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Jul 2, 2023

SCOTUS decisions: Law and Domination

by Jude Cowell

When the Supreme Court decided Marbury v. Madison on February 24, 1803 in favor of William Marbury, the legislative branch of government that we now call 'SCOTUS' (Supreme Court of the United States) flexed its muscles and established itself as being above the US Congress as the final judge of constitutionality with the power to overturn acts of Congress. The decision defined the constitutionality of the Judiciary Act of 1789 and, as the dual horoscopes show, reveal an "urge to impose one's will on others" (Sun = Pluto-NN). Intellectual domination is their thing along with "taking over leadership" (Moon-Mars = Ascendant) via Marbury v Madison.

In addition, there are other interesting planetary factors in the two horoscopes, below. Upper right is the decision's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') in which the decision took place a mere 3 days later (3 North Saros Series, the PE Series of 9/11/01 and of the CIA), and lower left set for the speculative hour of 10:00 am LMT, a Horoscope of the Marbury v Madison decision with 21Tau14 rising, a degree notable for its appearance later in this post, plus, the Moon-Mars midpoint as mentioned, above:

Saturn: Planet of Law, Government, and Karma

Now back in a very busy 2020, we discussed how the June 13, 2020 Mars-Neptune Conjunction landed directly upon the SCOTUS 1st session's Saturn, planet of law, authority, structures, systems, control, lessons, tasks, management, consolidation, and karma. Shown is the 1st session's horoscope of February 1, 1790 with Saturn @20Pis55. So knowing that transit Saturn is now in Pisces, we see that the SCOTUS 1790 Saturn will experience a Saturn Return in early 2025. More about this in a future post.

We also see that nebulous Neptune by transit, the watery planet of erosion, dissolution, deception, inspiration, mysticism, visions, fraud, and disappointment, has spread itself all over the SCOTUS Saturn in Pisces as recently as late 2021, which indicates several possibilities such as disintegrating traditions and/or structures, authority figures (ex: justices) who are not as honest as they should be, the promotion of high ideals and ethics, or strange or misguided notions.

Now you know that we've seen many of these potentials express via "conservative" justices like Thomas and Alito who, as members of a group of Roman Catholic justices, are having a grand old time legislating from the bench. Of course, this is exactly what the Supreme Court is not meant to do but Marbury v Madison seemingly puffed up the entity's self-image to overblown ego status.

Anyway, if you're like me, when SCOTUS repealed Roe in 2022, my first thought was that the Vatican had finally had its anti-abortion way in the US despite what the majority of Americans prefer (never mind us, we just live here). If you wish, check out the Roe v Wade Overturned Horoscope (June 24, 2022) with the repeal's North Node of destiny @21Taurus--conjunct the North Node in the Vatican City State 1929 Horoscope. Seems mighty clear to me: the repeal of Roe was timed by the Vatican City's Nodal Return. A coincidence? Not to me it isn't, considering the church's long-held stance on abortion.

Plus, there's another cosmic time link in play around these issues: radical Uranus, planet of disruption, chaos, separation, and zealotry, hit the very same 21 Taurus degree on June 30, 2023, the day the most recent SCOTUS decisions were "handed down" from on-high.

So let's close this fussy post with a few potentials of the Uranus/North-Node duo quoting from Munkasey's Hegelian Dialectic form of analysis (any, all, or none may apply especially with erratic Uranus involved):

Thesis: The changes which accompany new efforts to alter the direction of events; alliances which follow revolution or unexpected changes in leadership; help from others who assist with modernization activities.

Antithesis: Revolution for the effecting of popular changes; business changes which evolve with society; treaties for modernizing facilities which benefit another more; a society that does not appreciate modernizing (sounds like regressive Republicans, so-called "conservatives," and radical magas).

Well, we may disagree on this, but in the US "conservative" justices on the SCOTUS bench have 'altered the direction of events', all right, with the hierarchy of the Vatican pulling strings from "on-high." After all, one of the many roles powerful Pluto can play is "the pope."

