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Apr 8, 2012

"The Fountainhead" (full film/video) w astro-notes

Are you stalwart and curious enough to get through this entire self-important film with the screenplay written by the novel's author herself, Ayn Rand, the primary 'objectivist' psychopath followed by modern-day acolytes with the win-at-any-cost attitude such as Rep. Paul Ryan?

Oh dear! Then you're in for it now so cue up the video for Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, and Raymond Burr star in, The Fountainhead:

Shouting out to Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending a link to this disturbing old film. And you may wish to check out a few astro-details on Paul Ryan and his idol Ayn Rand, born in 1905, a watershed year as historical events go.

Plus, listen to or read NPR's November 2011 feature on Ayn Rand: On Capitol Hill Rand's Atlas Can't Be Shrugged Off.

Then if you make it that far, you should be quite fed up with Rand and her misguided brand of hardhearted callousness.

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