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Feb 7, 2012

Feb 7, 2012: a Full Leo Moon for President Obama

February 7, 2012: Full Moon 18Leo32 4:54 pm est White House

Full Moons bring up for our consideration issues of relationships, full awareness, and perhaps a fulfilment or an ending in some domain of life; they are the culmination of something begun at the last New Moon, the seed stage of a monthly process, two weeks prior.

Today the Sun 18AQ32 conjoins Mercury 18:56 upon the natal Ascendant of President Barack Obama which indicates a day or so when the president's personality shines and his goals may be favorably spotlighted.

But that isn't all concerning this afternoon's Full Moon in Leo for it reflects the same degree of the eclipse forecasted by doctor, seer, and astrologer, Nostradamus. But let's let sleeping lemurs lie for now and focus on the Leo/AQ axis of Will emphasized this afternoon which includes all the facets of Sun-ruled Leo (proud; regal; a leader; creative; egotistical; Divine Child) and Aquarius, ruled by Saturn with genius Uranus as its higher octave influence.

Aquarius: the humanitarian, philanthropist, intellectual, professor, technician, and, perhaps above all, scientist--describe the usual suspects in the archetypal realms of our dualistic world for the celestial sign of the Water Bearer.

Yes, everyone loves a Full Moon! Well, almost everyone since sneaky stuff by the crooked might better remain undiscovered if perpetrated on or near a New Moon, a 3 or 4 day period when nights are darker.

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii: Sun 12Leo/Moon 3Gem.

Also, today's Full Moon may be significant for the president on the action-energy-motivation level since Mr. Obama is smack dab in the midst of his Mars Return 2012 (22Vir35: Jan 14, Feb 1, June 18), the Full Moon horoscope shows transiting Mars 21Vir40 Rx conjoining a somewhat difficult star, Denebola (to go against society; against the mainstream )--and this extended Mars Rx period is crossing and re-crossing the Midheaven (Goal; Career; Public Status) of VP Joe Biden.

We've sees one example of the Denebolan quirkiness of May-I-Call-You-Joe in his oft-reputed train rides home each evening from Washington DC all the years he served in the Senate.

Yet as long as President Obama labors underneath squares from transiting Saturn to his natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (opposite natal Mercury 2Leo), Saturnian blockages and obstacles to all his ideas and plans will continue to be placed in his way with constant delays and restrictions along his path; his authority and executive powers are being challenged by opponents of the neocon/neo-liberal persuasion.

Glad Mr. Obama decided to get over his SuperPAC scruples since foreign and domestic corporatists and other billionaires and monarchists will be purchasing the White House more brazenly than ever before if We The People don't come out in droves and VOTE Democratic on November 6, 2012. The Supreme Court is already out of control, let's not add to their corporatist number by voting GOP.

(Independent here, but really, we have no better choice than wimpy and not-so-wimpy Democrats.)

But enough of Politics, that 'organized system of hatreds'...there's a just-past Full Moon tonight which will still be gorgeous over head and the morning hours here in Northeast Georgia were very foggy and chilly today so a silvery plethora of moon beams would be most appreciated this evening!

Now I ask you: Who better to inspire us over the lovely Full Leo Moon of February 7, 2012 than Auntie Moon herself?

This image of a Full Moon is brought to you by Secret Moon Art.

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