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Mar 12, 2012

Mercury Rx affects astro-blogger!

Wishing for tech assistance for my new office set-up has so far proven futile, dear reader, with Mercury, ruler of this blogger's natal horoscope and 10th-house ruler, turned retrograde. Annoyance and frustration are 'in the air' so to speak, and there's no telling when yon wireless service provider will knock upon the door--but first, he must re-ply to his voice mail re-questing assistance!

Will his efforts need to be re-done once accomplished? That re-mains to be seen. Usually, periods of Mercury Rx only affect me in superficial ways if at all (even with natal Mercury in Capricorn direct) but of course, it's been years since I've experienced such an abundance of change in my life--with change being of the province of Mutable Mercury as well.

Therefore, if you landed here and wish to read a little Political Astrology in spite of my tech troubles, you may wish to check out a recent post of the historical variety which concerns America's Syzygy Moon of July 1, 1776 if you haven't as yet. (Edit: since Mercury Rx is causing problems and interfering with this very post, please try the sidebar's Search feature if the provided link doesn't work!)

The usual (Water-Air = mist) Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend that describes our national personality came three days later for it's a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon of ambition denoted in the syzygy horoscope. And naturally, our Syzygy Moon signifies a moment of real-world transits as our nation was being invented and the Declaration of Independence was in process of being debated.

Besides, re-viewing is an appropriate activity for us all during Mercury Rx periods, plus, transiting Pluto (The Transformer; the Dragon Guarding the Riches) nears our nation's Syzygy Moon degree and has crept within orb of it already. Pluto will perfect or create a midpoint picture quite soon, one which I think we're already feeling...

Sun/Moon = Pluto: a critical time of development.


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