory, and/or idolicized laws is a land of criminals, thieves, and brigands.

Well, in spite of what some might assume, I'm not against the US government at all, I just want the misguided, misdirected Constitution busters tossed out of it. If America's progressed Sun has to be in murky Pisces for years, its two fishes symbol swims Up as well as Down, as you know. And this particular American prefers the Up direction for my country, thanks very much.

Okay, that's enough personal venting for this beautiful Sabbath Day. Didn't intend to, it just happens sometimes. I tend to be maternal in that way and want the best for everyone.

And as Benjamin Franklin said, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Visions and Provisions

If you note in the second half of this video interview with Chris Hedges, they go into details over the NDAA and its unconstitutionality which destroys the American people's protections under our Bill of Rights. As an American, how patriotic would I be if I didn't take issue with this allegedly 'legal' assault on my and my family's personal liberties--and yours? Why, provisions in the NDAA undermine to the core the ideals this nation is said to have been founded upon--an Idea of a Better Society, a Golden Atlantis v2, as they've touted it. Now shady entities want to dismantle The American Experiment in support of Bigger Plans.

As this interview brings out, the tip of the totalitarian iceberg peeks out and it's the freaky neocons again, my friends, scurrying from their lairs into the camera lights and microphones of 2012. You know what burdens their 8 out-of-control years laid upon the world and so recently, too. Are we self-destructive enough to spring and vote for more perpetual war from weapons promoters and power brokers whose activities are part of the problem and certainly are not the solution?

Now if you've read this far you must be wondering how long my blog will be available online. Well, I'm very sorry to report circa 2012 that we're thinking along the same lines. Therefore, hear Chris Hedges interviewed while ye may, and if you speak astrologese, note how descriptive are their remarks concerning the PR circus Washington actors played in the lead-up to the Dec 31, 2011 signing of NDAA 2012 by the President. The spin was in as the White House blamed Carl Levin for including the offensive provision and the secret plot thickened.

Also note that, when translated into Astrology, the secretive signing took place around the time that Mr. Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 (motivation; action) arose at the White House with US natal Neptune (illusions, deceptions, fraud, veils, etc) tagging along...and the fog (Nep) of war (Mars) grew thicker over the heads of innocent Americans just trying to live their lives in--dare I say it?--the peace our government doesn't always afford to others.

My Further Reading suggestion was demonstrated this week by the President's about-face on the trumped up 'contraception/Vatican' brouhaha since Mr. Obama's
Mars Return 2012 is in progress (a three-fer: Jan 14, Feb 1, June 18) and transit Mars is now retrograde as the President reversed his actions on and handling of the matter.

One more thing about the interview above: I can't whole heartedly agree about (pseudo-) candidate Ron Paul. To me he plays in part the role of devil's advocate but not just for the sake of argument, as the term is normally applied. Rep. Paul is tops in expressing views that are inconvenient for the powers that be and thereby his inclusion in our public discourse diverts or obscures any serious efforts toward ever implementing--or prosecuting--any of his more popular proposals into the 'real world' unless they are molded and weakened into a very toothless form.

This tactic acts as something of a pressure release for the public, they think. And besides, what politician in Washington would cooperate on derailing his/her fancy gravy train? How ugly that their own self-interests more and more often seem to trump ours.

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