A related post: The Vatican II Horoscope of 1962. Note that Uranus @25Taurus is a bit beyond a Uranus Return to the 1929 chart but the way the planet lurches about, who can say, really.

Uranus-NN info: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey #ad.

Jul 28, 2021

July 28, 2021 tr North Node conjunct US 1776 Uranus

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday July 28, 2021: Just a quick post on how the transiting North Node of the Moon (future direction), at 1:03 pm edt today @8Gem59, conjuncts America's Uranus (July 4, 1776 @8Gem55) which to me seems highly descriptive of current political events and conditions. Even the Sabian Symbol for the rounded-up degree of "9 Gemini" is significant: "A Quiver Full of Arrows" - "Keyword: PREPARATION; positive expression: unlimited personal capacity for rising to the issus of the moment on any level of experience; negative (unconscious/shadow side - jc) expression: "querulous overconfidence and quixotic notions" (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones #ad).

As you know, the Capitol Building's security forces were 'not prepared' on January 6th, obviously, and there are multiple reasons for this unpreparedness, reasons which had better be brought out by the House Select Committee hearings so they can be dealt with and corrected. For one thing, this temporary Nodal influence will retain its effect through August 2021 - therefore, time for making societal and political progress via this particular cosmic gift is a-wastin'!

Meanwhile, I shall leave it to you, dear reader, to decide who's who described by the degree's pos/neg expressions. And we can always consult an image of America's Great Seal if we wish to view the American Eagle with 13 arrows grasped in its claws (the original 13 Colonies?):

Note: Now according to Robert Hieronimus, PhD, in his book Founding Fathers, Secret Societies (p. 141) #ad, a pentagram is formed on the emblem by the crest of the Eagle's head, its wings, the olive branches, and the arrows. Of course, our 5-pointed 'death star' Pentagon is suggested since FDR annointed it in 1942. And as you know, the Pentagon's role in January 6th events has come under some measure of scrutiny and there may - should - be more such inquiry as 2021 speeds into 2022.

For more info concerning America's Great Seal you may wish to check out Mystery of the Great Seal's Eye of Horus Reversed. Plus, here's a relic of a SO'W post from 2009 displaying the Horoscope of the Pentagon April 29, 1942 with a significant 2010 Solar Eclipse chart surrounding it.

So my fervent hope is that the transiting North Node may activate America's 1776 Saturn-Uranus trine which could influence our current situation with its progressive vibes as it acts as a bridge between generations to blend historical perspective with our present predicament.

Then, here's the radical or reformist politics Uranus-NN pairing in Hegelian Dialectic form as found in Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets (#ad) and its suggested potentials or expressions:

"Thesis: The changes which accompany new efforts to alter the direction of events; alliances which follow revolution or unexpected changes in leadership; help from others who assist with modernization activities.

Antithesis: Treaties for modernizing facilities which benefit another more; revolution for the effecting of popular changes; a society which does not appreciate modernizing; business changes which evolve with society."

So! In closing I should mention the only other Ptolmaic aspect made by Uranus in Gemini in our July 4, 1776 chart/s and national psyche: Uranus sextile North Node, the 'finger on the public pulse' talent that, if it can be utilized in 2021, suggests intuition and innovation that can take advantage of sudden changes in public opinion (which are in process of changing now!) so that positive social reforms may be made. (Sakoian-Acker).

Dec 4, 2020

Either Radical Change Or Democracy Ends! (w/Richard Wolff); plus US Pluto

From December 3, 2020: Thom Hartmann interviews economics professor Dr. Richard Wolff:


Astrologically, two signifiers come quickly to mind: Pluto-Chiron, Plutocracy's plutocratic, exploitative combo representing Capitalism fanatics and predatory vulture capitalists, and Uranus-NN (North Node) denoting radical politics, or, as Reinhold Ebertin phrases it in his The Combination of Stellar Influences, "a political association advocating reforms." (#ad)

And of course wealthy, stealthy Pluto itself plays along as America's first-ever Pluto Return/s approach with its de-structuring effects already being experienced.

