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Jun 16, 2012

6.19.12: A Gemini New Moon, TPP, and Obama v Romney

A Gemini New Moon, Romney, Obama, and A Draconian "Free Trade" Pact

by Jude Cowell

Wondering about the significance of the June 19th New Moon @28Gem43? Then let masterful Dipali Desai fill you in with pertinent astro-details and insights!

Coming so close to Summer Solstice 2012 (Wednesday June 20), this New Moon perfects at 11:02 am in the edt time zone, is disposited by Mercury (ruler of communicative Gemini) during a Mercury Hour, plus--Mercury is the only planet out-of-bounds. Whew! Lots of Mercurialism going on next week with a New Moon signaling a new cycle of activity beginning in the realms of Mercury (trade, commerce, journalism, travel including air and space, plans, thinking processes, teaching, speechifying, and more.) Plus, '28Gem' is a degree of BANKRUPTCY in the Sabian Symbols and the June 19th New Moon stimulates the Moon of 9/11/01 for it's something of a Lunar Return to the 9/11 horoscope.

Additionally, Moon and Mercury (the 'heart v head' combo) are engaged in supportive mutual reception for Mercury (what I think of as our solar system's 'tofu planet' for Mr. Speedy takes on the flavor of whatever it contacts) is now zooming through the zodiacal sign of Cancer, sign of Home, Nurturing, Self-Protection, crabbiness, caginess, and shrewd business maneuvers. And with its New Moon position @21Can15, we know that a US Mercury Return will soon occur, another 'new cycle' indicator for our nation.

However, restrictive Saturn 22Lib47 Rx in Mercury's natural 3rd house of Communication provides a bit of braking or delay by squaring Mercury in 11th H of Groups where the New Moon occurs (edt) while the Venus 8Gem45 Rx-Jupiter 1Gem47 duo in the New Moon's 10th H of Public Standing (both disposited by Mercury) contact US natal Uranus 8Gem55 and continue to affect the Republican Party's assumed presidential candidate Mitt Romney's natal ASC 1Gem01 and 1st house NN 5Gem29.

These expansive contacts are giving Mittens an airy lift of his thinking, plans, newsworthiness, and visibility though with all the unstable Mutable energy, the good effects may be temporary or alternating. As you know, in Washington DC, Mercurial thievery seems to be a constant and methinks we're very wise to mistrust any politician of any partisan persuasion who expresses a desire to join that particular club of elites! Yes, Mitt has been rapping at the club door for years and this former resident of DC had a good chuckle this past week when Mr. Romney said of Mr. Obama that 'talk is cheap'--for Mitt was talking when he said it.

Now with Venus to US n Uranus (plus the June 5/6, 2012 Venus Transit in mid-Gemini), unusual or unorthodox alliances are being formed, one of which is the super-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a draconian "free trade" deal (Mercury) between Asian nations and America which, among other Global Governance goals, will set up an international authority (tribunal) to which the US will bow, thus totally destroying US sovereignty with no legal recourse for the American people--ever. This makes a visit to an imperative for We the People--and we must forget Washington's tiresome 'con v lib/R v D' divide-and-conquer tactics and propaganda before all is lost.

And yes, my fellow Americans, communist China may join later as and when it will. Although an official site makes it all sound quite mild, others such as myself aren't nearly as complacent. If the radical reforms are so beneficial, why was the pact formed in complete secrecy during its nascent stages (2008--2010)? More offshoring of US jobs is afoot! This is a negative for President Obama's re-election campaign dreams for details and text now emerge in the light of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 (conjunct Alcyone--this pact is indeed something to cry about) along with the June 6 Lunar Eclipse (conjunct US natal ASC) and its uncovering-of-secrets function for TPP's "free trade" details have been leaked in line with the current (un-)veiling Neptune in oceanic Pisces influence. Such a leaky White House! Makes me wonder if the identity of the GOP mole will soon be leaked!

Now Back to Mitt Romney: March 12, 1947 9:51 am EST Detroit, MI

The political nature of these transits to Romney's Uranus-NN pairing in the personal 1st house denotes a 'political association advocating reforms' flavor (R. Ebertin.) Romney's natal 2nd H of Money and Earning Ability is affected as well with the June 19th New Moon occurring therein--cusp 25Gem00; some fluctuation in his campaign funding efforts--up or down--may be forthcoming as well once the new cycle begins and culminates two weeks later at the July Full Moon in Capricorn. Of course, revelations of financial double-dealing are possible for Romney with Gemini, the sign of multiplicity and duplicity--here in money matters (2nd H.)

President Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii

Yes, the Gemini planets of June also affect President Obama's natal 4th H Moon 3Gem21 which sextiles his n 6th H Mercury 2Leo20 but is squared by n Pluto 6Vir59 in 7th H of Partnerships. Natal 7th H also contains his 'political associations advocating reforms' duo of Uranus-NN in Leo which is in much closer orb than Romney's Uranus-NN in Gemini.

In addition, it may turn out to be politically significant--especially in the realms of speeches and goals--that Mercury's Rx Station @12Leo33 on July 14, 2012 is a direct 'hit' to President Obama's natal Sun @12Leo33--and will recur with a direct Mercury--but I can't type about that now since I'm in process of adding such notes to the first-ever issue of Stars Over Monthly which is coming soon!

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