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May 19, 2012

Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations (NYSE = Jupiter-Neptune)

On the topic of who really runs America, on May 14, 2012 TruthDig published a not-to-be-missed article by Chris Hedges, Colonized by Corporations, which makes the point that it's the declasse among us--the educated now left by the power elite with no position and few prospects--that the corporate class fears most. I provide the article link in case you missed it.

Here's a brief excerpt from Mr. Hedges' article:

"--those who hold power, real power, are not the elected mandarins in Washington but the criminal class on Wall Street."

Jupiter-Neptune Describes New York Stock Exchange

The quote from Chris Hedges 'outs' a concept that is one of the main reasons I created Stars Over Washington in 2005 (to vent frustrations!) so putting on my Political Astrology hat, I'll say that the birth horoscope of the *New York Stock Exchange shows just what Capricornian cynics like me might expect: a frothy Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, with both planets retrograde in late Libra (22:57/27:42.)

This means that the Buttonwood Tree agreement in NY was formed under such influences as speculation, waste, grand schemes (including 'bubbles'), idealism, over-extension, over-promotion, and fraud. Sad to say that the Obama administration is imprinted by a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction as well with their three exact conjunctions occurring on May 27, July 10, and December 21 of inaugural year 2009. There are no Great Conjunctions in 2013 to imprint the next presidency with different energies so unfortunately the Jupiter-Neptune themes are to be continued--plus, Neptune now resides in its own murky sign of Pisces which indicates the heights or the depths, and contagion of all sorts.

(Next up will be Jupiter conjunct Saturn once on December 21, 2020 @ 00AQ29--prominent at Winter Solstice--which hits the January 20th US inaugural Sun.)

As you remember, in 2009 all three conjunctions directly hit US natal Moon 27AQ10 (the public) which provided We the People such delights as: instability, becoming involved in speculation, losing oneself in plans, dreaminess (oh Barack!), little sense of reality, and uncertainty. Some people have experienced great loss through floods and gas damages to water tables (fracking chemicals), all provinces of Neptune with Jupiter expanding the negative effects and the size of the fraud and loss. Naturally much disappointment has resulted since inflated Jupiter-Neptune bubbles must pop eventually.

Now they say that how a person, event, or entity begins shows how things will end...the end is in the beginning. If so, We the People (and other disenfranchised populations across the globe) have already suffered grievously and lossed unfairly from the predictable actions of the weak characters of current and past Wall Street titans and traders whose natal Jupiter, planet of banks, large amounts of money, growth, gurus, and ideals, has been undermined from the start by gaseous Neptune which, according to astrological principles, wouldn't know how to provide stability if it tried. Unless it's in the spiritual realm and I think we can safely rule that out when it comes to those who worship gold, love money, and lust for power.


*NYSE birth data: May 17, 1792 NYC; I tend to use the '7:52 am LMT' time which appears in various places online though I've seen some who favor 10:00 am LMT as does Celeste Teal in her book, Eclipses, in which she cites Maggie Hyde for her rectifcation work on the chart which gives ASC 9Leo38 with Uranus 15Leo09 rising in 1st H, and MC 27Ari59 conjunct Saturn 26:23 in 9th house which places Neptune Rx on the IC (Endings; The Drain) but on the 3rd H side with Jupiter Rx. Neptune conj IC is descriptive of what I groused about, above, with its unstable roots and shady beginnings. A Saturn-Neptune opposition indicates trust issues, lack of confidence, and exploitation; Jupiter opposite Saturn shows fluctuations in values and worth, and a need for 'yes-men' for any criticism is deemed unmerited, the titans think.

Yet looking at a '7:52 am LMT' birth hour, ASC 13Can51 conjoins US natal Sun with 1792's Chiron 15Can25 rising and MC 23Pis21--so that NYSE's Career and Public Standing are ruled and sub-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune! In both natal charts a midpoint picture emerges: Jup-Nep = Saturn: feeling abandoned by one's luck (as you will if you gamble in the rigged casino on Wall Street); false hopes; plans that come to nothing; losses; disappointments; self-delusion; pessimism; combining the real with the unreal in one's activities. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.) Plus, by transit, Saturn in late Libra has catapulted off-and-on this difficult midpoint picture into 2012 for present-day expression!

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