Please note that, as always, the views expressed within this content are not necessarily shared by yours truly although in this case, they mainly are. On SO'W, content is, and has always been, shared in a spirit of allowing you, dear reader, to consider and decide for yourself! Jude

For the curious, here's something I wrote in a 2011 post concerning America's 2022 Pluto Return/s, and includes the 2022 Solar Eclipses with themes (by Brady) that will run in the background of society; the following details on our Pluto Return/s to 27Cap33:57 are based on a 5:09 pm LMT 'Sibley' American Horoscope (a chart I'm not as enthused about these days thanks to the excellent work of astrologer Gary Lorentzen who champions America's Powell Chart):

"Pluto's current traverse of Capricorn, sign of law, government, business, and investment is taking its toll on us with restrictive, karmic Saturn's background influence as ruler of Capricorn.

1. February 20, 2022: Pluto in 8th house of the Return chart along with a Venus/Mars conjunction @20Cap (a critical degree); plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron midpoint = communism/socialism/capitalism, etc, in early Pisces and 2 degrees from invisible government's Saturn/Neptune midpoint; the return falls within the 5 New South Solar Eclipse Series: benefits and peak experiences; eclipse @12Sag22 conjoins US natal ASC of the US Sibly chart...something's brewing and will be in view; in the US Sibly natal chart, Pluto is Rx @27Cap33 and in 2nd house of Earnings and Self-Worth.

In modern times, 5 New South occurred in the years 1913, 1931, 1949, 1967, 1985, and 2003.

2. July 11, 2022: Pluto Rx in return's 1st H and re-creating its former sextile with transiting Neptune in late Pisces; Sun @20Cap (a crisis degree); activist Mars @5Taurus is in 5th H and unaspected, or working on his own; this return falls within the 6 North Solar Eclipse Series which involves issues of 'relationships to father/authority figures, the need to take responsibility and control, and acceptance of commitments due to the unreliability of others'; eclipse @10Tau29.

6N manifested in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, 1968, 1986, and 2004.

3. December 28, 2022: Pluto in return's 1st H with a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Capricorn; Jupiter returns to Aries Point, a World Point of Manifestation, for the first time since 2010; this return falls within the 6 South Solar Eclipse Series which conjoins the return chart's MC (The Goal; Aspirations) with issues of a manic nature such as being 'forceful and taking power, great strength in relationships, sudden events, and huge efforts exerted in group endeavors'; eclipse @2Scor01.

6S occurred in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, 1968, 1986, and 2004 (same years as 6N).

(Years correspond to WWI, WWII and the rise of Fascism, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Challenger explosion, US bombs Tripoli, Iran-Contra details come out, and the Bush-Cheney wars in the Middle East escalated by Barack Obama.)

Since our nation has never experienced a Pluto Return before, no one can predict precisely what it will mean yet the historical events of those years listed give hints of similar issues which will again be on the world's menu as the 5 New South, 6 North, and 6 South eclipses repeat during the watershed year 2022 of America's Pluto Return.

For as 'they' like to say, history rhymes though it may not repeat."

And speaking of eclipses affecting America, Can a Past Eclipse Spotlight Current Conditions?.

Jun 16, 2012

6.19.12: A Gemini New Moon, TPP, and Obama v Romney

A Gemini New Moon, Romney, Obama, and A Draconian "Free Trade" Pact

by Jude Cowell

Wondering about the significance of the June 19th New Moon @28Gem43? Then let masterful Dipali Desai fill you in with pertinent astro-details and insights!

Coming so close to Summer Solstice 2012 (Wednesday June 20), this New Moon perfects at 11:02 am in the edt time zone, is disposited by Mercury (ruler of communicative Gemini) during a Mercury Hour, plus--Mercury is the only planet out-of-bounds. Whew! Lots of Mercurialism going on next week with a New Moon signaling a new cycle of activity beginning in the realms of Mercury (trade, commerce, journalism, travel including air and space, plans, thinking processes, teaching, speechifying, and more.) Plus, '28Gem' is a degree of BANKRUPTCY in the Sabian Symbols and the June 19th New Moon stimulates the Moon of 9/11/01 for it's something of a Lunar Return to the 9/11 horoscope.

Additionally, Moon and Mercury (the 'heart v head' combo) are engaged in supportive mutual reception for Mercury (what I think of as our solar system's 'tofu planet' for Mr. Speedy takes on the flavor of whatever it contacts) is now zooming through the zodiacal sign of Cancer, sign of Home, Nurturing, Self-Protection, crabbiness, caginess, and shrewd business maneuvers. And with its New Moon position @21Can15, we know that a US Mercury Return will soon occur, another 'new cycle' indicator for our nation.

However, restrictive Saturn 22Lib47 Rx in Mercury's natural 3rd house of Communication provides a bit of braking or delay by squaring Mercury in 11th H of Groups where the New Moon occurs (edt) while the Venus 8Gem45 Rx-Jupiter 1Gem47 duo in the New Moon's 10th H of Public Standing (both disposited by Mercury) contact US natal Uranus 8Gem55 and continue to affect the Republican Party's assumed presidential candidate Mitt Romney's natal ASC 1Gem01 and 1st house NN 5Gem29.

These expansive contacts are giving Mittens an airy lift of his thinking, plans, newsworthiness, and visibility though with all the unstable Mutable energy, the good effects may be temporary or alternating. As you know, in Washington DC, Mercurial thievery seems to be a constant and methinks we're very wise to mistrust any politician of any partisan persuasion who expresses a desire to join that particular club of elites! Yes, Mitt has been rapping at the club door for years and this former resident of DC had a good chuckle this past week when Mr. Romney said of Mr. Obama that 'talk is cheap'--for Mitt was talking when he said it.

Now with Venus to US n Uranus (plus the June 5/6, 2012 Venus Transit in mid-Gemini), unusual or unorthodox alliances are being formed, one of which is the super-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a draconian "free trade" deal (Mercury) between Asian nations and America which, among other Global Governance goals, will set up an international authority (tribunal) to which the US will bow, thus totally destroying US sovereignty with no legal recourse for the American people--ever. This makes a visit to an imperative for We the People--and we must forget Washington's tiresome 'con v lib/R v D' divide-and-conquer tactics and propaganda before all is lost.

And yes, my fellow Americans, communist China may join later as and when it will. Although an official site makes it all sound quite mild, others such as myself aren't nearly as complacent. If the radical reforms are so beneficial, why was the pact formed in complete secrecy during its nascent stages (2008--2010)? More offshoring of US jobs is afoot! This is a negative for President Obama's re-election campaign dreams for details and text now emerge in the light of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 (conjunct Alcyone--this pact is indeed something to cry about) along with the June 6 Lunar Eclipse (conjunct US natal ASC) and its uncovering-of-secrets function for TPP's "free trade" details have been leaked in line with the current (un-)veiling Neptune in oceanic Pisces influence. Such a leaky White House! Makes me wonder if the identity of the GOP mole will soon be leaked!

Now Back to Mitt Romney: March 12, 1947 9:51 am EST Detroit, MI

The political nature of these transits to Romney's Uranus-NN pairing in the personal 1st house denotes a 'political association advocating reforms' flavor (R. Ebertin.) Romney's natal 2nd H of Money and Earning Ability is affected as well with the June 19th New Moon occurring therein--cusp 25Gem00; some fluctuation in his campaign funding efforts--up or down--may be forthcoming as well once the new cycle begins and culminates two weeks later at the July Full Moon in Capricorn. Of course, revelations of financial double-dealing are possible for Romney with Gemini, the sign of multiplicity and duplicity--here in money matters (2nd H.)

President Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii

Yes, the Gemini planets of June also affect President Obama's natal 4th H Moon 3Gem21 which sextiles his n 6th H Mercury 2Leo20 but is squared by n Pluto 6Vir59 in 7th H of Partnerships. Natal 7th H also contains his 'political associations advocating reforms' duo of Uranus-NN in Leo which is in much closer orb than Romney's Uranus-NN in Gemini.

In addition, it may turn out to be politically significant--especially in the realms of speeches and goals--that Mercury's Rx Station @12Leo33 on July 14, 2012 is a direct 'hit' to President Obama's natal Sun @12Leo33--and will recur with a direct Mercury--but I can't type about that now since I'm in process of adding such notes to the first-ever issue of Stars Over Monthly which is coming soon!

Jan 28, 2008

State of the Union address 1.28.08

Here's the horoscope of George Bush's final SOTU address tonight 9:00 pm EST, with US natal Neptune (planet of idealism, illusions, surveillance, deception, and 'nets') rising--and *US n Mars at MC, the WHY? Point/Goal/Aspiration angle of the chart and of the speech itself.

WHAT? = the Ascendant 22Vir28 (US n Neptune 22Vir25--a close conjunction signifying an acting job infused with deception, and the US n Mars/Neptune square being angular suggests that our nation's tendency toward secret actions and confused motivations is about to be touted and exploited. Secret surveillance, bloggers?)

Plus, transiting asteroid Arachne, linked with the internet, webs, and entanglements--and thus spying, esp online--is conj US n Saturn, planet of control and authority. This conj is in first house and will rise as Bush speaks.

So? the extension of the surveillance act which is set to expire Friday, Feb 1, is a major part of Bush's propaganda catapultin' tonight--major in spite of whether or not he emphasizes it--and he certainly won't mention its real purposes.

But we know that terroism and fear will be on the menu, of course, for Saturn is a planet of restriction--and fear.

If you click to enlarge the SOTU chart, you'll notice a few scribbled midpoints--the usual heavy-hitting suspects like Pluto/Chiron, Saturn/Uranus, etc. Ignore these if you wish, but notice the high flying KITE pattern which has Rx Mars as the tail and keeping it afloat at the MC of Goals and Aspirations.

Pluto 00Cap06 is the front of the KITE--where's it's going; NN 27AQ53 (conj US n Moon, the people or the public --Sibly chart) and the SOTU's Moon 26Lib13 is in 2nd house of Money/Values indicating our fluctuating (Moon) financial condition (2nd house.) Moon and NN relate to PR and publicity, too, so he'll be promoting the financial band-aid he's proposing rather stingily.

Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction is just past MC at 9:00 pm (a few of his natal placements are marked in green, US' are marked in red.)

Uranus/NN = radical political groups; reformers. Yeah, we see where that's led America--to overextension financially and militarily, bankrupcty, fraud, and homelessness. Thanks, neocons and your globalist compadres.

The self-controlled or depressive Moon/Saturn midpoint is conj US n MC and rising--and will be at SOTU's MC by 9:45 pm tonight, the approximate time Bush's last SOTU mercifully ends.

Moon/Saturn = MC: structuring ambition; making things happen carefully; a sense of duty and prudence (Poppy's word); feeling deserted, abandoned, sad.

When Moon/Saturn rises in the SOTU chart, shortly after he begins talking, we have:

Moon/Saturn = ASC: a reserved self-presentation.

And with tr Moon conj tr asteroid Demeter (spiritual nurturance in avocational work) don't be surprised if Bush uses his theatrically reverent tone and gives some shout-outs (code words) to the evangelical community.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx, so a good an outcome may not be expected for Mercury's communicating abilities with this, Bush's "Last SOTU Standing." Shall he leave no SOTU behind?

Now for chart-ruler Mercury's applying aspects in order of closest orb (to see how tonight's Catapult from the White House will be received):

1. inconjunct ASC/US n Neptune (1A24): reasoning not in keeping with the facts.

Maybe we should listen for a whopper in the first two minutes!Plus, an inconj (150 degrees) between Mercury and Neptune also indicates misunderstandings and disappointments.

2. trine MC/US n Mars and SOTU Mars Rx: lots of mental energy and endurance but restless; dramatic, forceful speech (for sure, but with a content of flufferies and veils); good for reporters and commentators; seeking to mold public opinion (the State of the Union is...strong? Well, what else can he say? economically it may not help to be honest tonight yet foreign markets are already on to him, Paulson, and Bernanke.)

Mercury trine Mars is also good at promoting causes, but with both planets Rx (Mars until Jan 30) the outcome will be delayed even though Bush will be admonishing the Senate not to delay the (inadequate) financial rebate proposal or load up the legislation with additions that would actually help those who need them most.

Yet their Rx conditions indicate critical issues, and perhaps after Mars goes Direct--and Stationing Direct is a very strong position--we shall see some movement in the Senate or otherwise. (Mukasey is set to testify about the erased CIA torture tapes, the Hatch Act, etc, on the 30th as well.)

Back to Mercury's applying aspects:

3. conj Neptune: thinking about what to feel; feeling what to think; special awareness; mysticism; dreaming; deception; illusions; good for creative literary pursuits. How will the media spin this SOTU? Or for that matter, how will the Dems and the GOP spin it? Like Arachne, one imagines--it will need it.

This address is to be "forward-looking" you know--after all, how could he look back at his trainwreck of a presidency? With a straight face and in public, I mean.

And "forward-looking" goes along with idealistic Neptune rising--Bush's natal Neptune 5Lib56 is his first natal planet to rise once he begins pontificating--another indication of Neptunian things already mentioned. Bush's thespian abilities will be heavily relied upon tonight.

Also rising: n Chiron (the wound), Moon, and Jupiter 18Lib09--Jupiter conj US sec progressed Mars--will rise bringing the 9 pm 2nd cusp of Money/Values with them, but don't be listening for a mea culpa on overspending on the war causing hardships back home. Ahh, the war--Cheney's and Bush's cash cow--that US taxpayers pay for obscenely so that warhawks may profit.

4. The last aspect for Mercury is its conjunction with Chiron 15AQ16, which is just past "14AQ"..."A train entering a tunnel"...neg: uninspired conformity to limitation. This makes me think that the Senate, which has been warned by Bush not to "delay or derail" the legislation for paltry rebates--and which ignores the poorer among us--may add more helpful salves to the legislation after all. We'll see in a few days--Senate may do this as early as this Wednesday.

So--if you've enlarged this chart, you've seen mention of Sen Ted Kennedy and of JFK's daughter, Caroline, near Jupiter 9Cap17 and asteroid Nemesis (the unbeatable foe.) Sen Kennedy endorsed Sen Obama this very day, and Caroline has seen how her father affected the American people in his speeches bwo Barack Obama's uplifting message.

The "10Cap" region of the zodiac is Ted Kennedy's natal Ascendant (his physical self, so he's having a Jupiter-to-ASC transit now... = harmony) and is also conj Caroline's n Sun/Moon midpoint--10Cap29.

Jupiter does love to inspire, but with Nemesis there, this could be an indication of the Kennedy endorsements beating the Rs for the White House--or of something more sinister in the other direction. I'll have to keep a squinty eye on the combination in future months while hoping that there will be no need to.

And I do want to add the Sabian Symbol for the IC--the HOW? Point of the chart/ will Bush's proposals become reality in his bubble-filled world?

"22Sag"..."A Chinese laundry."

Yeah, borrowing more laundered millions from China--that's just what I thought.

*our current US Mars Return occurred on Sept 11, 2007, day of the Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Series--responsibilities with paperwork or communications come home to roost; long term worries are brought to the surface about these in "deleted or mysteriously missing White House emails" and taped over back-up tapes for key time periods relating to the Bush-Cheney war. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

>You may read the 2008 SOTU's Sun AQ-Moon Libra blend's Image for Integration at Jude's Threshold if you wish.